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Produce 101 as House Party Guests
  • Jisung: Plays DJ for the evening and gets into a fight with everyone who comes too close to the djing desk. Is seriously offended when someone criticizes his taste in music.
  • Jaehwan: Loves to mix terrible drinks and hands them to others while laughing hysterically. Constantly forgets that most of them are minors. Hands them out anyway.
  • Daniel: The guy that helps you prepare the party or stays longer than other guests to help you clean up that mess they left behind. Hits peak at 2am. Shows drunkenness in something he calls "B-boying Extreme!".
  • Jonghyun: Center of every group hug. Tells the best stories. Owns the dance floor with the crazy dance moves.
  • Minhyun: The one who proposes to play embarrassing games but vanishes halfway through it so he doesn't have to participate in it.
  • Seonho: Introduces self to everyone. Can't sit still for 5 seconds. Wants to stay awake all night but falls asleep on the couch before the real party starts.
  • Guanlin: Needs a break from Seonho. Gets dragged into dance-offs. Plays with his phone a lot.
  • Jihoon: Eats at least 5 sausages and 2 steaks. Doesn't want to take off his shirt afterwards. Gets pushed into pool anyways.
  • Jinyoung: Sticks close to Jihoon. Which only results in him getting pushed into the pool as well. Calls his Mom to pick him up.
  • Woojin: Only showed up because he got dragged there. Can't bare to look at how his friends behave. Just wants to leave.
  • Sungwoon: Said he'd only stay until 10pm. Stays until 4am. Said he wouldn't drink a thing. Ends up being the most drunk. (Video's will be taken for future blackmailing.)
  • Daehwi: The only person that followed the dress code of the party. Feels slightly out of place now. Writes own name on cup with edding.
  • Hyungseob: Starts cooking with random ingredients at midnight. Forgets to turn stove off. Also, talks Samuel into taking a jump off the roof into the pool.
  • Samuel: *jumps from roof into pool* Is happy about it though. Get's high on Ice-Tea.
  • Seongwoo: Jumps too. Just for fun. Yolo. Brings group of friends that were not invited after what happened last time.

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I constantly drain myself at work all the time. I approached my manager about a guy I've had a problem with for a while who doesn't do his job. My manager said "This isn't (my name) gets to decide where everyone goes." So I went on lunch. Left work with an "emergency" (the emergency being my own sanity)That guy is now alone in my department for today. I refuse to exhaust myself for them anymore. They can't fire me because I'm union and they can't cut my hours because I have seniority. F them.

Stop carrying the coworker and if they ask why your department is not performing as well as usual tell them you’re being paid to do YOUR job not trying to do the job of two people since one is lazy. -Abby

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Would you mind telling me a little more about the quantic team, or where to learn about them? All I really know is that there are (?)possibly other miraculous users, and I can't find much more beyond that, or even if it's PV or CGI news

the quantic team are these guys!

from left to right their (superhero) names are melodie, kid mime and mercury (with marinette at the end and felix on the far left) - they don’t have civilian names, but within the fandom (thanks to @m-alesg i believe, who also draws them a whole lot! check out their blog!) they’ve been dubbed allegra, claude and allan. they’re also the ones from the miraculous ladybug slot game!

they were an unused concept from when the show first started being geared towards a younger audience; the idea of a broader team like the teen titans or a little justice league. it goes without saying that they were miraculous holders too (though we have no idea what their kwami would have looked like); and from their appearances - plus what we know of the mime villain - their powers are pretty easy to guess! 

it looks like it was an idea which got pretty far (to the point where it was being promoted publicly, unlike the 2D PV), but sadly aside from the slot game (which is mostly just static art anyway) they don’t exist outside a little bit of concept art. there isn’t much information about them at all; so as great as they look it’s difficult to figure out how their world fitted together!

i love ‘em, though. i think we should talk about these guys more.


Jackunzel Week 2016 Edition: Day 5 - Fate Drives Us Together 

Jackunzel AU: Rapunzel sneaks out of her tower, just to know what its like outside her tower for a short while, during one of Gothel’s trips to buy her paint. She meets this boy, Jackson Overland Frost, who later dies after falling in a frozen lake. She is unaware of his death, since she decided to return to her tower and never leave for her mother’s sake, even if it meant that she wouldn’t meet her friend again. He returns as an immortal being with magical abilities that are mostly for ice and snow manipulation. 

Now that she is free from Gothel (after learning the truth about what she’s been doing and when Gothel falls out of the tower’s window from a struggle between her and Rapunzel), Rapunzel is able to live her life outside her tower. She asks some of the people she passes by, about a skinny boy with brown hair and eyes, and has a knack for tricks. She gets heartbroken upon hearing that he was never seen again after taking his sister out to play, while others say that he returned as the mythical winter spirit, Jack Frost. 

A couple of weeks pass and Rapunzel sees the guardian roaming around the skies and wherever she goes. She is unsure of this and when she informs other people about it they just assume she’s been hallucinating, or so she thought. A child tells her that the only people who can see the guardian, were people who truly believe in his existence. During one of his visits in the village, he passes by Rapunzel’s bedroom window and recognizes her. The two are left staring unbelievably at each other’s presence.

  • Saeyoung: What are u doing, MC?
  • MC: Can't tell u. It's a secret.
  • Saeyoung: You're at home right?
  • MC: Yeah.
  • Saeyoung: ...
  • Saeyoung: But I can't see u on the CCTV.
  • Saeyoung: Where are u?
  • MC: It's a secret.
  • Saeyoung: But I miss u :(
  • MC: Aww you're cute, Saeyoung.
  • Saeyoung: meow~
  • MC: But you're not the cutest guy.
  • Saeyoung: Who's cuter than me?
  • MC: Guess who
  • Saeyoung: Idk
  • MC: If u don't know
  • MC: then I can't tell u ^^
  • MC: I'm hungry.
  • MC: Talk to you later.
  • Saeyoung: Laterz.
  • -MC has left the chatroom-
  • Saeyoung: Who's cuter than me?
  • Saeyoung: Why can't she tell me?
  • Saeyoung: Well.
  • Saeyoung: It couldn't be...
  • Saeyoung: Saeran?
  • Saeyoung: No. That's impossible...
  • Saeyoung: Right?
  • -Saeyoung has left the chatroom-
  • Saeran: Idiot.
  • -MC has entered the chatroom-
  • MC: Idiot seconded.
  • Saeran: He fell for it lol
  • MC: RIP God of Jokes lol
  • Saeran: Well.
  • Saeran: Brother, if u read this
  • Saeran: MC is now my girlfriend.
  • Saeran: I'm not joking.
  • MC: Yup. I'm Saeran's girlfriend.
  • MC: It's the truth.

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PTA Shyren; teaches the kids to sing, and pays special attention to the kids who really deserve it/are left out/super shy like her. also tells frisk "Even if you can't sing or speak, that doesn't mean you can't play music with us! Everyone has a talent~!"

Thats so cute oh my god guys 

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So I just watched your video on signs he might be gay and I've gotta say it's a little ridiculous. I am 100% straight, no question about it, and I have a lot of friends who are girls, order fancy Starbucks drinks (cause if I'm paying 5 bucks it better be exactly what I want), and try to dress well. I find it offensive that you are telling straight guys how they can and can't act (I know, plot twist). I'm not mad or anything....just wanted to share my opinion.

im actually astounded that it took this long for someone to say this. I was crazy nervous uploading because I didn’t want to offend anyone. I left a detailed description in the video saying that none of the things we said were objectively true, and that anyone of any sexuality could do them and it doesnt mean anything.