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Derek comes home with a dog because he couldn’t stand to leave her at the pound, not with those big brown eyes and the way she nuzzled into his lap when he sat down.

Stiles laughs and tells Derek he isn’t allowed to volunteer at the animal shelter anymore because they now have five dogs and three cats now and they might have a big back yard their house just isn’t big enough for any more.

Derek’s fix for that problem is to build an addition onto the house just for the animals. Stiles loves the addition and the day it’s done he and Derek go to the shelter and fall in love with a 7 year old mutt who licked Stiles’ face as a hello.

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Hi, I was looking at your Chris/mystery man drawing and thought of how cute it'd be for Beka/Yuri sorry I awkward but I can't stop imagining it and it's so cuTE.

WELL judging by how I’ve already used that pose already about a month ago without even realizing…

I’d say there’s a pretty fair chance that i’d use it again for ota//yuri PFFFT


hi yes, I will take one hand-full of uromastyx please. thanks.


(This edition of the manga reads left-to-right).

Ok, so this is something I thought I’d post on January 1 but I failed and idk if that’ll make sense now :/ Still WIP so it’s not like I’m showing you the finished… thing. I’m not sure if I post it, I’ll think about it, it has two versions but if I post it it would be the decent one lol. Nevermind  it’s half past 3 what do you expet I’ll whatever. Good night :)