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Make me choose

asideremarks asked: Ten or and Tentoo

“I look like him. I think like him. Same memories, same thoughts, same everything”

me: rereading the best ro.vinsky we’ve writtten so i can do this meme

@forestdreamt: “keep him drunk if that’s what it takes to make him want you, a small depraved part of his mind whispers. another part, that sounds oddly like liv, argues back: you’re better than that. K doesn’t know if that’s true.”

past me: “when the door opens, kavinsky is there and the bastard is smiling at ronan. a small part somewhere in ronan’s brain — a part of his brain that ronan is sure will remember everything when he’s sober — decides that if there isn’t a world where he and kavinsky can just be, then he’s going to fucking dream one. “

present me: