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The Chase of Love (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request from: @grumpycheshirecat
Prompt: “Shut up, it’s fine, just chill, we’re fine, I’m fine, everything is cool, everything is good! We’re chill, nothing is happening and I am not freaking out, not at all, we’re FINE.”
Warnings: Swearing
A/N: In case clarification is needed, I used “Y/F/N” and “Y/L/N” to refer to “your first name” and “your last name.” Also, when you mentioned the ‘other half’ part in the request, I wasn’t entirely sure if you were hinting at a Soulmate AU or something like that, but I took it as such, so I hope that’s okay.

Whenever a person would hit the horrors of puberty, they would receive a marking upon their wrists- a marking that held the words you were to first hear come from your other half’s mouth. People often worried when they received something casual, like hi or it was nice meeting you, however those who have already met their soulmate always say it’s more than just the words and you’ll know when it’s your significant other.

It was a strange life to lead. Your friends had laughed hard when they saw your words of: “Come the fuck on!” written in a beautiful, fancy cursive. On the day your heart clenched painfully, and your whole body burned, your friends had mourned with you at the sight of the words fading to look like a scar, signifying that your soulmate, whoever they were, had died. Then, some day later, you felt as though an entire weight was taken off of your shoulders, and there was a lightness in your heart that you couldn’t describe- you had looked at your wrist then, and found that the words had returned, brighter than ever.

You were just walking down the streets of Gotham, when the sounds of gunshots echoed from overhead. While others cowered in hopes to avoid the bullets they assumed were going to arrive, you looked up and saw Red Hood chasing after someone on the rooftops. You weren’t sure what possessed you, but you decided to join in the chase, on ground-level.

You were skidding into an alleyway when the thug hopped down onto one of the garbage containers, and continued running. You were going to attempt to apprehend him– again you had little clue as to why– until you heard the helmeted hero land next to you with frustration and exclaim: “Come the fuck on!” The words tickled on your wrist as he said them, and your heart felt as though it was going to burst.

“Holy shit, it’s you,” You mumble, and suddenly the man’s hidden face snapped towards you.

His whole body has gone tense, and before either of you can say anything, he’s tackling you to the ground and bullets fly overhead. He then pulls you in through a nearby door, that apparently lead through an abandoned building.

“Why now?” He asks under his breath. “Why when I’ve pissed off a whole gang?”

“You’ve done what now?” You’re then pulled into another room in the building, again, just barely missing the bullets that barrage where you just stood.

It goes on like that for awhile, you two run from what seems to now be an army of assholes, and your soulmate keeps muttering profanities while pulling you along. You’ve both just left the building, and as you try to continue running, Red Hood stops you by pulling you into his chest and hiding in the shadows. His plan works, and the men all pass you by. He pulls you back into the building after a few minutes.

Finally having time to process everything that’s happened, you pace around the room, while he just leans against a boarded up window.

After a few more minutes he asks: “You good, doll? Anything you want to talk about? Y’know, instead of walking back and forth like someone who can’t remember whether the directions said left or right?”

You continue pacing. “Shut up, it’s fine, just chill, we’re fine, I’m fine, everything is cool, everything is good! We’re chill, nothing is happening and I am not freaking out, not at all, we’re FINE.”

He hums before taking off his helmet, which, probably embarrassingly, causes you to stop and stare. He isn’t wearing a mask underneath, so you’re able to get a clear view of his eyes, and you find yourself getting lost in them.

“See something you like?” He teases.

You approach him and bring a hand up to fix a stray hair. “You’re hot.”

His face goes bright red. “Not very subtle, are you?”

You smile, your own cheeks tinting red. “Sorry, I just… it’s true.”

He clears his throat. “I– thanks. I, uh, I mean, you’re pretty hot too. Very hot, really. Uh,” He holds his hand out suddenly. “Jason Hood– wait shit, no. Red Todd– fuck. J-Jason Todd! Is me. That’s my name. I’m Jason… Todd.”

You take his hand in yours with a giggle, “Well, I’m Y/F/N,” You pause teasingly. “Y/L/N.”

He nods and even his ears are red with how much he’s blushing. “Cool. That’s a good name. I mean– it just… it suits you. This is… I’m doing wonders on my bad boy complex right now, aren’t I?”

You laugh, and his eyes soften at the sound. “Think they’re gone? Because I was on my way to get some frozen yogurt with this soon to be expired coupon before this all happened.”

Jason chuckles, puts his helmet back on, and motions for you to follow him.


Sometimes I make shitty memes even shittier. I’ve been freaking out cause of the ch 129 spoilers so here’s my contribution to the discourse. Unlike Sebastian though, I already love both ciels.


“Andrew had nearly killed four men for assaulting Nicky and would have broken Allison’s neck for hitting Aaron, but when it came to crimes against his own person Andrew couldn’t care less. He held his life in less regard than he did anything else.”

andrew joseph minyard for @doumekism. happy birthday babe. 

Keith in the Garrison part 3 (I swear I'm done now bye)
  • Iverson(Angry @ Lance): You disappoint me greatly! You simply need to take notes from Keith, the absolute model student.
  • Iverson: *Points to Keith, who's currently fast asleep in class*
  • Keith, jolting awake after pidge elbows him: haha yeah responsible me all right!! fighter pilot!! zoom zoom here I go