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“Not this one, Yuuri. We need it. And you’re not pouting your way into it this time!”

The siren did exactly that, pushing out his full bottom lip. Pleading shamelessly for what he wanted.

“No, Yuuri. It’s a good ship, it’s going to be worth more than everything on board it.”

Yuuri tilted his head down, gazing up at Victor with his beautiful brown eyes, through the fullness of his eyelashes. Which he batted. Where was he learning all these things?

Victor had to draw in a sharp, short breath, but he held his ground. “If we capture this ship and give it Georgi to captain, we expand our power.”

Yuuri’s expression flashed, turning foul as he scowled. Victor could see the feathers sprouting off his hands and legs, standing on end with his irritation. Huffing, Yuuri shuffled his feet, throwing Victor a glare. 

“Do you know how much we lose out on every time you sink a ship? Come on, my angry little bird, they’re wasted on the bottom of the ocean. We didn’t even get half the supplies off the last one!”

That did it. Yuuri’s feathers bristled sharply. The second Victor saw Yuuri’s lips part, he knew the argument was finished. However, Yuuri did not speak, gritting his teeth instead, holding back whatever he had been about to say. He stalked straight over to Victor, jabbing a finger into the pirate’s chest.

Yuuri did not bother to take Victor’s hand, tracing letters straight onto the skin revealed by the slit in the front of his shirt.

Go throw yourself off the ship.

Victor went rigid, meeting the red of Yuuri’s glare. The siren was biting his own lip, restraining the command sitting on the tip of his tongue.

With a sigh, Victor lifted Yuuri’s hand and kissed his knuckles. He then left Yuuri’s side, crossing the deck and jumping to stand atop the shipside railing.

Yuuri’s eyes went wide and he yelped as Victor actually leapt overboard. His wings burst forth, but he was too late to save Victor from hitting the water, dragging a soaked pirate out from under the waves and back on board.

The entire crew blinked over at them, keeping their distance.

Victor spat out half a mouthful of sea water, as Yuuri stared at him, distressed. “For you, lovebird, anything,” Victor coughed.

Yuuri flapped his arms haphazardly, wings mimicking the motion. Downwind, a few members of the crew toppled over from the strength of the gust they generated.

“Okay, okay, how about a compromise? Let me give Georgi the ship. And if he ever does anything stupid with it, you have my permission to sink it. No objections.”

Water dripped steadily from Victor’s clothes. Scoffing, Yuuri relented enough to peck at Victor’s lips, their own personal little sealing of the deal.

I heard you like AUs in your AUs???? 

I told myself five million times that I would not draw this but I really wanted to do the thing with the curtains so here I am and there they are. 

Based on Suggestivescribe’s drabble “Adore You.”

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*whispers* do it, draw the peaches

Wincest vs Me
  • Me: Wincest is a dark lonely alley I shall never go there!
  • Also Me: *googles images of Wincest*
  • Me: I wouldn't ever read Wincest it's not my thing!
  • Also Me: *looks for Wincest on Ao3*
  • Me: Look, I don't judge you can do what ever you want but i wouldn't ever-
  • Also Me: *draws sexy smexy fanart about Wincest*
  • Me: *sweats nerviously* I-I woul- wouldn't theY'RE BROTHERS FOR CHUCKS SAKE I CAN'T-
  • Also Me: *writes sinful fanfiction about Wincest*
  • Also Me: What do you mean you Asshat i am you what the hell is wrong with YOU *judges me*
  • Me: Stop I can't judge myself the fuck ?
  • Also Me: Then stop and embrace the incest
  • *whistpers* nobody must know it's our little secret
  • Me: ...YEAH FINE one read won't kill me it's whatever..
  • Also Me: That's exactly the same thing you said about destiel and yet here we are
  • Me: SHUT YOUR FACE Destiel is different and none of your business...
  • Also Me: Whatever you say Bitch
  • Me: Jerk...
  • Me: O my chuck I'm talking to myself.. I'm trash.. Whatever back to the fanfiction I totally wasn't reading
  • *cough* *cough*

I should get back to work, but I couldn’t stop thinking these two idiots in this fic and this sweet mep part I’m in so much pain