can't stop to press play button

Danse Macabre


It was a bright, sunny day in Dentech. The birds were chirping, the skies were clear, and the sounds of the city rang cheerfully in the air.

On the playground, a girl was sitting on the swingset, gently pushing herself along by digging the toes of her boots into the sand. She was singing softly and there was a PET clutched in her free hand–altogether, it wasn’t an unusual sight in the slightest.

However, what was unusual was the fact that even though there were plenty of other people around on the playground–both young children and their parents as well as teenagers her age–they had all left a wide berth around the her, as if there was some unspoken pact that had been agreed on.

“Ring around the rosy, a pocketful of posies…” The girl smiled and let her feet dangle freely, the swing rocking gently back and forth to the rhythm of her song as she pressed buttons on her PET.

“Ashes… Ashes…” She navigated past her homepage–labeled with her Navi name, Rhythm.EXE–into her contacts and paused at one, her smile growing wider. ‘Dingo and Tomahawkman. They’ll do…’

Reiko Hikari’s swinging finally slowed to a stop and she hit the message button.

“They all fall… down~”

anonymous asked:

Just wondering, do you dislike disabled people? They like to play video games too, and some of them can't move their hands for quick button presses or don't have the mental dexterity, but they wanna play the game for the story.

No, I don’t dislike disabled people.  More than one individual with physical hardship messaged me and said that they’d rather watch a game on a letsplay than have skip combat options.  

Because they realize games are about challenge and they’d rather have the challenge, instead of being condescended to like they need somebody holding their hand or treating them like a child.

Your blatant attempts to conflate and load that question is transparent.  Stop it.