can't stop staring at him


a smiley joe. 


The White Prince & the Maiden of Prayers

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It wasnโ€™t his sweet smile or his confident posture. It wasnโ€™t his irresitible laughter or his calming voice. It was his beautiful eyes and the way he looked at me, the way he stared at me, the way he made me feel.
—  Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • Ron: Come on Harry, it's time to finally accept the fact that you're free now and you no longer live in the closet
  • Harry: Yeah you're right, I can't hide my gayness anymore
  • Ron: Huh
  • Harry: Wut
  • Ron: That's not what I meant, I was talking about living life to its fullest now that you don't live in that closet under the stairs but ooookkk then.Anyways, we all already now you're gay Harry.
  • Harry: How? Is it that obvious?
  • Ron: Well I mean you constantly talk about how good looking Malfoy is everyday and you can't seem to stop staring at him
  • Harry: *not listening and watches every move Draco makes* He really is dreamy isn't he? He probably has a six pack under that uniform. What do you think?
  • Ron: *sighs*

You guys ever walk past the tank and feel an irresistible urge to stop and stare at your fish from afar like you’re two star crossed lovers who can’t be together and the only thing sustaining you is the knowledge that no one loves that damn fish more than you do


martinplier  asked:

My friend and I were talking and we just imagined a scene where it's in "Antisepticeye vs Darkiplier" and Wilford comes out of nowhere, climbing onto Dark's back and glaring at Anti over Dark's shoulder like a at while softly hissing and Anti can't stop staring at him even though Dark acts as though he's not even there

Wilford the best guard dog in the world