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Inej Ghafa thinks something is very funny

Inej Laugha

Inej Ghafa helps a cow give birth

Inej Calfa

Inej Ghafa follows the y=mx+b formula

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Inej Ghafa divides by two

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Inej Ghafa organizes the dances in a musical

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|| religion of six || my half of the art-trade with @saraparilla

Her Courier, Six, and this a’hole, cause I am tormented by their impossible chemistry.  

Ok so @rahafwabas started this challenge thing of drawing monster kid in your own style… so I did it. This was the first time I have drawn kid, AND it was a digital piece.. so… it was difficult. (._.;)………… at least the soul wasn’t so bad…. (;一_一) j-just take it.

the judge and the rentboy

where eggsy is the youngest judge in forever, infamous for being unforgiving in cases of domestic abuse and sexual assault

harry, high end escort of the highest caliber, experienced and versatile, a veritable chameleon of sexual and emotional exploits

harry, sent to seduce the young judge and find a scandal, and cause one if he’s clean, by I don’t know a rival judge or a tory piece of shot who wants to get rid of the man who’s actually he’ll bent on prosecuting rapists, regardless of class

eggsy, who is utterly charmed by the older man, who represents the exact opposite of his own humble beginnings with his learned manners and cultured voice

harry, who started a little hesitant cos the boy is trying and achieving his best, but a job is a job and by god is he gorgeous

eggsy, who has a sixth sense for shit pasts, reads harrys body language like a case file, his microexpressions painfully obvious, how he refuses to show eggsy his back even while walking, always lagging half a step behind; how he never raises his voice and never responds well to those who do, how his self defense is mostly muscle memory and he favours his left side. eggsy reads harry like a book and patiently lets harry open up to him at his own pace

harry, who feels the things he suppressed his entire life rise to the surface and test his walls and he feels increasingly venerable in ways he forbade himself since… and eggsys staying overnight at his place and *no one’s* stayed in Harrys home, his sanctuary, in forever

It ends one night, who knows how to starts. harry certainly doesn’t. eggsy wants harry to talk to him, wants to help him, and harry doesn’t fucking need help, goddammit he’s managed so far. and eggsys not letting go and harry just wants to be left alone andbhe shouts, admits that he’s being fucking paid to get some dirt, that he’s a prostitute, uses worse and more derogatory term to describe himself to get something, any reaction out of eggsy, and eggsys not taking that self pity shit and admits to having Ben a rent boy to pay for law school and to help his single mom in an abusive household and infant sister

does harry send eggsy home? do they stay the night at harry’s? do they talk all night and hold each other? are they aware that harrys phone or home is bugged or that someone is outside his place with a bug or something idk

and then the day after the front page in the sun is ‘the judge and t rentboy’ and people are swarming eggsy’s house and Harry feels like crap

and frankly I didn’t think this thru how do I end it this is why I don’t write fanfics I get stuck help meee

also on tumblr mobile sorry for typos and shit