can't stop listening to that song



something’s telling lotor that allura and her knights stopped taking him seriously a while ago

                   They call me devil
                   My heart is empty
                   They call me devil
                Just try and tempt me 

                  I’ll steal your soul
                   I’ll eat you whole
                   Aint no other way

 They call me devil

                                         And you should be afraid


you need me… because we’re just alike, you and i.

I was just listening to my daily Britney Spears song while playing Mystic Messenger and I realized…

Yoosung must confess that his loneliness is killing him now
Jumin believes that when he’s not with you he loses his mind
Seven still believes that you’ll be here
Zen wants you to give him a sign 
Hit me, baby, one more time this RFA shit is getting too weird for me, Jaehee’s out.