can't stop laughing at the story tho

  • interviewer: so, taron, what was it like to work with all those incredible stars? i mean, mark strong, michael caine, colin firth, samuel l. jackson...
  • taron: oh it was amazing. colin firth is amazing. he's gorgeous and every bit as perfect as he seems such an incredible person i can't even describe
  • interviewer: yes, taron, colin is indeed wonderful, but what what about the others?
  • taron: they were all marvelous as well. hey did i ever tell you the story of how colin found out about my nickname for him?
  • interviewer: ...
The signs at school
  • Aries: bitching bout someone loud enough for them to hear, has open enemies insecure af
  • Taurus: eating a weed brownie from the Capricorn you just met invites them to after school stoner sessions
  • Gemini: can't stop talking hopes the teacher doesn't ask for the essay you still haven't finished
  • Cancer: crying or laughing so much that people stare
  • Leo: looking in the mirror & talking bout your self, ignores Aries' loud ass convo about you
  • Virgo: being average af so no one judges you
  • Libra: telling over exaggerated stories to be interesting, repeats them all week until everyone's heard it 709.4 times
  • Scorpio: flirting with the youngest teacher even tho your bf/gf is stood right there
  • Sagittarius: cant talk rn starting the essay in for next period
  • Capricorn: tagging along with Taurus cause they chill af but all your real friends go to another school
  • Aquarius: being emo somewhere, the kid no one has seen before has an attendance of 2.6954%
  • Pisces: daydreaming pretends to listen to libra is secretly a fish

I remember my mom telling me this story about me at 3 years old. And the way the little child’s mind works is that they don’t always connect that men don’t necessarily have babies and things like that. So, there was this guy, my mom was trying to talk about a couch and she said that I walked straight up to him, at 3, and started tugging on his shirt, tugging on his shirt, excuse me, excuse me! Are you plegnant?; Because he had this big beer belly and that was my connection, (laughs). I think that’s adorable though’- Stana Katic on the Bonnie Hunt Show, March 2010.