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1026. When Snape died, the first person there to greet him was Lily. She walked up to him and punched him in the face, demanding answers as to 'WHY THE HELL DID YOU VERBALLY ABUSE MY SON FOR SEVEN YEARS???'

this is a masterpost of my Opinions, because i’ve been seeing a lot of drama and ship war bullshit going on, so i just want to be very clear on where i stand on some things. here we go:

-alex is not an alcoholic. she’s an adult who drinks alcohol.
-i ship karolsen & supercorp both, at the same time, legit like 50/50.
-that being said, i can also acknowledge that lena is kind of problematic (the alien finding device thing) and i would love for them to address that please.
-james, j'onn, and maggie have been treated horribly this season. they’re all regulars, and yet only get about, what? .5 seconds of screen time per week? and yes, it’s for sure racist…..which brings me to my next point..
-it’s no secret that my biggest problem w/ this season is mon-el. they sidelined james for this white fratboy, and there was nothing subtle about it. why they felt the need to kill a cute, semi-slowburn romance between an interracial couple is beyond me.
-i don’t think m'gann is technically a regular, but she’s also been treated like shit. they literally have sharon leal on their payroll and they’re not using her AT ALL and i’m heated about it.
-i’m cool with james as guardian, but i am not cool w/ literally any other male heroes on this show, because supergirl, at its core, is a show about women. as it fuckin should be.
-sanvers is my lifeblood.
-maggie needs a backstory, and relationships with people outside of alex. i would love for her and james to be besties, and please for the love of god acknowledge the friendship that she would undoubtedly have with m'gann.
-i want cat grant back.
-i want lucy lane back.
-last but not least. my daughter, kara danvers, has been sidelined on her own show. she is more alone right now than we have ever seen her, and it’s reflected in her overall demeanor. i despise the fact that we had such an amazing, underlying awareness of kara’s constant anger and grief in season 1, and now it’s as if that never existed. i miss the episodes ending with her and alex talking and eating pizza, but now all we get is mon-el manipulating her into feeling guilty that she doesn’t like him back. i don’t need that, and neither does she.

these are some of the big things that i’ve seen people arguing about the last few weeks. if you disagree with any of this, that’s fine, we can still be friends. literally the only people i’m not interested in talking to, are karamel shippers who genuinely believe that they are a healthy relationship, and that kara and mon-el have more chemistry than kara and literally anyone else. they should be brother/sister relationship, and that’s all. other than that, please know that i love seeing different headcanons for all the ships, and brotps you guys come up with, even if i don’t ship them myself. i follow blogs with totally opposite opinions, and love coexisting with each and every one of you.

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Coming from a guy... we can't stand when girls are attention seeking yikes

Coming from a girl…. we don’t care yikes


Stills from the new season of Zoo that were released by the show.  The top image looks like Jamie just busted in somewhere she wasn’t supposed to be (anyone surprised?). She also looks determined as hell. (Did she find out Mitch wasn’t dead?  That he’s being held against his will? That he’s there voluntarily and she’s gonna kick his ass?) Bottom image is the same woman looking like she just walked onto a Bond movie. Gorgeous. I’m liking the short hair, as well as the RBF.  On point. 

Other images include Jackson looking both badass and adorably confused, Jackson making out with an as-of-yet unidentified woman (watch those hands, young man), and (unfortunately) what’s-his-name with what appears to be some sort of ID badge. 




Also, I just want to say something that I’ve been trying to avoid to say but… just because i hate a character that happens to be a female doesn’t make me a misogynist. I hate Finn’s character, what you gonna say, i’m an homophobe?

They did something that I don’t like or keep doing it and that makes me hate them. It doesn’t matter the gender or their sexual orientation. If they do something that bothers me, I’ll hate them.

  • Jon: You know if the Gotham Rogues switched with the Flash Rogues we'd probably defeat our respective heroes.
  • Leonard: Yeah but we haven't.
  • Jon: Why not?
  • Leonard: I can't fucking stand Batman and you guys like the Flash too much.
  • Jon: No one can fucking stand Batman and no one dislikes the Flash.
  • Leonard: Fair point.
  • Starmyu: *shows preview*
  • Starmyu: *makes it look like there'll be some Awesome KugaNayu*
  • Starmyu: *shows actual episode*
  • Starmyu: IT'S ACTUALLY TORIHOSHI AND IKEMEN TRIO LOL-- no don't cry here's a cute interaction but don't cry oh my God that's so embarrassing I swear to God I didn't want to make you cry

I don’t even have words for spn anymore. None of this is okay.

I need a full season of monster of the week episodes coming up next, PLEASE.

No angels, no demons, no Lucifer and definitely no abusers-to-allies.

Just Sam and Dean driving through the country in Baby, saving people, hunting things, crashing at shitty motels.

Bellowing Lout

 “What are you doing?”

 His chords chimed with about as much blunt sincerity as one would expect of him, his shivering sneer beaming down on the reclusive shell of a child. Their deafening wail grated his senses, the sheer ruckus spilling from their mouth bouncing off the dense walls of his domain. The shrill cry quashed any stirred thoughts beneath it’s heel, and only the Serpent was at fault for igniting this irksome affair. Despite the supposed advantages there was inhabiting an echoing chamber; not once did he conceive the notion that a sniveling guest may out-speak his tongue in a matter so terribly inane. It the drove the worm to the boundaries of his dwindled patience, yet the sole fact of their fleeting age kept him on a teetering, albeit seething balance. No amount of unspoken questions could undo the pounding tremor lashing in his mind, and now he seeks the dismissal of this screeching brat before his pounding skull is torn asunder.


 The Serpent’s order fell on oblivious ears, the sheer roar of their panting lungs halting the word before it could so much as brush their muddled senses. They weren’t listening - they couldn’t listen, the pitiable child was all too busy fending the urge to slump into the mess of their own tears and furl into a whimpering ball. At any moment their legs could give way, yet as they stood in sobbing plight, they couldn’t so much as offer the snake an acknowledging glimpse admits their churning disparity. It took the entire mustered will of his conscious to grasp enough fortitude to remain as stable as they have, somehow enduring an insufferable woe that shouldn’t have ever been thrust upon a mere infant.

 Yet the Judge saw not a troubled nor brave soul, but a begrudging lout whom refused his presence with a watery guise. A man so brutal in his stoicism, that he couldn’t simply discern the gloom laden before his unfaltering glare. He was as ignorant as the bleating infant, and sought not to comfort them, but to rid this void of his what his wretchedness construed into their defiance.

 “Look at me.”

 What reason would he have to believe that they’d hear him the second time around? It obviously wasn’t going to work, as no words could ever reach their lamenting daze. L est another visitor was to come barreling into his domain bearing the sole intent to soothe this child, no amount of vigilant wording was ever going to suffice. Shapeless arms drifted though the openness, raveling their icy palms around the fool’s tensing shoulders. His jagged fingers anchoring beneath their chain, steadily raising a sulking gaze to their searing stare. Surely, he’d have their attention now, despite the salted waters streaking from their brow.

 “Whatever is your intent, I implore your silence.” The terror brought by his ringing chords quelled what honesty he had attempted to convey, their constant yowling halting only to continue at the faintest rumbling of his words. He voiced himself nonetheless, attempting to howl his words over the mental blockade. “If you wish to leave, then by all means you should be adhering to everything I need say!”

 “So cut this pitiful act and listen to me!

 Yelling hadn’t worked, neither had grasping them garnered a sliver of their attention. Before he could even come to feel their stubby claws embed against his reach, they flailed against his arms. Wriggling and thrashing, slouching their entire frame in fruitful effort to slink onto the floor and go scurrying away in some childish scheme. They act of fighting him was no better than, spitting upon the serpent’s respect a thousand times over. Scorn billowed in his lungs, the sickly breath wafting in the exchange of a contemptuous sigh. The last of his abstention became drowned in a torrent of teary anguish, cries burrowing through his sense and mind.

 He couldn’t withstand it, this infant was too much for his tolerance to bear. In an act as impetuous as they, his serpent figure came lurching forth, his smoldering aura matched by the foul wickedness frothing from his maw. But regardless of whether he had conjured some internal decision and followed suite, the Serpent acted as he always has - on whatever fueled his governing indignation. 

 He stopped, his swarming limbs receding to their scaly host as they relieved the child of their writhing terror. However brief the calm was to befall the both of them, it wasn’t broken again by some child, but the vexed might of a great beast.

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Pillowtalk sold well due to the fact that he left 1D abruptly and caught the worlds attention with a new attitude and a shiny new famous girlfriend. How did LIW sell? How did MOM sell? How well is SGT selling? Like from a nonstan stand point you guys can't use PT as a something to rub in 1D fans faces because it was 1D fans who fucking bought it. Don't think people don't remember how hype everyone was about supporting Zayn after him getting ill and leaving and such.

well we can say that mom sold fucking great since he debuted at #1 in uk and us ya know? “it was 1D fans who fucking bought it” sis all 1d fans did was try to ‘ruin’ his career and scream about how they’re not buying the song because zayn ‘betrayed’ them and his brothers. if it was 1d fans who gave zayn the #1 then why couldn’t they do the same with niall and louis? we all know that they have so much more support from the 1d fanbase than zayn has and still they didn’t manage to do better than him. where were the great benevolent 1d stans then? zayn got gp’s attention and he’s loved by them. and you can be sure that i will rub pillowtalk’s success in whatever the fuck i want, thank you very much.    

pictures of snake smiling and snake crying are equally rare.

  • What my parents say: You really need to learn how to work with the men in your field.
  • What they think they mean: You're too aggressive and need to tone it down. Your workplace will be filled with men who won't let you push them around like you do with your fellow women.
  • What they actually mean: Your workplace will be filled with men who have been told since college that every idea that pops into their mind is solid gold, while your female peers have been encouraged to accept all (not necessarily constructive) criticism. As a result, you need to avoid bruising these men's egos by carefully manipulating them into thinking your ideas are theirs while still taking credit for your work and moving up the ladder. Or marry rich. Good luck.