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Imaginary-Marvel-Mayhem Masterlist

 I don’t have a lot up yet, but here’s what I do have :)

Black and Blue (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Dance With Me (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Wildflower (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Acronyms (Wanda Maximoff x Reader) (REQUEST)

The Sound of Silence (Avengers x Reader) Civil War angst fic

Son of a Preacher Man (Sam Wilson x Reader)

Can’t Stand It (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Rebirth (Bucky x Reader x Dad!Steve)

Congratulations (Romanoff/Rogers x Reader), Burn (part 2), The Carter Conference (part 3)

Arms (Bucky x Reader) drabble thing 

Cool Girl part 1(Peter Parker x Reader)

anonymous asked:

Hi would you mind doing a B.A.P gif reaction where they say sorry after you (gf) and them had a bad argument and haven't spoke in a few days. Like they really can't stand the silence and want to apologize, but are nervous about your reaction? Pretty please! I love your blog! <33

Yongguk: Honey, look, I`m so sorry~~

Himchan: I`ll admit I was wrong and apologize.. this must work

Daehyun: [not sure how to come up]

Youngjae: Forgive me please?

Jongup: I want to apologize for the argument we had and… here^^

Zelo: [calls you and apologizes over the phone even if you were near] I`m so sorry, I don`t even deserve to look at you now. That`s why I`m calling.

- Vivian ヽ༼>ل͜<༽ノ

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Credits to gif owners)

The Voice of Germany

Today’s show is waaay better than yesterday’s! The sound is so much better, hence the singers sound better. I’m enjoying it so much! All singers have been great so far - including those I did not like that much before. Rea Garvey and his team singing “Can’t stand the silence” was sooo beautiful. And I love listening to him cause his accent is so un-fucking-fassbar cute ♥. Can’t wait until the commercial is over and they’ll keep on singing! I hope my favorites will make it into the next show.

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I know Jesse would be angry at gabe, but also very broken about his death. And once reapers identity comes out, I can picture Jesse holstering his weapon and kind of expecting or wanting reaper to end him because he thinks that's what will happen. Instead reaper walks up to him with widow on his tail and they just kind of stand around in silence. "I can't kill an old friend... no matter how much I hate to see them suffer," Jesse would say while tipping his hat. Gabe just nods. Turning to leave.

Jesse finds an note after he returns back to the plane. “I miss you too ingrate.” And Jesse just lets it all out because he misses gabe so much. He doesn’t have the heart to take him down but he will if he has to… if it will end his pain. Gabe knows this and makes sure that he won’t ever have that chance, he might be dead but he still cares for the kid. Sometimes they meet up just to sit in silence or chat about nothing. Because they both need someone and they have each other in the end.

why…………..are you doing this to me