can't stand it gif

S2E4 Pidge + Keith + Dragonfly stick bug

Mike’s wandering eyes, and that little grin he only has for Harvey. Next minute, a heated kiss pressed against the shelves.

Or maybe Mike’s is just hungry…. And wants some of Harvey’s hot dog.

so I will stand by your side and we will face whatever is coming for you together

I hate this gif.
I hate it because I don’t understand it.
It’s ridiculous but I hope you get my point.
We all know jongkey was all lovey-dovey during MBC Gayo. But this is too much.
First of all, I can’t understand why.
Why would Kibum be so touchy with Jonghyun, knowing there were so many people? He must have seen the camerman so it was obvious everyone would see it (not mentioning fancams).
Second. How did Jonghyun know that Kibum wanted to lean on him? You cam see Jonghyun hunching his shoulders even before Kibum as much as touches him. How did he know?!
And god, his hands are so shameless, he’s so shameless, they’re so shameless..!
I can’t stand looking at this gif, truly. Everything about it is so infuriating because this is how soulmates look like. Knowing what the latter wants without even speaking, complying to their every whim.. serving as their goddamn armrest.
I just love jongkey so much, ok? And this ia one of the most memorable moment. Let 2016 be the year of jongkey!

Here it, ladies, gentlemen, and non-gender-binary-conforming individuals. Your canon proof that Cas loved Meg.

When he watches the pizza man, he frames his questions around his concept of love. In his mind, if the pizza man is making out with the babysitter, it must be because he loves her.

People in Cas’s world behave that way only when they are truly in love.

So when he follows the pizza man’s example and makes out with Meg, logic would follow that he, as well, truly loves her. *

*(Y’know, just in case repeatedly rescuing and protecting her, calling her beautiful, and tenderly bandaging her wounds while talking about having sex with her isn’t proof enough for you.)