can't stand her cuteness


In the renewed Cliff Climb undertaken by sakumoto, Sho-kun ends up ‘resting’ in the tube-like aperture when time winds down.  After saying that the game is just “too much fun”, Jun-kun is about to comment, when Sho-kun swings back down in an arc and lands squarely, immediately and smoothly in front of our youngest.  

Jun: I wanted to go-

Sho (trying to catch the end of Jun’s words): What?

“Too close, too close!” according to the producers… I’d have been PERFECTLY fine with even closer. (^_^)

Cr: VS Arashi 3-hour New Year Special 03.01.2016

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Could Eliza Taylor loathe her employer any harder?


Today’s cuteness is a mama cat bringing her babies to meet her doggy friend.