can't sleep

Losing you wasn’t just painful, it was fucking damaging also. It wasn’t me sitting down on a couch surrounded by my friends as we watched movies and ate food to try and forget you. It was me staying up at four in the morning because the thought of you was so fucking strong I couldn’t even close my eyes without seeing your face. It was me swallowing thickly and blinking back tears every time I was in public, the hole in my chest causing my breaths to come out shaky rather than normal. It was me laughing at things for no reason as my stomach turned because the urge of falling apart was getting stronger. It was me crying at random hours during the day and me not wanting to get up out of bed. It wasn’t just me staring blankly at your number, deciding wether or not if I should call you. It was me throwing my phone at the wall and breaking it, because I was drunk again and the thought of you ever changing your information terrified me. It was me deleting our conversations and regretting it because now I couldn’t know where we had went wrong. It fucking hurt, losing you had hurt and I wasn’t ever able to forget that kind of pain.
—  A.M.// getting over someone is horrible (via tullipsink)
You are my 3AM thoughts, my 6AM thoughts, my 12:31PM thoughts, my 5:52PM thoughts and my 9:41PM thoughts. You’re not just on my mind when I can’t sleep, you’re on my mind when I’m doing math problems, when I’m washing the dishes and when I’m babysitting a bunch of loud kids who won’t sit down.
—  you’re on my mind constantly. all day, all night.
In the odd hours of the morning, while you’re fast asleep, I’m awake, curious as to what it would be like to curl into your warmth during this cold weather and finally get some rest.
—  2:41am

anonymous asked:

Why each type can't sleep at night? Stereotypes welcome :)

Si: “What if there are ghosts watching me while I sleep?” <avoids looking into the dark corners of the room>

Ni: “Everything must must must turn out perfectly perfect tomorrow.”

Ti: “I must keep analyzing this tiny thing that nobody but me cares about.”

Fi: “Do I worry too much? How much is too much?”

Se: “What if they figure out that I’m a complete fraud? Oh well zzzzzzzz”

Ne: “That was so funny I can’t stop thinking about it but holy shit I only have a few hours left I better fall asleep now but I can’t oh god why can’t I fall asleep am I asleep now nope how about now nope you know what would be awesome… oh no I only have an hour left…”

Te: “Did I remember to do that thing?! What if they discover my dirty secret?!”

Fe: “I think that I saw the cashier give me a dirty look today, it was just a split second but I definitely saw it, or did I, but I go there all the time, oh god, what if I see them again next time, should I still be nice, like what if I imagined it, but maybe I did do something offensive without realizing it, I should get them a gift or something just in case, but what should I get…”