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If Jungkook was a hyung, I wonder how Bangtan would’ve fare. Thank lamb skewers things are the way they are now.

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Emmerdale Survey Results

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What has my Nambaby worried? him thinking about my face

What has my Nambaby shook? his reaction to my face

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just thoughts on the limitless album based on melon’s 1-minute previews!

presenting: me being the illiterate fangirl that i truly am and the broke young bean who can’t get permission to get a streaming pass and shiz yet !

  2. good thing. — melon won’t even allow me to listen to the new parts of the song i h8 BUT YES THIS SONG IS A GOOD THING it’s the best thing it’s the most wonderful invention in human history
  3. back 2 u. (AM 01:27) — oh wow the piano intro OH WOW THE BEATS THAT JUST CAME IN HOLY SHIT IS THAT DOYOUNG’S ANGELIC VOICE I’M HEARING WOW OHMYGOD MARK NO COME BACK the synth(?) thingies that randomly come in remind me of paradise’s beats for some reason and this song really sounds like smth i’d listen to at 01:27 a.m. i absolutely love it I’M IN LOVE WITH IT I CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR THE FULL SONG
  4. heartbreaker. — DONGHYUCK’S VOICE GAVE THIS SONG SUCH A CUTE START I LOVE oh oh this was the song in doyoung’s teaser!!! and johnny’s or am i mistaken? THE CHORUS WASN’T EVEN FINISHED YET MELON WHY JUST LET ME LIVE FOR ONCE
  5. baby don’t like it. — OH OH DONGHYUCK’S TEASER KAJHFDFKSDL MARK MARK MAKR MKAR MRKA you’re the one who’s doing smth to me and making me feel things can you pls WAIT DOES HE HAVE A WHOLE VERSE WAIT WHAT THE FUCK IT’S SO LONG OR AM I JUST MISTAKEN BUT BUT THIS IS HIS VOICE RIGHT bcs i am so in love mark just basically rapped about how i feel about him THE BOY KNOWS HE’S DANGEROUS I’M ok let me listen to that one more time
  6. angel. i thought of exo’s angel and now i’m sad WAIT WHICH TEASER WAS THIS IN AGAIN OH TAEYONG’S yeah the weird one BUT YES TAEYONG I AGREE I GOTTA BE YOURS oh wow this song is so chill I LOVE IT it’s like smth you can listen to in a café or while walking down the street at dusk or while it’s raining ok you can tell i love these vibes i really do

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As promised, Airport Sketches PT.2. Also, catch me at Highlight Toronto~

Apparently in Japanese folklore Benkei was a warrior monk known for his great loyalty towards Minamoto no Yoshitsune, who was in his youth called Ushiwaka.

I bet you these two are bffs.

There’s a break in the storms for now. Governor Deal has declared a state of emergency for the area, including my county.

Guys, this weather was entirely unexpected. It’s devastating that the death toll ended up being so high. And contrary to my earlier guess, at least one tornado did touch down in my hometown during that first round of storms.

Cosplay: the ultimate devotion!

I am proud to present you my Sinbad costumes :B Magi is the series from where I have cosplayed the most characters (I usually stick with one or two per series), but Sinbad is… well, Sinbad <3

I first wore younger/Snb!Sinbad because I felt I couldn’t pull off king Sinbad too well x’D part of the costume was commissioned since I didn’t know how to sew too well then. I could have a fantastic photoshoot at a beach because I brought it to that city for an event, and there was a massive cosplay photoshoot there :3 these pictures are from three years ago

External image

External image

And last year I decided to give myself a try for king Sinbad, and it became one of my big cosplay projects. This time I did everything - costume, props and accessories. The only thing I didn’t make were the shoes. I bought them from India since I wanted them to be as perfect as possible.

External image

External image

My love for Sinbad is endless, he’s my number one husbando in the entire fandom world and someone I absolutely admire and look up to, no kidding. Being him made me feel empowered and sensual (?). So I’m going to become Singod this year too :3 and want to cosplay his Valefor equip (my actual dream is Focalor, but I don’t know how to make a fake man chest yet x'DDD)…

Enough talk, hope you like! ^_^ and keep the Sinbad devotion <3

I absolutely LOVE this! I hope you don’t mind that I’m posting these pictures with all of the explanations about how you made everything and what cosplaying Sinbad means to you. I have zero background in cosplay culture myself. I’ve always been too shy to ask exactly what motivates cosplayers and how one goes about making it happen. I think your explanation really gets to the heart of how and why this is the ultimate form of Sinbad devotion. I can’t wait to see your God!Sinbad costume! (≧∇≦)/

Thank you very much for this submission! I feel honored to have a chance to share it with the rest of the fandom through this blog.

I could spend years looking into your soul and never find a flaw that I don’t think is perfectly beautiful
—  To a certain someone, you don’t know who you are, and I’m too shy to tell you