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Things The Signs Have Said That Break My Heart
  • Aries: Was I ever anything more than a sad kid? I thought the drugs would help, but they just make you sadder and a little deader. I really tried my best, but I don't think there's much use anymore. Nobody cared then, and nobody cares now.
  • Taurus: I'm sorry, but I fell in love with you. I watch you move and I'm captivated. The world slows down just a little bit when I look at you. I wanna kiss your long neck, and run my fingers through your curly hair. I wanna listen to you talk for hours about old movies and bad music. I wanna hear every word that you have to say. But I can't, because you're in love with someone else
  • Gemini: I dreamed so much as a little kid. All those dreams are dead know. The world has a lot of fun killing little girls dreams.
  • Cancer: Please don't go! Stay! Stay! I need you to stay! No one ever stays.
  • Leo: I used to be special. Everyone thought I was going to be this amazing person. They thought I would do great things, but look at me. I'm nothing. If I was anything, it would be a failure.
  • Virgo: She just left. She didn't say anything. In one simple second, all the love and laughter that we had, was ripped from both of us. She just decided she did't feel like loving me anymore.
  • Libra: It's all gone. Any hope that I had is gone.
  • Scorpio: Do you think that if I get prettier, he might look at me like he used to? Maybe he'll love me again.
  • Sagittarius: The whole world is at my fingertips, they say, but I can't seem to ever grab it.
  • Capricorn: I could tell she didn't love me anymore. She would smile, but in her eyes I could see the pity and slight disgust she had for me. I tried to stop loving her, but I couldn't. I felt pathetic, like I was stood up. But this time I couldn't just go home and forget about it the next day. She was, and still is, my everything.
  • Aquarius: I don't want to feel this anymore. I don't want to be trapped in my mind. I want to live again. I just want to see the light one more time.
  • Pisces: Could you just tell me you love me? You don't have to mean it. I just want, for a second, to feel loved.
  • saeran: omg guys i cant believe you're daring me to kiss yoosung
  • rfa: but we didn't say-
  • saeran, grabbing yoosung's face: this is so weird. omg. can't believe you're making me do this
  • rfa: saeran, we didn't tell you to-
  • saeran, leaning in: crazy. can't believe it. you guys are so wild

11 year old Muggle borns getting their Hogwarts letter and being all flustered and confused (mostly confused).
They’re reactions would probably be along the lines of:
“Does Hogwarts have free wifi?”
“Does Hogwarts even have wifi?”
“Can I bring the cat?”
“I’m eleven how do they expect us to cope with the fact that we are going to do mag-HOLY FLOWER WE GET WANDS!”
“Why can’t I wear jeans and a T-shirt and be comfortable?”
“Mom how do I get an owl to send a RSVP?”

  • Godstiel: Bow down and profess your love unto me, or be destroyed
  • Dean: ....Um...noo
  • Sam: Just say it, he didn't say we have to mean it
  • Dean: Yeah, but still
  • Bobby: He'll kill all of us! Ya idjit, Sam included. Just say it
  • Dean: Can't I just make a demon deal?
  • Godstiel: Omg, no you can't. Just tell me you love me
  • Dean: No, am not saying it. I already made you a fucking friendship bracelet, what more do you want?
  • Godstiel: For. you. to. profess. your. love. unto. me
  • Sam: Can I do it for him?
  • Godstiel: No, it's literally just three words Dean. Just say it
  • Dean: Well then....I....Guess you'll have to kill us all
  • Bobby: Or just him. Just kill him. I personally love you
  • Sam: More than I've ever loved anything
  • Godstiel: See how easy it is Dean?!
  • Dean: ...I.... really like your coat
  • Godstiel: Omg

Is there something you’d like to ask, Mr. Bradford?
Look at you, you’re so gorgeous. Vince was right, I can’t believe I’m actually living with you.
I still get butterflies in my stomach every time I’m about to see you.
You do? Even now we live together? Do you like your new home?
I’m home anywhere, I can fall into you. I just want to feel like this forever.

The Accidental Kiss part 1
  • Riley and Farkle are standing by their lockers.
  • Riley: So, will you help me study for the biology test?
  • Farkle: Sure. When?
  • Riley: Tonight, around 7, at Topanga's.
  • Farkle: Sounds like a plan.
  • Riley: Thanks.
  • Farkle: No problem.
  • The bell rings.
  • Farkle: I have to go. I don't want to be late again.
  • Farkle hugs Riley. Then he gives her a quick peck on the lips and walks to his class. Riley stands there in disbelief. Farkle arrives in his science class and sits down. He takes out his work and then it hits him.
  • Farkle: (screams) What have I done?
  • The whole class stares at him.
  • Meanwhile Riley is still standing in the hallway. The bell rings again. Maya walks up to Riley. She waves her hand in front of her face. Riley doesn't blink.
  • Maya: Honey, what's wrong?
  • Riley snaps out of it.
  • Riley: I think Farkle just kissed me.
  • Maya: You think? You don't know.
  • Riley: It happened so fast. He definitely caught me by surprise.
  • Maya: I know I'm going to regret asking this, but was the kiss good?
  • Riley: (smiles) That's the thing. The kiss was great.
  • Maya: Then, what's the problem?
  • Riley: I don't know where we stand. Was it a one time kiss? Are we dating? Are we friends who kiss? What are we? I want to know.
  • Maya: You and Farkle need to talk about this.
  • Riley: Why is life complicated?
  • Maya: I don't know honey. Let's go to class.
  • They walk to their classroom.
  • Cafeteria.
  • Farkle, Lucas, and Zay are sitting together. Lucas and Zay are talking. Farkle is distracted. Lucas notices.
  • Lucas: What's wrong?
  • Farkle: Nothing.
  • Zay: Something's off. Tell us.
  • Farkle: It's complicated.
  • Meanwhile Riley and Maya walk in the cafeteria. Riley sees Farkle.
  • Maya: Talk to him.
  • Riley: I don't know if I can. Can't I pretend the kiss didn't happen?
  • Maya: No.
  • Riley: You talk to him for me.
  • Maya: No.
  • Riley: I forgot. I have to talk to my dad about history homework.
  • Maya: We have no homework.
  • Riley: It's a different kind of homework.
  • Maya pushes Riley to Farkle's table. Farkle tenses up when he sees Riley.
  • Maya: Look Riley, it's Farkle. Isn't there something you wanted to say to him?
  • Riley nods her head.
  • Maya: Then say it.
  • Riley: (To Farkle) Hi.
  • Farkle: (To Riley) Hi.
  • Riley: (To Lucas) Hi.
  • Lucas: (To Riley) Hi.
  • Riley: (To Zay) Hi.
  • Zay: (To Riley) Hi.
  • Farkle: (To Maya) Hi.
  • Maya: Not doing it.
  • Riley: Gotta go.
  • Riley starts leaving when Maya grabs her.
  • Maya: No. You sit down and talk to Farkle. Lucas, Zay, and I will eat lunch at a different table. I'm watching you two. You are not leaving until you talk about this kiss.
  • Zay: What?
  • Maya: I'll tell you about it later. (Looks at Riley and Farkle) Talk.
  • Maya, Lucas and Zay leave the table. Riley and Farkle stare at each other.
  • Riley: So....
  • Farkle: So...
  • Riley: I have to go to the thing with the thing.
  • Farkle: So do I.
  • Riley: I'm glad we talked.
  • Farkle: Me too.
  • Riley: Bye.
  • Farkle: Bye.
  • They take off.
  • Maya: You got to be kidding me!
  • Lucas: What do we do now?
  • Maya: It's time for us to intervene.
  • Zay: How?
  • Maya: I have a idea.
  • To be continued...
Story how a friend and I came out at the same time
  • ~in a group chat~
  • Male friend: "So guys.. I'm actually kinda nervous to say this but I'm bisexual"
  • Friends: "..."
  • Me, now online: "Ayyy same here mate"
  • Friend: "Wait what"
  • Me: "Yah I'm actually pansexual so I'm chill"
  • Friends: "Why didn't you two tell us before? We're fam no matter what happens"
  • Male friend: "I actually just had sex with a guy"
  • Everyone: "waiT WhA-"

Okay but why would anyone working on the production confirm Klance @ point blank they’re literally super tight lipped about anything else pertaining upcoming plot, twists & lore all the moreso when it comes to a (probable) endgame, canonical ship so like… just chill ya’ll

  • criticism of the episode Bismuth: This is once again an example of a gem with non-feminine features and non-white features being painted as overtly aggressive. This aggression is shown as ultimately self-destructive and dangerous, with no redemption. Furthermore, the fact that Steven says that using the Breaking Point would make them 'just as bad' can't be seen separately from the fact that marginalised groups are often told that their justified resistance to oppression makes them the actual oppressors. They didn't have to write all this. They could have explored the way in which different people have different views on violence or non-violence. Instead they chose to portray the more radical, more butch and more Black viewpoint as irrideemably bad.
  • What you are all hellbent on hearing: We need to tell children that murder is OK.
  • "The lights are so bright."
  • "You can want who you want."
  • "You know you wouldn't change anything."
  • "I could show you incredible things."
  • "You look like my next mistake."
  • "I can read you like a magazine."
  • "I know you heard about me."
  • "I'm dying to see how this one ends."
  • "I can make the bad guys good for a weekend."
  • "It's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames."
  • "They'll tell you I'm insane."
  • "I love the players, and you love the game."
  • "Find out what you want."
  • "I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream."
  • "Don't say I didn't warn you."
  • "Come and pick me up, no headlights."
  • "I should just tell you to leave 'cause I know exactly where it leads."
  • "I heard you've been out and about with some other girl."
  • "What you heard is true but I can't stop thinking about you."
  • "Looking at it now, it all seemed so simple."
  • "Are we out of the woods yet?"
  • "Are we in the clear yet?"
  • "We were built to fall apart, and fall back together."
  • "When you started crying, baby, I did too."
  • "I'm setting you free."
  • "All you had to do was stay."
  • "Let me remind you, this is what you wanted."
  • "You were all I wanted, but not like this."
  • "My ex-man brought his new girlfriend."
  • "I wish you would come back."
  • "I wish you were right here, right now, it's all good."
  • "I miss you too much to be mad anymore."
  • "You always knew how to push my buttons."
  • "Take a look at what you've done."
  • "Now we've got problems and I don't think we can solve them."
  • "I was thinking that you could be trusted."
  • "Did you think we'd be fine?"
  • "Did you think it all through?"
  • "You say sorry just for show."
  • "Let's get out of this town."
  • "Say you'll remember me."
  • "Say you'll see me again."
  • "No one has to know what we do."
  • "It's been a long six months."
  • "I want you for worse or better."
  • "I would wait forever and ever."
  • "You know that I don't want you to go."
  • "Remind me how it used to be."
  • "I never dreamed of this."
  • "This love is good, this love is bad."
  • "It's a bad sign."
  • "Something happens when everybody finds out."
  • "I know places we can hide."
  • "Just grab my hand and don't ever drop it."
  • "I think I am finally clean."
  • "We took a wrong turn and we fell down a rabbit hole."
  • "Didn't they tell us don't rush into things?"
  • "Didn't it all seem new and exciting?"
  • "It's all fun and games til someone loses their mind."
  • "There were strangers watching..."
  • "I reached for you but you were gone."
  • "You are in love."
  • "He is in love."
  • "We play dumb but we know exactly what we're doing."
  • "Every day is like a battle."
  • "Please take me dancing."

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I need a little help, Archy. A little while ago, my now ex-boyfriend who I loved and still have feelings for used me for sexual favors even though he didn't love me anymore. He also lied to me, saying he loved me, and was flirting with my best friend while we were still together. No matter how hard I try, I can't get him out of my head. I should hate him for what he did? Right? I'm very lost and need a bit of guidance.

I hear you, there are some of us that might think we deserve that kind of treatment. Regardless of what the world tells us. 

Truth is no one deserves that kind of treatment, and until you say “enough” and obliterate him from your thoughts you won’t be able to move forward. Get rid of all his memories, start with physical or digital reminders, block him from all social media, maybe then you can start to get him out of your head. Focus on you, family and friends tend to be the best refuge in times like these, and give yourself time, don’t berate yourself for not being rid of him in one day. 

Hopefully then you can find someone that is worthy of you!

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knocked up starters.
  • I proposed to you like an idiot and you said no!
  • It's a girl - buy some pink stuff!
  • Guess what the fuck's up?
  • _____ is going into labor and you are not fucking here
  • You know what I'm gonna have to do now? I'm going have to kill you
  • I'm gonna pop a fucking cap in your ass.
  • You're dead, you're Tupac, you are fucking Biggie, you piece of shit!
  • Marriage is like a freak, unfunny version of Everybody Loves Raymond, only it doesn't last 22 minutes. It lasts forever.
  • Do you want to do it doggy-style?
  • You're not going to treat me like a dog.
  • I'm not treating you like a dog. It's doggy-style. It's just in the style. We don't have to go outside or anything.
  • I'm naked...
  • Did we have sex?
  • I'm pregnant.
  • Fuck off!
  • I assumed you were wearing a patch, or like a--like a dental dam, or one of those butterfly clips or something.
  • What is a dental dam?
  • We have to help them raise the baby.
  • Why did we go to Costco and buy a year's supply of condoms if you weren't gonna use 'em, man?
  • I can't believe you did this. You messed everything up.
  • You gotta know all the tricks like, for example, if a woman's on top she can't get pregnant. It's just gravity.
  • I love you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me.
  • I'm the best thing that ever happened to you?
  • Now I'm starting to feel sorry for you.
  • If I didn't care about these things, you wouldn't care about anything. Care more.
  • I like "Spider-Man".
  • Look, I don't even know what I'm supposed to say to you
  • You think that just because you don't yell, you're not mean? This is mean!
  • We don't have the heart to tell him it's herpes.
  • I'm gonna throw you into my DeLorean, gun it to 88.
  • I'm sorry I told you to screw your bong.
  • Why is everyone so mad at you?
  • Do you ever get so bored, you stare at your balls?
  • So what do you think? Should we have sex tonight?
  • I'm just really constipated.
  • Man, my balls are shaved, my pubes are trimmed, I'm ready to fuckin' rock this shit!
  • If I go in there and see fuckin' pubes sprinkled on the toilet seat, I'm gonna fuckin' lose my mind!
  • You're embarrassing me in front of company!
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Non-believer:</b> I don't want to follow God.<p/><b>Christian (follower of Christ):</b> Aw....why???? God is amazing!<p/><b>Non-believer:</b> I don't think He is real.<p/><b>Christian:</b> Do you know who God is? Why do you think that He isn't real?<p/><b>Non-believer:</b> No, I don't really know who He is. I don't think that He is real because He doesn't exist. I can't see God, so how is He real if I can't see Him?<p/><b>Christian:</b> Well, let me ask you this. Can you see the wind?<p/><b>Non-believer:</b><p/><b>Christian:</b> But you believe that the wind exists right?<p/><b>Non-believer:</b> Well, yes of course.<p/><b>Christian:</b> Well, I can't really see God, but I still believe that He exists. Same thing right?<p/><b>Non-believer:</b> Well...I guess so. But I know wind exists because when It blows, I can feel it.<p/><b>Christian:</b> Well, my friend, I can't see God, just like we can't see the wind, but when He does something in my life or speaks to me, I can feel His presence. You are saying that you can't see the wind but you feel it's presence when it blows, thus leading you to believe that it is real, correct? Let me ask you another question. Do you think that you would still believe in the wind if you didn't know what it is, what it does, and how to tell when it is blowing?<p/><b>Non-believer:</b> Wow...I have never thought about this in this way before. To answer your question, I don't think that I would believe the wind is real if I didn't know those things about it.<p/><b>Christian:</b> Well, it's the same with God! If you don't know who God is, what He has done, and how to recognize His presence, then how can you say that He isn't real?<p/><b>Non-believer:</b> ...<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

‪"The hypocrisy of the PC Brigade SICKENS me.“ bellowed Mrs Bunty Twelvetrees, 86, today. "They insist you can’t use the N word and say you have to be nice to all them foreigns and gays, but it’s ok for children to dress up as WIZARD AND SKELETONS, is it? I’m absolutely incandescent with rage, I don’t mind telling you.”

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Tuafw your sister eats YOUR frozen dinner and she didn't tell you and you were going to eat it but it's not there and now you don't want to eat anything because you can't eat your frozen dinner and this is what I mean when I say I have trouble with food dammit why do people keep eating my food it's my food I'm the only pescetarian in the house I need my food I can't eat half of what we have in the house why is my family like this ⚫️⚪️

  • Aaron: Tell you later. How's she getting on, Doctor?
  • Dr Mason: Really good. And, please, call me Alex. You should be able to go home tomorrow.
  • Liv: Thanks.
  • Dr Mason: I have some leaflets, in case you change your mind about the counselling.
  • Liv: It's not gonna happen.
  • Dr Mason: I won't stop trying. (leaves)
  • Aaron: Paddy. Thanks for sticking around, but...
  • Paddy: Oh, yeah, course. I'll see you tomorrow. And lay off the sauce. (leaves)
  • Liv: I'm never gonna hear the end of that, am I?
  • Aaron: Don't worry, people will soon forget about it.
  • Liv: So where have you been, then? Apart from after Robert. You haven't beaten him up, have you?
  • Aaron: No. I wanted to, though.
  • Liv: Well, I'm the one who nicked the brandy.
  • Aaron: But it's his fault it knocked you out so badly. It was spiked. He put some pills in it.
  • Liv: What pills? Why would he do that?
  • Aaron: Because he's not right in the head. Lawrence hasn't been taking his medication and Rebecca was worried.
  • Liv: So he put it in the brandy, then?
  • Aaron: He thought it was a good way of makking him take it.
  • Liv: That's crazy. And dead dangerous.
  • Aaron: I know. I told him.
  • Liv: But Robert doesn't even like Lawrence.
  • Aaron: We just need to focus on getting you better.
  • Liv: There's something not right about this.
  • Aaron: Just forget about it. We can't tell anyone though.
  • Liv: Why not? The doctor thinks I tried to kill myself.
  • Aaron: I know. Now he's got social services coming to see us tomorrow.
  • Liv: Great. What am I supposed to say?
  • Aaron: Erm... that... it was a mistake. You didn't know what pills you were taking.
  • Liv: And look like some kind of druggie? Why can't we just tell them the truth?
  • Aaron: Liv, please. Things could get really messy.
  • Liv: Only for Robert.
  • Aaron: And you. If the police get involved, they might find out about you taking his car. Just stick to the story, yeah?

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I just want to tell you about this guy I like. I met him online and he is the most caring guy I've ever met. I met him in person and we hung out all day even spent the night at his house. We didn't do anything sexual we just watched movies and stayed up basically all night talking and cuddling. He makes me feel so safe. And he actually cares and respects me which is a really good change from my previous relationships. He is my favorite and I can't say I love him yet but the potential is there.💕

Natza Drabble - Ya Gone and Done It Again... Or Not
  • Makarov: NATSU!!! I didn't think you could manage it, but you did TOO MUCH DAMAGE ON AN S-CLASS QUEST!!
  • Lucy: Seriously? Isn't destruction kind of par for the course with those jobs?
  • Gray: So I've heard... But apparently, there's even a limit to how much you can cut loose on those, and Flamebrain found it...
  • Lucy: ... I don't think I wanna know what the bill is on an S-Class job. *green in the face*
  • Gray: *pats her back reassuringly* At least Erza only took Matchstick for that job~. We fared a lot better without them.
  • Lucy: *brightens up* ... Yeah, I guess so~.
  • Natsu: Thaaat I didn't do it? o.o
  • Makarov: *chuckles sarcastically* Oh, I'm SURE. Next you're going to tell me that it was actually Erza! Who knows to maintain our professional reputation!
  • Erza: *looks down and slides her foot on the floor bashfully*
  • Makarov: Wait... what? o.o
  • Natsu: I'm tellin' ya it's true! I volunteered to get captured by the Dark Guild so they'd take me to their base, and Erza rushed in when she heard some strange rumor in town.
  • Makarov: What rumor? >__<
  • Erza: *blushing and can't seem to find her voice*
  • Natsu: Somethin' about "violating me". I didn't really get it... >__>
  • Makarov: ... Oh. I guess she would get worked up over that... *tears up* But I still hafta foot the bill for the damages! T_T
  • Natsu: *pats Erza's shoulder as her head sinks even lower* Hey, lay off, would ya?! That's probably the old bill. The Council interviewed us a couple days later and found it was those Dark Mages that did most of the damage to the town, and not Erza. They said to tell you that you don't owe 'em anything this time. -_-*
  • Makarov: *perks up* Well, that's a relief! Excellent work, you two! *goes off to celebrate with a beer*
  • Gray: ... Gramps mighta overlooked it, but what exactly kept you from coming back right away?
  • Natsu: *now he's blushing and looking away* None of your business, Stripper...
  • Lucy: Don't tell me you stopped at an inn for a few days... >__<
  • Natsu and Erza: *can't meet each other's eyes as they continue to play the 'we're innocent' card*
  • Gray: I swear, if you two didn't need money, you'd be at it every day. >__>
  • Erza: Who says we don't~? *stares blankly at Gray and Lucy's gobsmacked faces* o.o I said that out loud, didn't I?
  • Lucy: H-How long do you do... 'it', every day?
  • Erza: About two hours.
  • Natsu: Three, if it's a rainy day~.
  • Lucy: x_x
  • Gray: That is NOT NORMAL!
  • Natsu: What? Erza says it's important to get your exercise!
  • Erza: *rubs up against him affectionately* Crucially important~.

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Not saying to not hate snape, everything else you said is right, but on the point of hating Snape because he didn't tell Dumbledore that Voldemort was going to kill James, Lily, and Harry, he actually does tell him. I can't remember if he tells Dumbledore in the book, but I know in the movie that he does. And he tells Dumbledore to save her, and save them all.

But he also explicitly told Voldemort to kill Harry & James, but not Lily.


Snape himself could have been like, “Yo, before we go a-killin’ and a-deatheatin’ imma go take a big old Whizzard-of-Aus, if you know what i mean…” walk to the toilet, shut the door, then apparate to their location, shout, “Voldemort is coming” and zip back, flush and walk out.

If accosted, he says, “Oh no… Death Eaters are pure evil, we don’t wash our hands everytime like some muggle-loving SJWizards.” 

Ensuring he a) has a cover story, and b) will likely never again be roped into having to cook or prepare for the next Death Eater potluck picnic…


There were options…?


Snape was damn smart, and as a character he was fascinating and a terrible man. But you have to admit he’s done some serious shit. 

Not to mention all the things that are never explicitly stated… like, I mean I made a post for it but like, Voldy doesn’t JUST let anyone into the inner circle.

How many did he kill, maim, torture, etc. to get to that position? There are a lot of muggles, muggle-borns, half-bloods and probably ‘traitorous pure bloods/blood traitors’ who have to live with what he did to them… or, you know, NOT. 

I’ve just noticed recently that a lot of people are pulling the old, “But he died for Harry” thing up (he didn’t).

But more importantly, apart from whitewashing over a lot of awful stuff he does, people have taken to rewriting the story a little, in a big way. “Oh but, he only joined the Death Eaters for Dumbledore, like an undercover cop, right?” keeps coming up. And it’s like… no?

He was blatantly, unapologetically, a death eater waaaaaay before Dumbledore tried to offer him redemption? It’s explicit in the text?
Dumbledore’s pensieve shows us the trial of Barty Crouch Jr. (more detailed in the book, I will admit) but it basically explained the Snape was a Death Eater, but Dumbledore had vouched for him.


And people keep using ‘after all this time?’/’always’ as something romantic.

It wasn’t.

If you’ve ever met an obsessive, or had a stalker, you’d know there was nothing romantic about it… except in Snape’s mind. It’s unfortunate, but people keep up the ideology… and it’s a little concerning.

We’ve all met a Snape. They made you uncomfortable when you talked to them, or they were rude and derogatory but assumed you would defer to them, they’re the guys who say ‘I got friendzoned’, they’re the men who keep tabs on certain ‘females’ or rant about these ladies online bc how DARE they not love them back? There are Snapes in this world, but you wouldn’t want to meet one, much less have them decide you were their ‘One’. 

Snape was the original fuckboi.