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I had to sketch these two because of ep 12…!
Yata showing Fushimi how fun it’s to skate with a “fire powered” skateboard orsomethinglikethatidk

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What do you think about the reason for nina's transformation??? Like, why handsome men remember her of her dad. Is being handsome the real reason. If not then, what do they have in common apart from it??. Or maybe her mom is just speculating about it? I really want to hear your thoughts!! 😊😊 sorry for my bad english

* v * Oh my! No need to be sorry, your english is totally ok! And thank you for your question, I’m happy you want to read my speculations awww o(*>ω<*)o

This is definitely an interesting question, and I’ve been wondering about that too, so let’s see what we’ll be able to find out with this analysis of mine:

I’m going to add pictures of all the dangerous guys Nina’s met until now.

These’s who she was looking at whenever she’s feeling all toki doki in Anatea:

And when she was younger:

It’s clear now that I can’t blame her. Everyone here stands for what we could call a handsome man, straight out from the “what do you need to be a hunk 101″ book.

That said, I can’t immediately realize what do they have in common, if not… eyelashes? Height? Maturity? Goatee The smirk maybe? I’m not sure, as the only thing they all share is - in fact - being good looking and in great good shape. 

That’s what makes me think at least Nina’s father had to be good-looking and a sneering guy. Also, the lively and smiling kind.
Gawd I love him already, but he’s gone ; A ;

But anyway, we have to keep in mind that 

  • if her dad died while protecting the dragon village from Bahamut’s rage, Nina was only six years old.
  • the first guy ever who gave her the toki doki trigger was the guy above 

That could mean that, if Nina’s mom is right and the trigger is there for Nina to run away from traumatic memories, there’s the high possibility his dad resemble him more than anyone else. Or maybe, you know, that plus puberty and all its consequences.

I do wonder if Nina’s mom is right, or she’s just speculating about that as we’re doing now.
She said Nina reacts to handsome guys becuase they remind her of her dad, and honestly, it could make sense. I think every little kid idolize their parents, thinking about them as heroes and the most beautiful people out there. don’t judge me ok? plz
Besides, she was only six when he died, still a naive kid, so that would also go along with explaining why she instinctively acts like that. That’s sadly a trauma consquence.

Lastly, just because I want to say this at least once (and spare you all from my charinina essays) Nina may have felt the toki doki with basically any kind of men, but the only one who was able to turn her back into a human was Charioce (or at least, that’s what I read into the scene in episode 13 :3c)

It looks like she’s waiting for him to release the dragon form, I can’t.

But yeah, I’m adding this just to say I think he’s the one who she definitely doesn’t see as a father figure ;)

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my qpp really wants me to get help for my awful mental issues but i can’t bc i don’t have the money for a therapist or anything of the sort and i just,,,can’t take this anymore? i feel horrible, there’s only so much i can put on their shoulders before they break too...i just really need help and it sucks that this world makes it so unaffordable. ok rant over. thanks for listening.

it’s okay, you’ll get help eventually. you’re not a burden

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the kin 'community' on tumblr is like... so weird and disjointed. i love to hate it but it's produced some quality friends for me. it can get ridiculously hostile sometimes though, an ex friend of mine called me some really nasty shit because we ended up having 1 kintype in common. how he'd know that without stalking my blogs i don't know :\\\

These kin asks are um..,,,…wow….,


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