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lol funny story one time in the 11th grade I had a picture of jungkook as my background and this girl saw and was like “ooh Rachael who’s that” and without thinking I was just like “bae” and she was like “he’s cute Rachael~” and she would periodically ask about him and idk that’s how I accidentally convinced a girl in my class that I was dating jungkook

Let’s talk about recent upd8. Why? Because certain things need to be told, because apparently a lot of people reading latest issue has problem with connecting facts and remembering important things. In a different case I wouldn’t be standing around and talking about this, because in the end it’s a personal experience how a comic and a character from it is viewed; however, in here, we’re dealing with extremely dangerous  thing, which is whitening a Narcissist with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and this is a short path straight to excusing abuse and all shit punk!Vriska is capable of and that she -is very likely to pull off in the future-.

(for anyone wondering why I keep inserting Abel with a harp into these posts, it’s cause his face calms me down)

So yeah, let’s start with a reminder that this Vriska

and this (Vriska)

are not two different beings where one is abusive trash and the other is pure cinnamon roll. (Vriska) wasn’t born the moment this page showed up

both of them started from exact same spot and shared their path until Terezi and John joined forces and derived Vriska from possibility of becoming (Vriska).

In other words, this pile of sadness, *Sniff.*ing and *So8!*bing about being dumped and left to suffer the post-death experience she doesn’t like right here

is just as guilty as Vriska of all horrible things that made Vriska horrible in the first place. Let’s recap:

-killing Aradia;

-crippling, bullying and finally killing Tavros;

-blinding Terezi;

-creating Jack Noir and undermining the whole session of Beta Trolls thanks to that (albeit this has to do with another doomed timeline);

…and just to add to all this, let’s not forget mass ghost!genocide just to 8ait Lord English into following her around.

(Vriska)’s thoughts on all this?

She doesn’t have reflection on all she did wrong in her past, she doesn’t recall her wrongdoings and think about them or any certain specific person she manipulated or made feel bad (be it any of people mentioned above or Equius, Eridan, Aranea, slampora!ed Cronuses, etc.), all she thinks about is herself and how it all mattered to her only as long as she managed to put herself in the good light. She doesn’t stop this either, cause, be it thanks to role inversion or actual piece of Tavros inside her that makes her a little more submissive than usual (same thing with Vriska’s piece inside booty-Pupa-shorts!Tavros that makes him a little less prone to taking bullshit), she completely changes herself and tries to appeal to Meenah just so she’ll see her in good light (in the other words: like her). It’s a clear honeymoon phase of relationship they currently have a fall out from right now (anyone familiar with cycle of abuse surely recognizes this phrase).

So, (Vriska) isn’t a good cookie at all and if you were deluded by her tears or how she let’s her own self bully her, you need a memory check.

Why am I talking about all this? Because of this

Vriska’s tattoo has a lot of relevance, since it’s a really important symbol that already has been aviable in our culture, which is (as I already posted yesterday), this thing

An anchor, right?

Wrong. It isn’t anchor at all. The fact that Vriska owns it (and she shouldn’t) is a very dangerous sign (and the fact it’s redrawn to resemble anchor says a lot); when this is mentioned in literature, the person wearing it usually symbolises two things:

-hope for absolute overturn of events, back of the utopia, brand new world s/he resigns in and leads, which means absolute leader and hero;

-war that preceeds change of events, cruelty and paradise lost, as with losing the old world we lose the paradise we were never aware of we had, misery and danger personified;

That all being said, Hussie is known for putting symbols on characters that say a lot and promise a lot and then never uses/fulfills them, mostly because they’re callback to events past (like troll ancestors) and not the ones to come. This one is different, because (Vriska) gains it as the plot goes on and focuses on her; so things can turn really, really interesting for (Vriska)…

…and I would be really, REALLY PISSED OFF if it happens, because IT’S A STOLEN SYMBOL OF CHARACTER RELEVANCE AND IT’S OBVIOUS FROM THE MOMENT IT APPEARS (but Hussie has a plan as he always had, I’m sure). 

That’s all I have to say about the latest vriskagram(2) for now. Thanks for your attention.