can't remember to forget you shakira

Can't Remember To Drag You Down
One Direction vs. Shakira ft. Rihanna
Can't Remember To Drag You Down

Acapella: One Direction - Drag Me Down

Instrumental: Shakira ft. Rihanna - Can’t Remember To Forget You 

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At this point, I can’t do any more videos with men, so I’m going to have to do them with women….She’s just like the girl next door and she is really, I think, the sexiest woman I’ve seen. Hands down, because I can be sexy, but you have to give me a countdown. Like, ‘Shakira, be sexy. 3, 2, 1. Go!’ You know? But she’s sexy all the time! She’s so cool and mellow….Also, so down to earth. That’s nice, to work with someone, because it is intimidating to working with a diva, you know, someone who is so, so successful. You never know how they’re going to be…We’re both Caribbean and I think that’s sort of the common ground that we share and that’s why I think it made so much sense for us to be in this song together. This song has got that reggae, island feel and she’s definitely that. She’s so reggae. She brought so much authenticity to the song and to me, it was like a huge honor to be with her on this project. - about Rihanna and working on CRTFY