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Tokyo has become a cruel and merciless city—a place where vicious creatures called “ghouls” exist alongside humans. The citizens of this once great metropolis live in constant fear of these bloodthirsty savages and their thirst for human flesh. However, the greatest threat these ghouls pose is their dangerous ability to masquerade as humans and blend in with society.

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Aaron was right. That was the last time (so far/in a very long time at least) that Robert lashed out at him and treated him the way he did that day at the scrapyard. 


I’m not as smart
As my brother.
I’m not as active,
Or as pretty
As my sister.

I’m not as talented
As my father wants
Or as competent
As my mother wants

I’ll never be as ladylike
As they want
I can’t do everything
The want
I can’t even do everything
I want

I’m not good enough 
I just can’t meet those expectations 

Some days
I just feel like giving up,
Throwing in the towel

But I know I can’t

This is only the beginning
It’s to early for that
I still have time

I can be as smart
As I want
I can be as active,
And as pretty
As I want

I can be as talented,
As competent, 
And as ladylike 
As I want

I can do everything
That I am capable of
To the best of my abilities

I can rest 
On my weak days.
And do as much as I can
On my inspired ones

I can be me

I can just be me
To the best of my abilities

lol funny story one time in the 11th grade I had a picture of jungkook as my background and this girl saw and was like “ooh Rachael who’s that” and without thinking I was just like “bae” and she was like “he’s cute Rachael~” and she would periodically ask about him and idk that’s how I accidentally convinced a girl in my class that I was dating jungkook

Remember when Cassandra Clare said this on her tumblr: ”Even the way Isabelle dresses on the show is not the way Isabelle would dress or did dress in the books. (I have a chart of every time Isabelle’s clothes are ever mentioned in the books. Largely it is long skirts, dresses, jeans and gear).”

Well I was pretty sure this wasn’t true so I checked the books and sure, there are some descriptions of her clothes that are similar to what she says Isabelle wears: “wearing a long dress of bottle-green silk with an embroidered black and silver coat over it”, “she wore boots that hit her midthigh, slim jeans, and a red sweater that left one shoulder bare”, and “she was wearing a long black dress with boots and an even longer cutaway coat.”

But I also found this: “the plunging neckline of the red tank top”, “tight blue tank top”, “black slip”, “Cold air crept around the edges of the doors, making Isabelle, in her short dress, shiver.”, “an incredible golden satin dress that hugged her body like the closed petals of a flower”, “in a short silver party dress that showed her marks.”

And my two personal favourites: “She had her hair up and was wearing a long red dress, slit up the side to show most of her leg. She was covered in marks […] and decorated her chest, a great deal of which was visible, thanks to the plunging neckline of her dress.” And “Typical Isabelle outfit: tight short velvet dress, fishnet stockings, and boots.

That doesn’t sound that different to what she wore in the show. Maybe check that chart again.


I always post selfies of me with makeup on and my hair done (even if it’s just thrown back) so I felt like posting one where I’m at my most vulnerable which is right after a shower. I’ve always hated the way I looked after a shower but you know what? I’m fuckin adorable and I’m owning it. This has been a post about self love thank you for reading

OKAY I saw a very interesting idea about S&P!Mark which I remember spoke about his environment changing along with his hair color (blue is water, red is fire etc) but I tried to find it again today and couldn’t find it in the tag????? 

I don’t know yet if we will be using the idea/something inspired by it but right now I just want a visual of that niche skill. I like this idea not just a little. So there! a waterMark 

I’m funny

Please don’t be afraid to tell me if the original idea is yours! I’ll edit this post to give you proper credit. 

One Hundred Kisses

Lily convinces James to pretend to be engaged to her so they can go to a bakery and try wedding cake samples. Perhaps pretending to be engaged to the person you’ve wanted to kiss for six years isn’t the best way to continue denying your feelings. But then again, maybe it’s the best way to finally let them surface.

written for @jilyfest + inspired by + read on AO3

“So you remember the details right?”

“Yeah yeah. I proposed to you on the playground where we met, the wedding is going to be in June, we’re thinking the flowers will be red and yellow and we’re honey mooning in Paris.”

“You’ll have to say it with a little more excitement than that if it’s going to be convincing.”

“Lily, dearest, I’m so excited to marry you and I can’t wait for our trip to Paris!”

“Shut the hell up, James.”

“Honestly, I’m just mad that we can’t tell the truth. You were the one who proposed to me after all,” he said smugly.

Lily rolled her eyes and shoved her hands deep into her pockets. She supposed she technically had been the one to propose, since this was her scheme after all. It had started when she stormed into James’ flat two weeks ago, shouting about wedding cake. He had thought she had finally gone mad and told her so. And after a good hour arguing the pros and cons, she almost didn’t even go through with the plan. But then a week later her sister started bragging about her engagement again and Lily felt an urge to do something ridiculous.

“I don’t see why you couldn’t be fake engaged to Remus,” James mumbled. He was acting like pretending to be engaged to her so they could try wedding cake samples was the worst thing in the world but she knew his mischievous side was getting quite a thrill. He would take great pride in himself if he was able to be convincing enough to get away with this.

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