can't remember even one of them

And someone asked about you.

I told them I loved you.
But I didn’t tell them that you still had me even if I don’t have you.

Goodness, did I love you.

—  No One Told Me Remembering Is Worse Than Forgetting

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You know what I love more about Jin and the pink crocs? He has thingies on them, I can't what kind of additions he put there, I remember my eldest had these cars things on his crocs when he was younger. Oh man.



My skills are
1: getting obsessed with a blog/person over night and devoting my life to them.
2: Trying to write stories about said person and failing.
3: Wanting to be friends with person who runs the blog but is sure they will not like me.
4: letting my anxiety fuck with me even though I’m on the internet.

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Sue Perkins is such a great interviewer!! and dan and phil are a lot more well-spoken and competent than I tend to give them credit for. It was actually really interesting to hear Phil speak some of his own thoughts and opinions, (and finally acknowledging his age !!!!) but also passing off a question or two to dan if he didn't feel "comfortable" answering it. (I can't exactly remember which one)

@akinatorphan said: how do you feel about phil expressing his opinions? i just think he moves away from discussing some controversial topics publicly. for example when they were talking to sue perkins at that one part he started to speak but stopped and let dan take the lead. 

yeahhhh i’m glad you both brought up phil in this panel! it was fascinating to watch him speak with so much confidence during it. i think this is one of the most ‘balanced’ interview-type things they’ve done in a long time, with respect to an even divide between both of them of questions answered. phil actually gave some of the more interesting answers to me, including his discussion of his early days on the platform, the decision to commit to youtube as a job, his criticisms of the geoblocking that companies like the bbc employ, his openness about wanting to maintain a PG channel, his views on dapg and the monetization of their channels, his ideas about traditional media companies hosting more global events, etc. so i do think he expressed a lot of opinions in this, honestly more than i’m used to hearing from him in this sort of setting, and i loved how confident and poised he came across when he was speaking, as well as the chance to hear more of that deeper, natural voice of his (uh, that’s superficial but whatever i’m human and his voice is .. nice to listen to.) 

i think the one question i can think of that may have been ‘controversial’ that he passed of to dan was when sue asked them about dealing with ‘snobbery’ from tv people. he starts to answer and then asks dan to take it for him. it’s a kind of amazing little moment. to me this just evoked the trouble phil has confessed to (and dan has also reiterated multiple times) with asserting himself in a confrontational way. i don’t think it’s controversy itself that bothers him or the expression of opinions (at least in this setting when it’s just about professional shit that is objectively kind of low stakes), but just that his specific brand of anxiety seems to center around making sure he’s making other people happy. that includes a struggle with expressing himself completely candidly if it means criticizing or checking other people’s behaviors. this is a dude that would let a personal trainer push him to the point of vomiting without saying a single word in his own defense. someone who feels socially responsible for a rude stranger in a movie theater disrupting other people’s viewing experiences. he’s even talked about being afraid to call the doctor to make appointments because he has some anxiety about wasting the doctor’s time. on the flip side dan has frequently talked about how he feels phil should be more assertive. he took a phone call on phil’s behalf when phil burned his mouth on pizza and wanted to file a complaint to the restaurant. he was all set to call up the gym and yell at someone for endangering phil’s health after phil had specified what he needed from a trainer. if people are sitting in their pre-ordered seats in a movie theater dan has no problem asking them to move. 

what i’m getting at is that dan has always come across as more comfortable with defending himself (and phil by extension) even if it necessitates adopting a more confrontational attitude. in this case, he still didn’t really say anything too incisive or hostile regarding tv people but he was quite open about the frustrating bureaucracy of traditional media, and that might not be something phil would’ve been super comfortable with asserting. i think what’s rly lovely here, though, is the way that he is comfortable letting dan speak for both of them in those few instances where he doesn’t want to say something himself, and at the same time we’ve seen instances where dan’s instinct is to be a bit more aggressive and he actually defers to phil to give a more measured and temperate assessment of the situation (the most recent example i like to go back to was after dapgoose LA, the sound guy fucked up dan’s mic and dan wanted to talk about it in the joint live show they did that week but he asks phil’s permission first and then lets phil actually tell the story in a way that was kinder to the sound tech guy than dan probably would’ve been.) it’s really nice to continue to see examples of how deep their partnership runs, their complete trust in each other, and their implicit understanding of each others’ strengths and weaknesses, and all of that plays into the ease with which they can trade off taking the lead on things depending on what any given situation calls for. 

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My great grandpa said "dog used to be healthier when I was a kid my neighbors had a German Shepard I remember what he looked like but when I see the current Shepard I don't even recognize them they've changed so much and not for the better you know Nancy right nice lady walks her dog by every day poor things a mess says she's a German Shepard but I can't believe it It sure doesn't look like one at least not a healthy one Nancy's always running to the vet" has the breed changed since the 1920s?

This is a very famous German Shepherd from the 1920′s called Rin Tin Tin.

And this is a typical example of one of the many ‘champion’ german shepherds from a google image search.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so these are presented without further comment.

This is in reference to THIS POST with more detail.

Captain America: Civil War
  • "Did you know about this?"
  • "If you do this, they will never stop being afraid of you."
  • "I can't control their fear, only my own."
  • "Can you move your seat up?"
  • "Couldn't you have done that earlier?"
  • "I hate you."
  • "Clearly retirement doesn't suit you, get tired of playing golf?"
  • "Well, I played 18, I shot 18, just can't seem to miss."
  • "First time for everything."
  • "Made you look."
  • "Anyone ever tell you you're a little paranoid?"
  • "I know you're nervous and you have every right to be, but you're lying."
  • "Do you even remember them?"
  • "I remember them all."
  • "How long are you gonna play both sides?"
  • "Are you incapable of dropping your ego for one god damn second?"
  • "I'm not the one who needs to watch their back."
  • "Are you sure about this?"
  • "I can't trust my own mind."
  • "So you like cats?"
  • "How long do you think you can save your friend from me?"
  • "Well, then... what are you doing here?"
  • "I didn't want you to be alone..."
  • "The people that shoot at you, usually wind up shooting at me."
  • "I don't do that anymore."
  • "Well, the people who think you did are coming here now. And they're not planning on taking you alive."
  • "That's smart. Good strategy."
  • "It always ends in a fight."
  • "Shit! I thought it was a water truck. My bad!"
  • "You seem a little defensive."
  • "Well, it's been a long day."
  • "Oh, you're going to have to take this to the shop!"
  • "Who's speaking?"
  • "It's your conscience. We don't talk a lot these days."
  • "Are we still friends?"
  • "That depends on how hard you hit me."
  • "Give me back my ____!"
  • "I said I would help you find him, not catch him."
  • "What's up tic-tac?"
  • "I can do this all day."
  • "Ugh...what time zone is this?"
  • "Sometimes I just want to punch you in your perfect teeth."
Yes, I was also excited. Michael was my idol when I was a child and he still is. Despite the statistics, he always will be number one. I remember when I met him: I did not even open my mouth because I was so excited/nervous. Then with time I learned to know the person besides the driver. In addition to that talent, the work he has done to bring Ferrari to the top is unbelievable. I think he is one of the few people I met in life with an answer to everything. I miss his advice. They were perfect: you could take them, apply them to your case and they always worked.
—  Seb about tribute for Michael Schumacher at the 70th anniversary show (x).

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Jimin might have that fame of Gang Boss and stuff but I can't wait to see the Soft side inside him (that I believe that is hidden through that jerk grin and dirty accent)

“Hey boss, how’d it go?”

One of the new recruits - Jimin can’t really remember her name, but Hani brought her to the garage saying she had promise - stops Jimin when he’s about to enter his office. Jimin feels tired and sweaty after a whole day’s worth of stealing, and he’d just finished a phone call letting V know he could put the surveillance cameras back up, but he appreciates when recruits wants to keep themselves up to date; even if Jimin doesn’t allow them to come along.

“’t went well,” Jimin replies, “the girls are checkin’ the catch today. Few bikes and a pretty good 2005 Toyota Corolla picked up in sum’ neighborhood in Myeongdong. Looks like it hasn’t run a single mile.”

Jimin raises one eyebrow at the way the girl’s eyes glitters. “’m sure Hani’ll let ya look at the catch before we pull it apart,” Jimin continues, grinning.

“Really? Think so?” the girl exclaims, excitement obvious. “Oh cool - I’ll - I’m gonna go find her, then! Uhh - your hooker stopped by, by the way, he’s in your office?”

“My… hooker?” Jimin questions, crossing his arms over his chest. “Ya mean my darlin’ is ‘ere?”

The girl flushes. “Oh. Uh. Yeah, your boyfriend, then, I suppose?”

“Nah. Hooker’s right,” Jimin grinned, enjoying the panicked look on the girl’s face. “’m just messing with you girlie. You let him in?”

She nods, quickly. “Was I not supposed to? I mean, he didn’t give me much of a choice, just said ‘I’m here for your boss’ and when I said you weren’t in he just said he’d wait for you. Shut the door in my face and all, and - uhh - I mean no disrespect but I didn’t wanna go in your office.”

Huh. Jimin clicks his tongue. “S'okay girlie, you can let 'im in whenever. Technically he’s one of us, yeah?” He pauses, uncrosses his arms. “Run along then, before Hani dissembles everythin’.”

The girl nods and scampers off with a mumbled 'thank you G,’ and Jimin stares after her until she’s out of sight. He turns to his locked office door then, fingers itching. Yoongi isn’t supposed to be here today. Jimin hasn’t called him.

Was… something wrong?

Considering the possibility that they would have to get rid of another body, Jimin pushes the door open.

The office looks empty at first glance, until Jimin spots movement in the corner of the room. On the immaculate leather couch Hani had got him (stole) for his birthday lays Yoongi, sleeping. He is bundled into a few blankets Jimin keeps around whenever it gets a little too cold in the garage, cheek smushed into the fabric of the couch. Jimin closes the door behind himself, quietly, and suppresses a smile.

Slowly, Jimin walks over and sits down on the couch. He runs a hand through Yoongi’s mint hair, watching his face scrunch up in his sleep. Jimin chuckles when Yoongi opens his eyes drowsily and gives him a deadly glare. “This was a welcome surprise, darlin’,” Jimin says, “findin’ you on my couch like this. You wearin’ a little too much, though. The whole blanket burrito thing isn’t very sexy.”

“Fuck off,” Yoongi grunts, pulling the blankets around him a little tighter. “I’m not here to fuck.”

“Hmm… sounds fake.”

Yoongi throws him another glare. Jimin might have been intimidated if Yoongi didn’t look like a sleepy cat at the moment. “Again - fuck you,” Yoongi says, wriggling his hands out of the blanket to flip Jimin the bird. “You can have your way with me later, I just need sleep. Some assholes have been renovating next door so I can’t get any rest in my own apartment.”

“An’ my garage was the best option?” Jimin asks, smirk sliding onto his lips.

“Better than the brothel.”

Fair enough, Jimin supposes. He wasn’t going to complain about Yoongi showing up out of nowhere. At least he wasn’t hurt or needed Jimin’s help hurting someone. “Alright, s’ long as you suck my dick later.”

Grunt. “Gonna pay me?”

Jimin laughs. “Of course not. Forever indebted, Yoongi. Your own words.”

Yoongi grumbles. “Fine. I’ll suck your dick for free, you filthy, greedy loanshark. Now - let me rest.”

  • Shiro: Keith, I have a request.
  • Keith: what?
  • Shiro: I understand you're afraid of losing me again, but I'm sitting on a toilet.
  • Keith: So? You've never heard about the X-files episode where the mutant was living in the sewers and he was able to...
  • Shiro: That's it! One word about a sewer monster and... we're done!
  • Keith: And who will protect you from the sewer monster? You can't even protect yourself from spiders!
  • Shiro: Some of them have eight legs and can bite you! Nothing's worse than a spider!
  • Keith: It is! A sewer monster mutated with a spider!
  • Shiro: *desperate screaming*

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i think i read before (can't remember where exactly) that autistic kids can have trouble reading clocks? have you heard this before?

I have heard this before and had a !!! moment because I didn’t learn how to read analogue clocks until middle school and even now I have to stare at them for a good few minutes puzzling out which hand is the hour and minute hand and where they are while other people seem to be able to just glance at them and know what time it reads.

I’m not quite sure why it’s a thing though or if it even is one.

- Os

This is a thing, and if I had to guess it probably has to do with the fact that when you read a digital clock, you use a different part of your brain than when you read an analog clock. When you pair this with an already questionable understanding of time, it goes from hard to impossible. Reading an analog clock involves interpreting an abstraction into a different abstraction - basically, it’s not explicit enough for us.

- Sam

I remember it now...

I just finished my rewatch of Eureka seveN after few years since last time. And I am a crying mess right now.

I remembered what I forgot through all those years. I was reblogging E7 related stuff on this blog for a long time now, but I didn’t feel anything. I was just mindlessly doing it out of habit.

But now I remember. How I felt as a 12 year old boy, who stumbled upon this show by pure coincidence. Ever since then I was mesmerised by it. I couldn’t wait till next episode. Nine pm, everyday. I remember the time when episode 50 aired. How sad it was to see that my favorite show, my favorite characters, my favorite world was gone. It felt like leaving something behind. Something really important to me.

Back then I thought that if Renton’s 14, then I still have 2 years to become as cool as him. This memory is so vivid it feels like it was yesterday. When I was a child, I didn’t know where lies the limit of human imagination. Eureka seveN felt real to me. I wasn’t looking at this show as a cartoon made by people. For me it was a real world. It was an experience. A journey.

This anime taught me a lot of things, With every year I gained, I was learning different things from it. I’m still amazed that even after 8 years, I can see new things in this show. New things I can learn from. This show taught me about family. About friendship. About love. That not everything in life works out. That to get something, to make something real, I can’t wait for it to happen. I have to do it myself.

About 4 years ago I think I forgot why I even liked this show. I thought I remembered it well. Well, I was wrong. Without realizing it, I forgot why I am so attached to it. But while I forgot a lot of things, it let me feel like I was watching it for the first time. I felt like a kid again. It felt like definitive end for my childhood, even though I’m 20 years old already.

But I remember it now…

I finally remember why I fell in love with Eureka seveN in the first place.  

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What are your favourite moments in Sh?

Oh wow, that is a really hard question in general but also… I mostly remember all the Malec scenes since I mostly re-watched them for giffing purposes. I need to re-watch s1 and s2 again at one point. So yeah, sorry for so much Malec. Okay, I am not sorry but you know… lol

I am trying to keep this “short” even though there are a lot of other scenes I like and love but if I am naming them all, this would have no end so….

  • first the eye-squinting and then the proud smirk when Magnus calls Alec “pretty boy”
  • the shoot of Alec “hunting” in the backyard in 1x05 because fuck, that is so aesthetically pleasing although awful to color, I love it so much
  • the Lightwood siblings hug at the end of 1x10 because a) Lightwood siblings feels and b) beautiful shoot again
  • “I do you pro bono.” ICONIC I really missed these kinda light, sassy moments in s2, I hope they’ll make a return in s3. (Also Magnus mimicking that older Clave guy. ICONIC #2)
  • “Enough!” and the wedding kiss. Goodbye, y’all.
  • Magnus and Alec talking in the hallway in the end, two adults having a mature conversation is what I live for; same goes for 2x05
  • “Get off my docks!” + “It’s not about Clary!” –> badass alpha Luke is what I am here for
  • a disaster to color but the whole balcony scene in 2x01 (Magnus throwing a magic ball in Alec’s directions… ajsjashjahs)
  • the parabatai oath (when I thought they would finally go and fix that bond from there on….)
  • Magnus hustling Alec…. PRICELESS (Magnus pouted once and Alec is like… oh, shit. lmao)
  • bamf!Magnus (I am on the floor!) and figuring shit out in like 0.02 seconds while single-handedly saving 2x08
  • Malec forehead touch after saying the L-word 
  • 2x13 in general because that ep is SO GOOD (minus the panning away from the Malec kiss tho…..)
  • Mr Lightwood / Mr Bane and Raphael teasing Magnus once again at the Cabinet meeting because he is “totally unbiased” lmao
  • Meliorn’s “They all look the same to me.” akjssakj ICONIC
  • Magnus telling Alec about his past, minus the panning away or like oops, there is the pillar again 
  • two petty boyfriends in 2x17, there faces and Alec hushing Magnus… I can’t lmao
  • 2x18!!!! (flashback to 1x06, giggly boyfriends having their first time, cat eyes reveal, Magnus touching Alec’s cheek, the whole goodbye for now scene in general because fuck… SO BEAUTIFUL)
  • Magnus pretending he didn’t see Alec in 2x20, looool
  • battle!couple Malec, nuff said
  • “I don’t think I can live without you.” <3

I remember a few million years ago, an anon had asked me for Yugi in a suit

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I can't believe Touka has all those Kanekis to herself lol

do you remember that reality show about the playboy mansion, with Hugh and all the girls, they were all his “wives” — what about the same concept, Touka owns a mansion and she has all the Kanekis as her husbands and she makes them wear rabbit outfits, but the Black Reaper is the rebellious one so he always refuses (he prefers to see her dressed as a rabbit, honestly).. Haise is the happiest one when it comes to using certain outfits, he even buys a banana one that Touka really likes. 

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Hi mister I just wanted your view of a quote I once heard "the weakest women say I can't do anything for my self I need someone to do it for me I give up I don't want to the women in the middle say I can do it myself I'm a strong independent woman and refuses to get help but the strongest women know they can do it themselves it's just a lot more fun when someone else dose it" I can't remember where I heard it but it seems to be at least kind of true for Me at least

This is a subject thats close to my heart.

…and it’s also one that when I speak upon, would make some of the old guard BDSM Dom’s quite upset

Anyone can bark out an order or be tyrannical in their doings with people that they believe are beneath them. But the fact of the matter is that the submissive is not weak at all… I would even venture to argue that she is the strongest of the couple.

To hand over your control and power to someone and kneel to them willingly takes the most strength of all.

This is why you often hear me say that your submission is a gift and not his right or privilege.

The most superior strength is not in ones muscles.

The voice deserving of respect does not have to be the loudest.

The one who is truly in control, is often the one who is looking up.

Been Too LOOOOONG!!.... and my fan account of B.A.P Party Boom LA! *it’s LOOOOOONG*

Hello everyone!!! Hope you’re all doing well. Sorry, it’s been so crazy, that I haven’t really been able to do much if anything at all on Tumblr. Things are starting to slow down & I missed ya’ll…. If you still remember me :) I had to catch ya’ll up on what happened. I’ve changed jobs & moved all for the better, much, much happier with all of that, but it’s had me busy!!!!

Ok, so I HAVE to give my fan account of Party Boom LA, most in the chatrooms for @mjupnet already know. So my bestie Hana & I are checking into our hotel Sat around 3pm, I see a black mercedes sprinter van pull up & I tapped her shoulder thinking, could this be B.A.P? But I noticed that on the side it said tours, so I turned back around & told her never mind, as she was checking in. Less than what felt like a min later, I turned back around for kicks & I noticed the 1st person off the sprinter because of his bucket hat, it was BANG YONGGUK!!!!!! So my heart skips & I try to get my friends attention (without looking crazy) she keeps telling me hold on.  she FINALLY turns around & just nods her head & bugs her eyes a bit, but we’re trying SO hard to stay composed! By this point, now Zelo & Himchan have come in, while Yongguk & Jongup stood outside talking, then their manager & about 3 staff come in and stand right behind us for the check in counter. At this time, we haven’t seen Youngjae or Daehyun, but we’re DYING inside B.A.P IS IN OUR HOTEL!!!!! We’re trying to stay calm & not freak out (until we got to our room) The clerk couldn’t take ANY longer than he did, asking us about all of these upgrades!

Himchan, Zelo & 2 of their staff were headed towards the elevator, at the same point that we had to go up as well, but I was tooooo chicken to take the same elevator, sadly (what a fail) Hana still picks on me for this! I’m pretty sure if it was Yongguk & Jongup, I would’ve no hesitation, but they were still outside talking. We go to our room & SCREAM freaking out that we’re in the same hotel. There was a pool party & we raced to change & go chill, hoping that B.A.P would also be there. In the elevator, some of who we later learner where their staff were in their too & asked where we were going, we spoke of the pool party & they said they wished they could join, we told them they should, but they had to take care of some things for a special event the next day (we knew what it was ^_^) so we REALLY thought B.A.P would be there now. We lounged, the DJ was awesome, tons of ppl were there, but NO B.A.P, but we made an agreement, that since we fly to LA, this isn’t just for B.A.P, but also for us to have a vacation! SO we still enjoyed ourselves, had a yummy cocktail & then decided to go eat after about 2.5hrs. We head out to valet to get our rental car & as we’re sitting there, Youngjae walks right past us, I tapped Hana and then we see a few staff, there all headed to their van parked on the side. Then my eyes were blessed, Jongup walks past, a few times actually! it was pretty funny, he seemed so lost, yet adorable! I think after the 3rd time, I giggled, so he looked over, then smiled & waved. LOL! Hana had to go in & ask how late the pool & office would stay open, when she turned around, Himchan was just sitting in the lobby. So she greeted him in Korean, told him that we’d be at their concert the next night & hope they enjoyed their time & get to relax. He thanked her & was so kind, even when he walked out the door he greeted me & said thank you. Out walked Jongup again yelling HYUNG!! and Himchan happily waited for Jongup to catch up.

We were hoping our car would take longer, as Yongguk & Daehyun hadn’t come out. But NOPE, our car came & we didn’t want to just sit there, as we had to get food, etc… So as we drove off we waved & they waved back. We finished up what we were doing, came back changed again to go out at night, the lobby turns into a cool lounge w/ an awesome dj! So we chilled there, but my friend loves AOMG, and was like Bound LA is lit, we need to try that out & we can always come back. As we finished up our drink we were walking out, I see this guy sitting on the lounge chair & I said to Hana, wow, now HE’S beautiful, he looks up & smiles & it’s JUNG DAEHYUN, I wanted to die, but just smiled, but my heald down & walk faster to Bound LA (popular Korean club) But was annoyed, thinking he was going to chill in the lounge & possibly w/ other members… ie Yongguk & Jongup. But Hana was like I REALLY want to go & we can always come back. Well, thanks to coachella, what usually is LIT was not at all, there were probably 10ppl ttl inside. But we were like, more dance floor for us, met some cool ppl, had a drink & then decided after more dancing we’d leave & head back. We decided on another drink, as the bartender was really good & were just chilling there enjoying the music, Hana was facing the door & my back was towards it, but I saw her face & I knew….. we weren’t alone. Himchan, Jongup, Daehyun & Yongguk walk in & immediately go to a booth, they were probably as shocked as we were w/ how empty it was! But we knew then, WE WERE NOT LEAVING!!!!!! So we went back on the dance floor, now with about 5 other ppl & just had fun, not caring who was watching, (it’s was so empty, it was hard not to notice, but we ust had fun) But soon we once again got hungry, haha & after a few hours left & headed to BCD tofu house. We changed into comfy clothes, were chilling there & in walks Daehyun & their manager. A few min later Jongup and another staff member, no Yongguk or Himchan. And they were seated 1 table away, behind us on the right. because of a couple guys near us getting a little annoying, their Manager positioned himself to see & watch us (so nice) and made eyes w/ Hana (she was facing them) to make sure we were ok. They also alerted the waiters as well that were helping us all. The night calmed down & soon they left and us about 30 min later. 

By this point, if you’ve even read to this point, you’re wondering why we haven’t approached them more. Well, there were girls that stayed at our hotel ALL DAY for a glimpse of them. We didn’t want to be clumped into that group as those type of fans, in fact if we got stopped by some to ask if we saw them, we’d give opposite directions! Some of the staff (we didn’t know at the time) we’re in the elevator & some young girls asked if we’ve seen B.A.P… We told them, no (even thought we had JUST saw Himchan walk in) Soon we heard thank you, turned around & it was their staff, appreciative of how we handled it, we explained while we’re fans, we want them to enjoy & relax, they seemed shocked! 

Ok, so on to Sunday, still reading? almost done…. We assumed the boys were doing soundcheck in the am, blah blah blah & decided to just do our thing per usual, I was craving neng myun & we went to our fav place, as we waited for the car Himchan & one of the photographers walked up from getting juice (nope, not coffee) At this pt, we’ve bumped into him the most, Jongup 2nd, Daehyun 3rd Yongguk 4th, And only 1 time saw Youngjae and Zelo when we 1st checked in. Zelo had posted the brunch at our hotel & we assumed after that they left. We came back to the hotel after eating, changed & decided to chill by the pool. Hana wanted to in the sun & I wanted to chill in the shade, so I laid on the chairs. The music was really chill, had a nice summer vibe going (pineapple vodka in my hand) I was grooving & then an old school song came on & ppl starting reacting. In particular, me & a guy next to me, so we looked at each other & smiled, I kept my cool, but that guy was ZELO!!! I smiled back and laid back down, then texted my friend saying Zelo was 2 chairs away from me, so she made her way over! LOL but we still left him alone, he had 1 staff member with him, it was their translator for the US leg of the tour. We just wanted him to enjoy, so we left him alone.Even at one pt, his staff left & Zelo was just by himself about ½ hr, we almost felt protective of him, HE IS A PRECIOUS GUMDROP and sooo adorable, tall 7 very pale, ppl they are NOT whitewashing him…. the others, YES!!!. We did get to meet Yongguk, Himchan & Jongup last year, we even got to talk a bit more to them then honestly.    While we didn’t get a photo w/them, this meant the world to both of us, we saw them & saw them A LOT, but as THEMSELVES, not B.A.P! Let me tell you, They’re beyond beautiful w/out makeup & beyond nice, they also were very appreciative with how we let them be & even shielded them from some fans. But I think they thought we really weren’t fans, since we didn’t “act” like normal ones….. so when High touch came & we were in the last 10ppl to do high touch, the look on their faces… O_O…  & their reactions PRICELESS… We knew, they knew then we were fans & it all clicked! They wen’t to another spot for dinner after the concert & left in the afternoon the next day (Mon, we left Tues)they actually did late check out, due to the amount of fans waiting in the lobby :(.. and just probably tired. 

This was a trip we’ll NEVER forget & I hope they’ll remember it as fondly was we do & that we get to see them again next year!!!

IF you read this, you deserve a medal!!!! <3

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I remember a guest throwing a fit. Cause I called over who was next in line. I know there's assholes who take this as a chance to go to shorter line even if there not next. There's not much I can do. I can't tell them 'you where next' not when there's 6 lanes. Yes that lady wasn't next but unless she visibly skipped you in this line what am I suppose to do? Look I'm just a cashier and half time no one listens to me.

Seven’s Love for the MC/Reset Theory

There’s the theory that Seven has feelings for the MC regardless of which route you’re on and how he seems to remember in previous routes before the reset. At first, when someone asked me about this theory, I actually didn’t expect this and didn’t think much about it. Now there seems to definitely be a lot of evidence showing how this theory could be true. If you have not gone through Dandelion (or Nameless perhaps), what I’m about to say in the following will be confusing. So I really recommend people to please play it or watch a gameplay of it on YouTube for this theory to make sense to you.  

NOTE: Keep in mind that whenever I say “turn back time”, it actually means moving to a different timeline, not literally turning back time.

Credit goes to dual2limit for making a theory out of this but I added a flaw to it and something that all of us forgot about… 

From what we have learnt in Dandelion and Nameless, there are many parallel universes. If Mystic Messenger is connected to these two games (it should be?), then there must be a multiverse existing in this game. 

But how is this related to Seven? Well, does anyone recall back in Dandelion that the Wizard was the only one who could “turn back time”? Remember that he “turned back time” five times just so he could meet Heejung again and again…? What if the whole resetting of the game in MM was a consequence of the Wizard’s actions?  

However, it doesn’t seem to add up… There’s a flaw in which it takes a whole year for Heejung to finally meet the Wizard whereas it takes only 11 days for the RFA to host a party… So how can a route in MysMe reset after 11 days if the Wizard only “turns back time” after a year? 

But then again, he’s not literally turning back time… He’s travelling to different timelines…  

But then again, how is it that it’s only Seven who remembers all of the previous events that occurred in the other routes and no one else?? But moving on to his love for the MC, did he at one point began falling for her and got tired of waiting for his turn? I mean, that would explain why he was so sad during a call with the MC in Jumin’s route. It was because of the fact that the MC had fallen for everyone else and not with Luciel. Yet. Could he really have a connection with the Wizard? 

Oh, and also… does anyone recall back in Nameless (pun intended)….



….GUYS WHAT IN THE ACTUAL… fdashknasdghilknsagdlnkag 

…I’m so done. Everyone has been so caught up with Seven that Momma Tei’s mysterious being was forgotten along the way…  

I seriously need to gather more theories. If anyone has one, please don’t hesitate to share it out ^.^ If there are any flaws in this post, please know it is important to let me know :)