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Don’t give up.

You can get through this. I might not know you, but- I care. You may be hundreds of miles away from me. You might not know that I even exist. You might be the type of person I hate the most, but- I need you to know that I care.

No matter who you are, no matter what you’ve done, I care about you. Your life. Yourself. Realize your worth. You’re beautiful. Love yourself. If you’ve become someone you hate, change. I’ll help you with it.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know why I’m typing this. I just feel a strong urge to do this. Who knows? This might save someone’s life. Now, or in the future- I hope that this helps someone. Know that, at the very least, there’s someone who cares about you. I’m here. I love you.

things from the Women’s March on St. Louis

posters I did not get pictures of:

  • *MLP logo* my little pussy power
  • keep your filthy laws, off my silky drawers
  • what episode of black mirror is this?
  • American Horror Story: White House
  • I stand w Planned Parenthood (many)
  • now you’ve pissed off grandma
  • not usually a sign guy, but geez
  • multiple variations of “nasty woman”
  • white silence = white consent
  • keep your tiny hand off all our rights
  • a woman’s place is in the resistance
  • Tr*mp grabbing Lady Liberty by her….
  • president number 45 = Brock Turner
  • help us Bernie Sanders, *insert photo of Bernie as Obi-Wan Kenobi* you’re our only hope
  • this is what someone w a pre-existing condition looks like
  • women’s rights are a wall, Tr*mp will pay
  • Shepard Fairey’s posters -We The People- Defend Dignity, Are Greater Than Fear, and Protect Each Other


  • hey hey, ho ho. Donald Tr*mp has got to go
  • we want a leader, not a stupid tweeter
  • no Donald Tr*mp, no kkk, no fascist USA
  • we are the popular vote
  • my rights, my life, this is my fight
  • when women’s rights/trans lives/black lives are under attack, what do we do? stand up, fight back.
  • black lives matter
  • tell me what democracy looks like. this is what democracy looks like!

also many dogs of various shapes and sizes

Tagged by @cuttlefishcolor thank you, and sorry this is quite late, I haven’t been feeling too great lately.

Relationship status: Eternally single

Favourite colour: I love blues, purples and pinks.

Last song I listened to: Some song by Mika - I’ve been listening to one of Mika’s albums on Youtube and I’m too lazy to check what song I’m actually listening to

Favourite TV show: I guess it changes a lot, YOI and Due South at the moment I don’t really watch anything that’s currently airing expect anime and like crime and murder mystery shows.

First fandom: CLAMP manga.

Hobbies: I love reading history and cooking - I used to do a lot of painting and drawing but I don’t have the time or the energy anymore.

Books I’m currently reading: I’m reading Rubicon, which is a history of the fall of the Roman Republic. The are a lot of books I started like a year ago and haven’t finished, but I’m not counting those.

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: I drank concentrated lemon juice used for baking as a dare once, when I was 14, and it remains probably the worst thing I’ve ever tasted.

Favourite place: My home county.

Earliest memory: Picking blueberries in a Swedish forest with my great aunt when I was 3.

Funniest memory: I have depression™ so I can’t think of anything.

Scariest memory: Walking through a field full of cows and having my way blocked by a giant, angry, black bull - I felt sick with fear. I’ve been hurt severely a few times and nearly been in a number of car accidents, but somehow this is still the most scared I’ve been.

Coolest adventure: when the volcano erupted in Iceland ages ago I was in Germany - so my mum, me and my brother had to travel to the Netherlands and get a boat to back to Britain, because all European flights were cancelled it was pretty fun and I got a few extra days off school because of that.

First fictional crush: Fai from Tsubasa- I guess- I eventually worked out I wanted to be like him rather than crushing on him I suppose.

What I want to be known for: My novels, being a friendly and helpful presence in people’s lives as well, and being a talented cook lol.

Syriannas, completely fascinated by Dorian’s sleeping face in the early hours at Skyhold.