can't really think of any other person who deserves this kind of result :)

This might be a bit unusual for this blog, but I am going to do an analysis…of an object. That staff is one of the most interesting tools/weapons in the entire show, and they didn’t even bother to give it a name. I’ll just call it “the staff,” since that’s all Freakshow calls it, but yeah.

Like I said, this is out of the ordinary, so it might get messy, but I’ll do my best.

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anonymous asked:

I've tried to keep following you since you decided to identify as a guy again, but I just can't anymore. I liked and still do like many aspects of your personality, but I've been a fan of so many LGBTQA people who have later decided they were cis and/or straight. I know it isn't, but every time it happens I just feel betrayed because I've lost someone I can look up to that's like me.

I understand what you’re saying and I won’t judge you or be mad at you for leaving, but I would like to say:

1) I never said I was cis
2) While I understand where you’re coming from and I’m glad that you’re being open about your feelings and wanting to discuss them or at least have them be known… I really don’t think this is fair to me at all. Like… you know how badly I wish I could just continue with the way things were before and save people a lot of pain over potentially losing representation that mattered to them? This was the one thing I worried so much about ever since the beginning and it just eats at me when I think about it. Throughout this whole thing I’ve done nothing but try and reinforce and state over and over again the idea that just because I am one way, it doesn’t mean you are any less valid or deserving of respect or representation. I’ve tried so hard to not make this kind of thing a big deal cause it’s like… this is my journey yknow? I don’t speak for anyone else when I say that I felt one way and then one day felt the other. That’s no one else’s cross to bear but mine.
Why should I have to feel guilty about being true to myself, regardless of who “myself” is at any given time. I don’t want to put myself in a box like that. It’s suffocating, and it always was, both when I was a girl and when I’m a guy.
But yet when I see stuff like this all it does is just eat me up and make me feel like garbage cause of this thing I couldn’t control.
And I’m really sorry. I know that I’m kinda being shitty by turning your own pain into a way for me to vent my own shit, but this is honestly the result of weeks now of this kind of fear building and building.
If you’re only willing to follow me because I fit a mold or I fit your own expectations, that’s your decision, and like I said, I won’t judge you, and honestly I don’t blame you. Representation is important. I’m really genuinely sorry I took that away from you. I’m sorry.

anonymous asked:

A guy is trying to tell me women in the military will slow down combat groups and that women can't be as strong as men. Is this true? I feel it's just sexist myths until I see proof.

No, it’s not true. Super not true! Never gonna be true!

Women have participated in military action as far back as recorded history. They’ve participated in physical activity as much as any other humans.

(women fighting fires during the Pearl Harbor attacks)

Much of women’s history and achievements have been eliminated and erased. In reality, women can be found enjoying any activities, sports, arts, sciences, politics, studies, and education that one would expect men in, and often exceeding past men.

This denial and erasure continues today in the hearts of people like that guy.

It’s also no coincidence that “women’s” and “feminine” sports are considered inferior despite the muscle and reflexes needed for them.

We have a #history tag, but here’s a few posts of some examples. Here’s a couple more. Want some more? Seriously, the evidence is quite plentiful. It’s all around us.

Some other things worth considering about this kind of thing:

  • A lot of what we are told are “inherent” about the men and women, in their biology and whatever nonsense, are actually not so, and instead are a result of gendered pressure that begins before a person is even born.

Girls are discouraged and reprimanded for being physical and having physical interests - whether it’s sports, getting dirty, cars, engineering, or fighting, women feel pressure their whole lives to avoid being physical at all costs. And then nobody ever considers what this could have to do with the “differences” between men and women with regards to who has the right abilities for these things.

(And of course, the same is true for boys with interest in non-physical things, such as the arts, dolls, social sciences, and being allowed to be scared of things.)

  • I’ve spoken with many women in the military, from around the world. The standards for the military in the majority of cases are well within most people’s abilities to achieve, regardless of gender.
  • Think about the average boy. The average boy really isn’t someone special. There’s few mega jocks and weight lifters signing up for recruiting. Usually, just the average boys. Often, scrawny boys, nerdy boys, goofy boys. Average boys. Hardly shining examples of muscle and endurance.

They walk into the military without any comment.

If we can give a chance to these boys, where does the arguments against women regarding strength and skill have foundation? They don’t. It’s pure sexism.

  • Another thing to remember is that the military is much more than charging across a field towards the enemy in 100 pound armor while carrying your buddy and shooting two guns in blazing glory. In fact, it’s rarely that. In modern times, the majority of military personnel are far from any such kinds of action. The military has a vast network of careers that gives openings for pretty much any person to be able to join.

And finally, if we entertain for a moment the argument that women aren’t as good as men, there’s still women who can make it.

Even if it’s just a few out of a hundred, why would that matter? If they don’t make it in, it’s not dragging the military down because… they’re not in! Not every man makes it, so there’s no reason why not every woman making it should be an argument.

Those women who can make it deserve to the chance to compete for it and achieve it. That’s equality - for opportunities to be available for everyone to try for.

- damegreywulf

elaineloewen  asked:

I was assaulted last year at my university and this year have alerted some faculty and staff. I have to choose between doing nothing and letting him live a free life, an informal complaint (conversations toward reconsiliation) or a formal complaint (possibly get him suspended). And I have no clue what to do. Any advice? It's a small school and I can't handle being in the same room as him so I want him gone but that would really ruin his life and I don't feel I have to right to ruin his life.

Well first of all, I doubt very seriously that it would literally ruin his life. He could go to another school pretty easily, transfers happen all the time and it’s unlikely that even a formal complaint would follow him on his transcripts though I don’t know that for certain. So, while it might be awful for him it wouldn’t ruin his whole entire life and honestly, if it does literally ruin his entire life that’s on him. This is how consequences work. Actions, choices have consequences, this is a fact of life. He chose to assault someone and deserves consequences for that choice. Those consequences are on him 100%, they’re on him fully and completely bc he’s the one who made that choice, he’s the only one who’s responsible for it. 

But let’s not talk about him, let’s talk about you. Do you deserve to have your life ruined? That’s a serious question. Do you really believe that you’ll be successful at school if you are constantly anxious about running into him and having to run into him? Do you think that such anxiety and the likely triggering that would result from having to face him on a regular basis wouldn’t affect you in a serious way? Do you believe that you deserve the basic right to a decent quality of life, one where you’re not forced to interact with your attacker as though nothing happened? Do you think there’s a chance, even if it’s a small one, that living in that environment might lead to things like depression? That living in that environment might end up with you just hiding out and avoiding campus so that you can avoid him which would end with you failing your classes and not even being able to transfer to another school because your grades have suffered so much nobody will take you?

Obviously there’s no guarantee that all of this will happen. You might be fine, especially if you’re lucky enough to be on a campus that offers therapy and you use that therapy and most importantly that therapy is actually good and supportive and helpful. You might be fine and if you believe you’ll be fine and that you can handle him being on campus then there’s nothing inherently wrong with you taking that option. But really, think about yourself here. You’re the victim, not him. It’s not him you should be worried about, it’s you. You deserve an educational experience that’s not filled with anxiety. You deserve an educational environment that allows you the opportunity to succeed and en environment in which you end up being fearful and miserable or enraged or any number of other possible issues isn’t one that allows you that opportunity. You deserve better than that and that’s why these kinds of policies exist, to help you move forward so that this assault doesn’t take away your opportunity for a positive educational experience.

It is my personal recommendation that you go for the getting him expelled option. But I’m not you. The only person who really knows what you’ve been through is you, the only person who knows the impact of what you’ve been through is you, the only person who knows what you can and can’t deal with is you. If you really think that letting him stay on campus is the best choice for you then that’s fine. And if you end up wanting to get him expelled but you can’t bring yourself to do it because you’re worried about guilt or retaliation or any other possible reason that’s ok to. We do what we can when we can how we can and when we can’t we can’t and there’s no shame in that. Do what you need to do and we’ll be here to support you with whatever you decide should you need it. 

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The more stories I hear about what Norman Reedus was put through this past weekend at Walker Stalker, the worse I feel for him.

I’ve said it a couple of times in the past when I was asked about my experiences at conventions and stuff- but every interaction I’ve ever had with Norman, be it online, or in passing at a convention or whatnot- has been a good one. He’s always been nothing but a kind, humble, and very, (very) funny dude. The fact that my first time ever talking to him face-to-face was essentially just filled with vulgarity and laughter was enough of an indication to me that he was a genuinely good person. I felt comfortable with him but I can absolutely understand someone getting starstruck in his presence and I don’t judge them for it (Michael Rooker is another actor/celebrity of that caliber. Awesome guy.)

We’ve all read/heard the stories about the lengths that Norman goes to in order to ensure that his fans- the ones who wait in lines for long periods of time to simply shake his hand, hang around outside the set to catch a glimpse of him, or pay staggering amounts of money to pose next to him for all of .5 seconds for a photograph- are not disappointed. The guy is a people pleaser and a sweetheart and you can tell that he loves his fans as much, if not more, than they love him.

It pisses me off that there are some people who can’t recognize boundaries and as a result, have jeopardized other fans’ opportunities to meet an actor they adore by behaving like animals and/or idiots.

Let me put it into perspective: would you camp outside a stranger’s home? Would you touch a stranger’s personal property without their permission? Would you compromise the safety of your loved ones for a stranger? Would you risk going to jail for a stranger? Would you BITE a stranger?

If you answered no, congratulations- you’re a rational person. If you answered yes to any of those above questions- I implore you to do a very extensive reflection of yourself and then promptly seek psychiatric help because you’re not thinking like a sane or logical human being.

Norman Reedus, like any other actor/performer/celebrity- is a person, too. He has feelings and fears, and completely and purposefully overlooking that in order to do something selfish to satisfy your own fantasies and impulses is not only incredibly rude and idiotic- but it’s dangerous. For him, for you- for everyone.

I hope he’s okay. I hope he’s not completely put off of attending any future conventions, meet & greets, photo ops, etc. I hope his sane fans don’t suffer as a result of a couple of batshit crazy broads’ behaving like rabid dogs off of their leashes- but I would understand if he bowed out of any future appearances after this.

I feel bad for the guy. I really do. Nobody deserves to be treated the way he was.