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some of my favourite moments from S21E02 (cause trust me there’s even more than this) contains spoilers for the episode obviously so if you haven’t watched it yet go do that now!!!

Lio: *sees a malamute across the street*

Lio: *rushes to closest tree, pees while staring at malamute, kicks up grass, barks*

Malamute: *glances briefly at Lio, continues walking*

Me: *lectures Lio about toxic masculinity*


Between Two Lungs by caramelle/caramelkru

Cassian doesn’t exactly mean to, but as he’s coming up from his bow, he sort of accidentally on purpose makes eye contact with the young Erso heiress.

Her glance merely passes over him, and her face remains perfectly and diplomatically blank.

And yet, somehow, he instantly feels like he’s already managed to offend her.

Amazing Regency/Pride & Prejudice AU one-shot! Read it on AO3.

chasingajourney  asked:

I gotta know... does everyone on Shiratorizawa have the Shiratorizawa glasses?

you can bet your bottom dollar they do

You know what’s funny?

Y’all didn’t even care that Adam Driver had been in the military until now, until you had to dig through your own turds to find reasons to hate him as your deadass delusions about a fucking space opera became so obviously wrong even you couldn’t ignore it. Never mind that he was 18 years old, that the majority of the country (by default including people you know and have relationships with) felt the same way he did, carefully propagated by the ruling classes for their own interests, that the military is largely working class and racial minorities, and the fact that not only did he not deploy but he also changed his attitude entirely and has since put his efforts into transformative and rehabilitative causes aimed at helping veterans, a group disproportionately represented among the homeless and the mentally ill, reconnect and adjust to civilian life - he believed something Bad and Wrong at the time, he’s tainted forever >:(

His involvement in the military is no longer in pursuit of deceptively disguised notions of democracy and justice, it’s to help a returning underclass of people in the United States who we have to help if we are ever serious about challenging exploitation. 

And the presumption that you yourself in your cocooned internet space are not to complicit in and a beneficiary of imperialism, however indirectly or unwittingly, is perhaps the most work a day Western centric white savior crap ever. The clothes you wear and the iphones you buy are made by people in the Global South. The celebrities that you “woke” people worship usually support warmongerers like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. You use and consume technology that affects the environment most drastically for Island and native peoples. 

You are part of this web. 


Kravitz (taz) aesthetic

He found a froggo friend!


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Kageyama begins to revert back to the King of the Court

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Petition to ban every male involved in tennis from speaking about Serena Williams forever. And ever. +10 if they are white.


This isn’t even close to all the Nightmarionne asks I have in the inbox but I was in a mood to draw them so have a Lightning Round™