can't not play

Imagine Woozi judging you when you start shouting at the screen of your gadget because you were so close to getting a perfect score in the game you were playing but in the end, you didn’t.


“El, are you there? El? It’s me. It’s Mike. It’s day 352. 7:40 PM. I’m still here. If you’re out there, say something. Or- or give me a sign, I won’t even, I won’t even say anything. Just, I want to know if you’re okay.”

 (Stranger Things, 2017)

“She joined the others at the table and for an hour they played Monopoly. Stan was the big winner.”

Hermione: Do you still have a problem with Muggles

Draco: No that’s ridiculous

Hermione: You wouldn’t smile at my parents all evening

Draco: Oh that I didn’t want them to see my teeth

Hermione: Your teeth are perfect

Draco: And do you think I want your crazy dentist parents going after me with their torture clamps and pliers

Hermione: Draco WHAT do you think dentists do

Draco: …

Hermione: …

Draco: Well played Potter


Bravo, casting directors of Good Omens