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Jason comes crashing through Tim's door, guns out and eyes wild. "What's wrong?" he demands, looking around the seemingly calm apartment. "Your text said 'help me'," he says, breathing hard. He asks again, "What's wrong?". Tim looks up at him from his nest on the couch and says, "Oh you weren't already here? I just wanted the remote." Jason stares. "I can't reach it," Tim explains. Then, "Hey since you're over there can you get me some ice cream from the freezer?" (Have fun at work <3)

“Are you fuckin kidding me Replacement?” Jason asks as he holsters his guns and throws the remote at Tim’s head. It was only a foot away from him, the lazy fuck.

Tim just snuggles deeper into his cocoon and changes the channel from X-Files to his security feed at W.E. 

Jason grabs two spoons from the dish washer and the cookie dough ice cream from the freezer, kicks off his boots and flops onto the couch next to Tim.

“Are you wearing your Superman pajama pants with a thigh holster over it? Clark would be so disappointed,”  Tim says, extracting one arm from his nest and taking a spoon.

“I thought you were dying,” Jason mutters, wrapping his free around Tim and changing the channel to HGTV.

“I was watching that,” Tim says, not bothering to fight Jason for the remote, instead settling for another bite of ice cream. 

“Well now were watching this,” Jason says, “You fucking brat.”

Tim doesn’t disagree, he just snuggles into Jason’s chest, relishing the fact that they would never argue over crown molding or hardwood floors like the couples on the TV, they’d argue (fight, brawl) over where to put the false walls for weapons storage and maybe over tiles for the bathroom.

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Anghel ran when his crew said the astrologer fell down from the ship. He leaned on the edge of the ship and looked down, where he could see the white sea foam where Nageki fell. He pursed his lips. "I can't leave him to die." He took off his belt with the sword and the gun, the hat and the jacket, jumped on the edge and dived into the sea.

Nageki had known that it would be dangerous to be scaling the mast of the ship so late at night but he also knew that the higher he was the easier to see the stars it would be and the more peace he would get away from the others on the ship. Besides he had done this plenty of times before. What he had not bargained on was the strength of the wind this far out at sea and a slight slip was all it took for him to fall down into the water.

It was cold, much colder than he could have ever imagined and the shock of it left him immobile for a few seconds before he was able to struggle against the strong waves to try and reach the surface. He regretted wearing so many layers of clothing that were weighing him down now,

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Imagine Victoria is taken to the Dark Room with Max. She begs Nathan for help as Jefferson is strapping her down, but he can't look her in the eye. Jefferson gets his needle and bends over Victoria when -POP- he drops dead, Nathan standing behind him with a gun. (Continue)

(cont)Nathan walks toward Victoria. She flinches away from him, but he just undoes her straps before going over to the corner to mumble to himself. Victoria unties Max, but she refuses to leave Nathan when Max tries to get her to leave. They go over to where he is hunched over. He stands up and turns toward them, gun still out. “I’m sorry.” “Nathan, don’t do this!” Instead of pointing it at them, he presses it to his temple. “I’m so sorry” “Nathan, NO!” -POP- And Victoria crumples to the floor crying

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Why u do dis 2 me anon…?

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