can't look away

he looks exactly like the most notorious serial killer on streets

she looks exactly like his last victim


but same

a hacker and a hunter

changing it all to bring down a monster

a concept 

Watching Chyler Leigh change throughout the years is like watching the most satisfying Pokemon evolution

She went from totally adorable 

To totally hot

To earth shatteringly SEXY AS HELL

If she changes any more, we may just see the face of God.


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?


i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh


Yall asked.

I provided.


on the day that I become so forgetful that all of this melts away/I will burn all the calendars that counted the years down to such a worthless day


After weeks of procrastination blood & sweat & tears & endless complaints, this doujinshi is finally finished!  \(*゚∀゚*)/ \(*゚∀゚*)/ \(*゚∀゚*)/

My ramblings thoughts are on the Afterword page. Hope people enjoy this simple story! [rest of the pages under cut]

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i posit you this

Cardassia has strong censorship laws, especially in the case of obscenity. One does not write about sex. One does not write about kissing. One does not write about affairs. One barely - barely! - can write about weddings, but only if you swaddle the whole courtship and marriage after in duty and respectability and family and the good of Cardassia. This is the literary culture Garak is used to when he starts lending Julian tragedies and dynastic epics and what have you.

Julian turns straight around and writes a wildly OOC fix-it fic of The Never-Ending Sacrifice, complete with smut fit to burn your eyes out.

Garak has a fit.