can't kill you

I only have one question for you all: how long will you defend Bum?
Don’t get me wrong, I love the dude, but he’s participated in murder as well. I know it was for survival, but wasn’t sangwoo’s first kills for the same reason? He had an abusive father and killed him. You all say his past doesn’t excuse his current actions, but Bum’s story and Sangwoo’s are very similar and we may end up seeing Bum slowly transform into the same kind of person you are all condemning.
How do We know they won’t end up the same? We may be seeing the birth of another killer. If that happens, will you still be able to blame sangwoo? If you consider Bum a victim even then, shouldn’t you also consider sangwoo a victim? We start this story with an attachment to Bum as the victim, but sangwoo was once a victim as well. If Bum becomes a killer like sangwoo, he should be judged just as harshly.

I love this story and the characters, each having a past that drives their actions. I love seeing Sangwoo struggle with his past and what that has made him, just as I love watching Bum switch between manipulative and sincere. (Let’s be honest, Bum has done his fair share of manipulating Sangwoo, he’d be dead by now if he hadn’t.)

so, i like to keep the peace. i really do, but honestly, if you follow me and sent brogen death threats without taking the time to understand what she’s going through, then you can leave at any moment now because i won’t stand for that stupid shit.

Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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It actually kills me when we don’t talk, it kills me when you ignore me, it kills me when you’re busy with your life.
  • Random person: well this medication you're taking is just treating the SYMPTOMS of your disease, it's not actually helping you
  • Me, internally screaming: I have a CHRONIC illness. THERE IS NO CURE. I will take what I can get.