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Be A Good Girl - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 4,294
AN: PURE FILTH. I apologize in advance. Thanks to @writing-obrien and @celestial-writing for their input and Chloe for worrying that I was killing the poor reader here. Trust me, she can handle it lmao.

To say that Stiles was a bit of an exhibitionist was an understatement. He liked to fuck you wherever and whenever he wanted, and he got off on the fact that you could be caught at any moment. It had surprised you at first, the normally sarcastic and awkward boy hadn’t struck you as the type, but he was kinky as fuck, and good at what he did. He could leave you a writhing, panting mess with just his words, and his mouth and tongue were more than you could handle sometimes. His fingers were a godsend, and he knew how to get you off quicker than you could do it yourself. On top of his insatiable daddy kink, things with him were never boring.

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Angst, angst, AND MORE ANGST and nsfw. can I get a fic where jumin and MC are already dating. One miraculous day, jumin has a day off and they decide to go on a date. While on a date, jumin stops and stares at a really pretty girl with white hair and blue eyes (like elizabeth) and jumins thinking that he has to go talk to her. He dares to leave MC by herself and she's like, forget you jumin. And she tries to walk out of jumins life but (obviously ) she can't because he's jumin

Angst, angst, angst!!!! *Cracks knuckles* Let’s do this Anon-san! 


I’m not sure if you wanted NSFW or not…? So I’m just going to keep it SFW. 

Oh for more angst Jumin and MC are engaged in this already!

You opened your mouth as Jumin fed you another spoonful of ice cream, smiling at the sweet coolness that settled on your tongue.

“Ice cream on a warm day is always the best!” You said, opening your mouth as Jumin fed you another spoonful. 

You heard Jumin chuckle softly, “I don’t understand how something as simple as ice cream can make you so happy.”

You smiled, looking up at the clear blue sky. Jumin finally had a day off, and the two of you were spending it together on such a beautiful day. You felt like the happiest person in the world.

Jumin was smiling softly as he continued to feed you ice cream, enjoying the expressions that flickered on and off your face. Slowly, his attention wondered to something behind you, and his eyes widen slightly. 

Behind you at a small cafe, was a woman with beautiful white hair. It was tied back loosely, curls hanging at the nape of her neck. And her eyes…her eyes were a magical cornflower blue, and Jumin struggled to pull his eyes off of her.

“Elizabeth…” He whispered softly

You looked up at him, “Jumin? What is it?”

As if snapping out a trance Jumin lowered his eyes back to yours, and he smiled nervously.

“I’ll go get something to drink. Wait here for me alright?” Jumin instructed, standing from his seat as you gave him a nod and a small smile.

Jumin made his way over to the woman at the cafe table, studying her before speaking.

“Excuse me” He started

The woman looked up from her coffee, throwing him a small smile before she answered, “Yes?”

And thus their conversation had started. It wasn’t that Jumin was interested in her romantically, no he had you. But she shared so many characteristics of Elizabeth, and Jumin began to loose track of the time as he chatted with her aimlessly, studying her reactions and responses. 

His phone buzzed in his pocket, your name displaying on the screen. Jumin locked his phone once more. 5 minutes, I’ll only be 5 minutes more.


4 hours. Jumin had been gone for 4 hours. The sky had turned dark and there was a night chill sweeping through the night. Where was Jumin? Worry filled you as you covered your arms, hugging yourself for warmth. You could even see your own breath! 

Jumin had told you to stay put, and you had. But he wasn’t answering his phone and no one had heard from in in the messenger. Had something happened? The only thing that had stopped your from going to search for him was the thought of if he returned only to find you gone. You two would have been on a wild goose chase.

“A-achoo!” You sneezed, sniffling as you shuddered. The weather had changed so quickly! Perhaps you should go home…wait for Jumin there with Elizabeth. Another cool blast of wind encouraged you, and you began to collect your things hurriedly. 

As you power walked out of the park you felt a sliver of unease creep up behind you. Ignoring it, you flagged down a taxi, waiting at the side of the rode for it to pull over. As you did see, you glanced across the street, the bright lights from the cafe catching your attention. What a cute cafe! You would definitely mention it to Ju-

Your heart dropped like a stone as your eyes landed on the sight of them. Jumin sat chatting with a beautiful woman, who resembled someone you knew, though you couldn’t figure out who. Jumin’s eyes were locked solely on her…and draped around her shoulders was his suit jacket. 

The night chill meant nothing to you as you felt your heart freeze solid. Jumin had left you in the cold for hours, forgetting about you completely as he hit it off with this woman! Your hand shook as you pressed your phone to your ear, your eyes never leaving the sight before you.

Jumin pulled his phone out, his eyes wide in alarm. It was this late already? He held a finger up towards the woman, 

“MC. I apologize. It’s gotten quite late and-”

“Where are you?” You asked, tears streaming down your face as you fought to keep the tremor from entering your voice. 

“Me? Ahh…right now I’m….it’s a little difficult to explain now. I’ll-” Jumin felt his heart breat increase, guilt eating at him. He hadn’t meant to spend so much here, especially since the woman was nothing like he expected. 

“Don’t worry. I know where you are.” You let a humorless laugh escape your lips as watched him stand from his seat, eyes frantic as he searched for you.

“Across the street. Where you left me…” You said, a small sob cutting into your words.

And finally, Jumin’s brown orbs met your own, freezing him in place as he took in the sight of you, tears flowing down your face, chilled to the bone.

“MC I-”

You hung up then, so hurt, so angry, so frustrated at yourself. How could you have believed that you were special? God how could you have believed in such a thing. Your fingers pulled at the cold metal that rested on your ring finger.

Jumin moves away from the table, much to the confusion of the white haired woman, alarmed at the sight before her. Jumin nearly knocks the table over as he runs out the gate calling your name.

You don’t look away as you slip the ring off your finger…and throw it into the street. It hits the concert with a dull thud, the sound echoing loud and clear in both yours, and Jumin’s ears. Wiping at your face you quickly climbed in the taxi, pushing the lock down.

Jumin slammed his hand against the window “MC!”

His breathing is raged, and the look of desperation and fear on his face cause your heart to clench in your chest. 

“Please go on to this address.” You order the driver, who watches Jumin wearily from the wheel. 

The taxi begins to move into gear, and Jumin’s heart beats into overdrive.

“MC! Please, listen to me! Don’t leave, don’t go! MC!” His hands pound at the window, and when the taxi begins to drive away he runs after it, runs after the love of his life, after you

But soon his legs give up on him, and the red tail lights of the taxi fade away. The sound of heels regain his attention. The white haired woman. She bends down in the street, picking up the deserted band from the ashes of your heart, and drops it into Jumin’s palms.

“I had no idea you were engaged.”

And then she walks away, leaving Jumin alone in the cold night air.

Eventually Jumin makes his way home, his heart aching and his soul decaying. He walks into the dark penthouse, lifeless. Elizabeth the Third brushes against his legs, and Jumin stiffens at the painful reminder of why you had gone. He pushes Elizabeth away, if only he hadn’t been enchanted by her characteristics, if only he had stayed away!

Elizabeth meows loudly, and Jumin’s anger at her melts away. No This was his own fault. He had been the one who had lost track of time, he had been the one lured in, and he had been the one to abandon you. Jumin lifted Elizabeth into his arms gently, cradling her against his chest as he slumped onto the floor. You had every right to leave him, Jumin knew that.

Yet his heart still withered in his chest as he called your phone over and over.

o0o00o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 (Take a cry break)

3 weeks had passed, and you still hadn’t recovered from the pain in your chest. Yoosung had been the one to help you find a place to stay until you found your own footing. Of course living in his family’s small vacation home wasn’t ideal, but it gave you shelter and you were thankful. 

Since he had been the one to offer it to you, Yoosung was the only member of the RFA who knew where you were. Everyone had discovered what happened between you and him, and they tried their best to stay out of it. However it was no secret that Yoosung knew your whereabouts.  

There was a knock at the door and you smiled as you got up from the couch. Yoosung always visited you at 4. You swung the door open,

“Yoosung!” You greeted

His green eyes were closed as he responded with a wide smile.

“MC!” Yoosung greeted back. 

In his arms was a large bouquet of pink full peonies. They nearly sparkled in his hands, and he smiled at you nervously. 

“Jumin brought it over to me again…they’re for you. Again. Ah, of course there’s a letter as usual too”  

You took the bouquet from Yoosung, stepping into a room that had pretty much become your storage room, you set the bouquet inside and placed the letter on a desk. The room was filled with 21 bouquets. One for everyday.

You shut the door and looked at Yoosung in surprise when he stepped outside the door again.

“Ah, I only came to drop that off. Sorry MC! LOLOL is calling me!”, Yoosung paused before fully leaving,

“MC. Do you know Jumin always goes somewhere after work? At least that’s what Jaehee said.”

And then he was gone, leaving you alone with a room filled with flowers and letters.

They didn’t all come with letters, in fact this was only the third one you had received. And of course you had read all of them. With a sigh you opened the envelope, puling at the small sheet of paper.


Are you doing alright? Yoosung tells me that you receive my letters and flowers every day. I’m glad. I’ve thought of over 100 possibilities about why you won’t send one back. And out of those 100 I’ve narrowed it down to 1. You’re still deeply hurt, and I don’t blame you. I understand completely. But please understand that it was never my intention to become involved with that woman romantically. The reason I left you there in the park…it was so idiotic that I don’t even understand why I did in the first place. I…I’ve never been good at expressing things with words. You’re the only one I need darling. Without you, I can barely stand to function. I never meant to hurt you. That woman was never suppose to take up that much time, you were never supposed to be stuck in the cold so long. I’m so angry at myself. It was freezing and I let you stay there. Be angry with me darling, hate me and curse me, but please don’t leave me. 

I would very much like to see you MC. However Yoosung still refuses to tell me your whereabouts. I would…like to go over what happened with you. Please. I love you.


Your heart burned against your chest. You loved Jumin. You truly, honestly did, with everything you were capable of. You believed him when he said it was a misunderstanding, that he loved you. Yet why was it that you were so afraid to reach out to him?

O0o0o0o0o0oo0o0o (3 days later)

Your heart was at it’s limit. You needed to see Jumin. But the pain in your heart always ate away at your courage, and you only postponed it to the next day. Your legs felt heavy, and you hadn’t eaten in hours. Did loving Jumin always make you this weak? This small?

With a groan you rose off your bed, maybe some fresh air would help. Heading outside you wrapped your scarf around your neck, protecting you from the cold evening chill.

You walked on and on, eyes on the ground as your thoughts churned over and over in your mind. The scream of laughing children jolted you back to reality, and to your surprise you found yourself in the park where you had waited for Jumin in the cold. How had you ended up here?

Continuing to walk along you spotted the seat where Jumin had fed you ice cream, and your chest constricted. What was he doing now?

As if to answer your thoughts, a tall well dressed figure entered your line of sight. Jumin. 

He stood underneath the tree in the exact spot you had been that night. In his hands was another extravagant bouquet of peonies. 

“Ah you’re here again?” You saw a little girl run up to him.

Jumin nodded at her, petting her head softly.

“Hey Ahjussi (Mister, used to call an unfamiliar grown man in Korean) can I have the flowers again if she doesn’t come?” 

Another little girl came running up to him, “Ah! That’s not fair, you got the flowers everyday last week!”

You watched as they bickered. Every day last week….? Jumin hadn’t only sent the flower to Yoosung to give to you, he had been waiting here with them everyday? Is this where he disappeared everyday after work?

Your heart reacted to the sight of him, thawing out from the cold ice you had frozen it in. Jumin’s eyes had dark bags under the, and he looked oh so tired. Yet you drank him in, feeling relief just from the sight of him. Your scarf fluttered in the wind, blowing away from your neck as you stared at him, and you lunged after in alarm, staring at it as it landed at the feet of Jumin (kill me for this cliche)

Jumin picked the scarf off carefully, the two little girls scampering away. He paused as he began to stand back up, this scarf…

His eyes flew up to yours instantly, and you felt your breath catch in your chest at the spark of life that fluttered in his eyes.

“MC.” He breaths, and the world stops for a moment, your eyes locked on each other. There’s only you two, only the feeling of relief and ease that flows to both your chests as you relish in the presence of the other.

But the moment doesn’t last long. Something white catches your eye, and you blink in confusion. Snow. That’s all it takes for your pain to come crashing back to your, for your wounds to reopen. You turn around, forsaking the scarf as you try to escape.

However Jumin’s even faster. You ran from him last time, and he’d be damned if he let you get away a second time. His hand grips your wrist tightly, the bouquet crashing to the ground. Your body is swirled back around and you fall against his chest with a sharp thud.

Jumin feels the physical pain of being apart from you actually leave his body, and he squeezes you tightly.

“MC….MC….MC…” He mutters again and again, ignoring your hands that push against his chest, ignoring the way that you squirm in his embrace. 

“Jumin! L-let go!” You order, disregarding the way your heart continues to thaw in his arms. You have to get away, distance yourself while you can still hang on to your anger. 

Jumin’s arms lock around you tighter, and his head lowers to your ear as he speaks lowly,

“Just listen to me. Just like this. I’ll go crazy if I can’t touch you. God MC, I’ve missed you so much.”

You stop resisting, accepting the fact that he won’t let go of you. You refuse to meet his eyes,

“It’s too late Jumin. I can’t go back to how we were before. I-” The words are pouring out of you in a panic, you need to latch onto something, anything to keep you from clinging onto these strong arms.

But Jumin tilts your chin up, wiping your tears softly with the pads of his thumb. “I’m sorry MC. I’m so so sorry. Please forgive me. It wasn’t ever going to lead to anything, I swear.” He whispers, forehead against your own.

And of course you believe him. Jumin wouldn’t just be smitten with a woman that easily. Of course the words in his letter…they come rushing back to your mind and you feel even more of your anger dissipate. Jumin’s eyes are filled with worry and his hands are so cold. How long had he been here? Waiting for you everyday?

“Jumin…” You whisper, lips trembling as more tears fall from your eyes.

You’re so tired of fighting him. So tired of trying to stay away from him, when all you ever need in your life is him. You wrap your arms around him tightly, and you hear Jumin take in a breath as if he had been holding it this whole time.

His voice is tight, strained as he says, “You…forgive me? Just like that? But…but I haven’t explained. I haven’t-”

You bury your face in his strong chest and shake your head furiously.

“I understand. I got them. I read them. I understand Jumin.”

Jumin processes your words for a moment, before pulling away slightly too look down at you.

“My letters…you read them.”

You give a small nod, seeing that while you recovered from your hurt, Jumin was trying to recover from his own as well. 

He presses a kiss to your forehead softly, and you cry harder into his chest. This is where you were meant to be. This is what you needed.

“Shhhh, shhh don’t cry darling.” Jumin soothes, wiping away at your tears and wrapping you back in your scarf. 

He presses a passionate kiss against your lips, a kiss filled with so much longing, so much relief, brimming to the top with love and affection and so much more, that it shakes you to your very core. 

When he pulls away both of your breaths fog into the air, intertwining in the small space that exists between the two of you. 

“Jumin…lets…let’s go home. I love you.” You whisper.

Jumin’s silent for a moment, his eyes felt with so much emotion. So much love and so much guilt. He reaches for your hand, pulling away and locking them together tightly.

“Yes…I love you….let’s go home.’ He echos back, and the two of you begin to walk away together, the bouquet of pink peonies shining brightly against the snow. 

  • Jack: I can't be with you any more.
  • Jack: I'm sorry, it's just not working out.
  • Jack: I mean, it's been a great year.
  • Jack: It's just, what we've been having, we've always known.
  • Jack: This couldn't last much longer.
  • Davey: Stop trying to guilt me into letting you keep the damn paintbrush there's four bristles left and you've eaten most of the handle. You had a splinter in your tongue from it last night. Put it in the trash can and shut up.

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Hey, how are u doing~~? Well, to improve my pronunciation, can you recommend some app or site? bc I'm ready training by musics or kdramas, but have some words that I can't catch or are too similar

It depends on your Korean level.

It’s probably just a matter of you not feeling familiar enough with the sounds yet. If you just keep doing what you’re doing you’ll get there eventually. Since music and kdramas have background noise, it may be more helpful to listen to something like ttmik’s iyagi series or short interviews.

I also like to suggest learning korean phonetics. Some people have a good ear and don’t need to learn tongue placement/mouth shape/etc to pronounce Korean sounds perfectly. But for others it can really help when you’re trying to match the sounds coming out of your mouth with the sounds Koreans use.

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can i ask for ikon react (junhoe, yunhyeong, chanwoo, donghyuk) when her gf get homesick because since she moved to korea she didin't can't see her family. and then her big brother comes to (surprise)visit and her gf can't stop being happy. and what they would think if his gf and her brother _sometimes_ keep talking with their mother tongue so they didn't know what she's talking with her bro. btw i love your blog it's awesome^^ and sorry my english.


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Everyone include Yunhyeong would so sad about their girlfriends’ homesickness for sure. He’d also try his best to cheer you up, like cooking you your favorite meals from your hometown. Once you’re so ecstatic about your brother’s arrival, he’d be glad for it. It wouldn’t even bother him if you talk to your brother with your mother tongue.


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Donghyuk would do literally anything to keep you happy. And the fact that you’re suffering from your homesick would make him feel bad. He’d keep you accompanied so you wont feel even more lonely. Donghyuk would find it really cute to see you chat with your mother tongue with your sibling. He’d might even ask you to teach him some simple phrase to chat to your brother.


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“Are they talking about me??”

June would know what to do since he’s a person that live away from his family. He would actually distract you from your problem. Buying your favorite stuff, watching movie (since it’s his hobby too). But when he saw you talk to your brother with your original language he’d think you guys were talking about him.


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Chanwoo is a kind boy. He’d totally try everything to cure your sadness from missing your family overseas. And when your brother come he’d be so glad something could really lessen your problem. He wouldn’t think about anything if you and your bro were busy chatting with each other with the language he doesn’t even understand a word of it as long as it’d brings joy for you.

  • Louis: "Y/N," he moaned as you bounced on him. "Oh my god," you moaned as you threw your head back. He put his hands on your waist to keep you in place. "Faster," he breathed, thrusting upwards. "Louis I'm so close," you whimpered, closing your eyes. "Let it go, baby. You can do it," he encouraged. You felt yourself come undone and lowered your chest onto his. "Good girl," he moaned, brushing his fingers up and down your spine, sending chills all through your body.
  • Zayn: He pumped in and out of you, going faster by each minute. "Zayn, holy fuck," you moaned, arching your back. "Do you like that?" he said, kissing the swell of your breasts. "Shit," you whimpered, tugging on his hair. "Y/N, I'm going to--" he was cut off by his release. "You're so good, Zayn," you said, kissing his chest and neck.
  • Harry: "Shit shit," he said as his pace quickened. He hovered above you and his pace suddenly slowed. You tugged at his hair and pulled his face towards yours. "I'm so c-close," you said, his lips rubbing against yours. "Me too, baby. Try to hold it in, I know you can. You're so good, kitten," he breathed, moaning deeply. By the time he said it, it was already too late. "It's okay, try again next time," he said, placing open-mouthed kisses down your body.
  • Liam: He held you up against the wall, pounding into you. "Holy fuck," you said, your head against the wall. He kissed down your neck as he continued to fasten his pace. "Y/N," he said, kissing your lips, "I'm gonna--" he said, tightening his grip on your body and pulling it closer, cut off, placing his forehead against yours as he released.
  • Niall: "Fuck baby, hold it in," he exclaimed as you rode him. "I can't Ni," you whimpered, your eyes shutting as you felt yourself coming close. "You can," he said, his hands keeping your waist from moving faster. "Slow down baby," he said, kissing your lips deeply. "Niall," you whined, trying to move your hips, but he tried his best to hold them in place. "C'mon," he pleaded. You held it in as long as you could and finally released, both of you climaxing at the same time. You continued to ride out each other's high as he placed tongue kisses into your mouth. "You feel so fucking good," he breathed, placing an open mouthed kiss on your breast.
Music Sentence Starters
  • "We're running with the shadows of the night."
  • "I want it more than the same routine."
  • "We could make the same mistake or we could turn and run away."
  • "I'll never let you be alone."
  • "When the world falls into pieces you'll be the one voice of reason."
  • "I swear I'd let you go."
  • "Together we fall, together we fly away."
  • "I've got the magic in me."
  • "You and I fighting for the art of war."
  • "I'm a soldier, up against the wall"
  • "I will never fall."
  • "Keep holding on all through the night."
  • "You're so fine, and you're mine."
  • "Getting paid is her forte."
  • "I like the way you work it."
  • "Where is my proposal?"
  • "Marry me, I'll be you queen bee."
  • "You got a tendency for taking all your clothes off."
  • "Oh man, hot damn, I'm falling hard."
  • "Now everything I do seem right."
  • "So let me see you break it down."
  • "Country girl shake it for me, girl."
  • "So come on over and get in my arms, spin me around this big old barn, tangle me up like grandma's yarn."
  • "All I wanna do is get to holdin you, get to know you, and showin you, and get to loving you 'fore this night is through."
  • "It's the terror of knowing what this world is about."
  • "Pray tomorrow takes me higher."
  • "I want everything back but you."
  • "She's has always been neither ball or white."
  • "And to his surprise, she's like tomorrow."
  • "All the time she slips away, close and yet so far."
  • "It's time to follow her tomorrow."
  • "He only thinks today."
  • "This is what I brought you, this you can keep."
  • "Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep."
  • "This is what I thought, so think me naive."
  • "Or you can start speaking up."
  • "I wonder what would happen if you say what you wanna say."
  • "Honestly, I wanna see you be brave."
  • "Let your words be anything but empty."
  • "Let the words fall out."
  • "See them running for their lives."
  • "Nice work you did. You're gonna go far, kid."
  • "Hey, mister, won't you sell me a fake id?"
  • "It's only twenty minutes till the show."
  • "Just make sure that it looks like me."
  • "I got smoke in my hair."
  • "How'd I get home from the club?"
  • "All my friends say I started shooting doubles..."
  • "I was a rock star, party hard, getting over you come back kid."
  • "I'm in love with a fairy tale, even though it hurts."
  • "I'm already cursed."
  • "Remember that you're not alone."
  • "Take a breath and let it go."
  • "Just keep breathing."
  • "The begins just another end."
  • "Here we go again."
  • "Run away with me."
  • "I wanna be your lost boy."
  • "I'm on fire."
  • "Sister's got a boyfriend daddy doesn't like."
  • "Baby come give me a kiss."
  • "Put me on the cover of the Rolling Stone."
  • "We're a little messed up but we're all alright."
  • "We are the lions."
  • "We're the begin of the end."
  • "Tonight foxes hunt the hounds."
  • "We've already won."
  • "Say I never mattered."
  • "We will teach you how to make boys next door out of assholes."
  • "We are wild."
  • "You're just a hideaway."
  • "You're just a chance I take to keep on dreamin."
  • "Hideaway with me some more."
  • "Wanna say all the things I need to say."
  • "My tongue is weak and every time I try to speak I can say nothing at all."
  • "Sleep well, good night."
  • "I'll hold my tongue for the rest of my life."
  • "I can't keep this up anymore."
  • "Look at the stars instead of the dark."
  • "You'll find your heart shines like the sun."
  • "That's why you've gotta be strong tonight."
  • "You stole my heart."
  • "I let you see the parts of me that weren't all that pretty."
  • "Just give me reason, just a little bits enough."
  • "We can learn to love again."
  • "I'm sorry I don't understand where all of this is coming from."
  • "My dear we still have everything."
  • "You're not broken, just bent."
  • "Our loves enough."
  • "Nothing is as bad as it seems."

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Can you tell me more about this adorable witch game I keep seeing art of on your twitter? If you can't that's fine, I'm a big fan of earth tongue and just excited. 💕

Oh sure!

It’s a game I’m making called Dreamsweeper. I’m getting a lot of help, mostly in character design and concept art, from @cloveochai​. (If you want to browse through the concept art, which I think you should, check out the concept tag I have here!)

Dreamsweeper is a game about this character, Tiny Witch, and her best friend, Beetle (who is a beetle.)

Both of them live in the World of Dreams, a magical place visited by the spirits of every human at night when they sleep. Tiny Witch is a “Dream Sweeper”, a special sort of dream spirit who’s job it is to defeat Nightmares, the corrupted and evil forms of dream spirits. She’s working to keep the dream world safe for both dreamers and the spirits who live there! Defeating Nightmares sends their spirit back to Astor, the king of the dream world (who looks like the magical eyeball i use everywhere) to be cleansed and reborn, no longer as a nightmare.

Dreamsweeper is going to be a platformer-type game, with a lot of pretty colors and backgrounds. Tiny’s main power is that defeating an enemy with the broom (a melee swipe) charges it up, causing the next swipe to release a magical projectile! 

The game will consist a number of different Dream Zones, with a focus on colorful themes. Tiny Witch has a very important task ahead of her, but she always makes sure to have fun along the way! 

If you’re interested in seeing more gifs or other related material, check out the dreamsweeper tag here!