can't keep their hands off each other

  • Sorey: Lailah! What is that?!
  • Lailah: Oh no... It has been born.
  • Sorey:
  • Lailah: The SorMik Shipper population of the Zesty Fandom is growing fast.
  • Rose: So they can all see it.
  • Mikleo: Our love is fully materialized. How could anyone miss it?
  • Rose: Well, it's not like you two kiss or anything.
  • Mikleo: On-screen! It's not like Sorey kisses me ON-SCREEN.
  • Sorey: Off-screen is a different story...
  • Lailah: Oh my! Really? *becomes queen of SorMik supporters*
  • Mikleo: Let's just say we make up for lost time between takes.
  • Rose: So weirdos attract the weirdos.
  • Mikelo: Ahem, the enlightened attract the enlightened.
  • Sorey: The SorMik Fandom LOOKED terrifying at first, but the longer I think about it, the shippers' pure enthusiasm is really cool!
  • Mikleo: I hate myself for saying it, cool.
  • Sorey: The support is great! There is nothing I love more than the positive endorsement--
  • Mikleo: Sorey, if we're going to make out before the next scene, we have to hurry.
  • Sorey: --except for that. Give it your all, Mikleo!
  • Sorey and Mikleo: *secret handshake/wrist bump + kisses galore*

some super cute (and canon) things about max and chloe:

  • the toothbrush thing
  • at the ages of 18 and 19 ″splish splash” is still a part of their vocabulary
  • the entire pool scene
  • shortly after max admits that she’s never had her first kiss, chloe dares max to kiss her
  • “drink up buttercup”
  • when they were kids they literally drew a picture of them holding hands running off into the sunset with a rainbow in the background
  • chloe keeping the pirate cd max made for her
  • remembering each other’s birthdays even after five years apart
  • “fuq that shit elope”
  • partners in crime and time
  • max stands on her tiptoes to kiss chloe
  • october road trips
  • childhood best friends to GIRLFRIENDS
  • they’re both each other’s heroes 

10.09.2015 - Blackhawks vs Islanders

artem anisimov scores a shorthanded goal; patrick kane gets two on the scoresheet; the captain gives his boys and kaner some love


All your favourite RobRon moments! Robert and Aaron’s story is fraught with pain and hate, but they just couldn’t keep their hands off each other (x)