can't keep their hands off each other

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for the cuddling prompts, could i request #4 (in front of the fireplace) for rosvolio? thank you!

“You’re going to hurt your eyes.”

Rosaline looks up from her book in a startle, eyes widening. Despite the silence of the cabin, only disturbed by the cracking of the fire and the wind whistling outside, she hadn’t heard the sound of his footsteps or even the door to their bedroom opening. Benvolio stands next to the sofa, PJ bottoms low on his hips and hair ruffled by sleep. It might be cold and snowing, but it doesn’t mean he has to wear a shirt, and Rosaline gives herself a few seconds to admire the expanse of his bare chest before her eyes travel up and meet his. Worry dances in them, to which she replies with a simple shrug.

He is right, of course – her eyes feel tired from straining to read with only the fire for light, and it is past anyone’s bed time. She should be fast asleep by his side, instead of reading another in the dark living room.

“Couldn’t sleep,” she explains.

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My boyfriend and I would touch each other constantly when we hang out with people. (Like usual hands and what not) but as soon as we get a room, or some alone time we have sex. We can't keep our hands off each other. He says He likes the way I moan. Then this one time my mum almost caught us, since I'm pretty sure I was moaning to loud, so we quickly just rolled over and acted asleep.

Imagine, once Lucifer and Chloe are together, Lucifer would occasionally call her “my little miracle” and Chloe would call him “my handsome devil.” They will be so touchy-feely with each other because already they can’t keep their hands off each other; especially Chloe. Thinking about their small touches…..cheek caresses….genuine smiles to each other……stolen glances……massive heart eyes…..

  • Sorey: Lailah! What is that?!
  • Lailah: Oh no... It has been born.
  • Sorey:
  • Lailah: The SorMik Shipper population of the Zesty Fandom is growing fast.
  • Rose: So they can all see it.
  • Mikleo: Our love is fully materialized. How could anyone miss it?
  • Rose: Well, it's not like you two kiss or anything.
  • Mikleo: On-screen! It's not like Sorey kisses me ON-SCREEN.
  • Sorey: Off-screen is a different story...
  • Lailah: Oh my! Really? *becomes queen of SorMik supporters*
  • Mikleo: Let's just say we make up for lost time between takes.
  • Rose: So weirdos attract the weirdos.
  • Mikelo: Ahem, the enlightened attract the enlightened.
  • Sorey: The SorMik Fandom LOOKED terrifying at first, but the longer I think about it, the shippers' pure enthusiasm is really cool!
  • Mikleo: I hate myself for saying it, cool.
  • Sorey: The support is great! There is nothing I love more than the positive endorsement--
  • Mikleo: Sorey, if we're going to make out before the next scene, we have to hurry.
  • Sorey: --except for that. Give it your all, Mikleo!
  • Sorey and Mikleo: *secret handshake/wrist bump + kisses galore*
Yes, no, maybe
  • Scene: Naruto and Sakura sitting on a bench. Without warning Naruto busts out a ring.
  • Naruto: Babbles incoherently
  • Sakura: ......
  • *Quiet settles in*
  • Naruto: Is that a yes?
  • Sakura: have to ask me a question before I can give you an answer.
  • Naruto: I thought I just did...
  • Sakura: No, you kind of just....I'm not sure what that was but it was sweet.
  • Naruto: Let's start over.
  • Sakura: Okay wait let me help. It's got to go like this. Naruto will you marry me?
  • Naruto: Yes, of course
  • Sakura: See? It's that easy
  • Naruto: Maybe too easy, have you done this before?
  • Sakura: No, it's my first time. Some people are just naturally talented at getting others to say yes. If I wasn't so good at medicine I'd be a world class merchant.
  • Naruto: Talented and humble.
  • Sakura: Is that why you want to marry me because I'm so humble?
  • Naruto: Who said I wanted to marry you?
  • Sakura: That ring in your hand can't keep a secret.
  • Naruo: Oh this old thing? I brought it for myself. I think it really matches my eyes.
  • Sakura: It does their colors really accentuate each other
  • Naruto: I thought the same thing when I brought it
  • Sakura: It's too bad your fingers are so muscular. That ring will never fit.
  • Naruto: You think so?
  • Sakura: It'll definitely be a tight squeeze. It might even cut off the circulation of blood to your finger.
  • Naruto: Well you are the medic you would know what's best. So what am I going to do with this thing?
  • *Gently takes Sakura's hand and slips on the ring*
  • Naruto: Hey will you look at that it fits you!
  • Sakura: How convenient!
  • Naruto: It's yours, if you want it?
  • Sakura: The ring?
  • Naruto: The ring and me and my love they're all yours if you want them
  • Sakura: So the ring comes with a price?
  • Naruto: Oh yeah! It's packaged deal. Lifetime guarantee too...
  • Sakura: Hmmm So I'll get to see your face every morning
  • Naruto: You'll hear me snore every night.
  • Sakura: *laughs* You're an honest salesmen. You won't get too far in this business.
  • Naruto: I believe in my product. And I promise it'll make you happy for the rest of your life.
  • Sakura: I am quite happy right now to be honest.
  • Naruto: See I am already keeping my promise. So what's your answer?
  • Sakura: What's the question?
  • Naruto: Will you marry me Sakura?
  • *Sakura leans over and kisses him, lightly at first, then she pulls him closer, and their lips melt into each other's*
  • Sakura: *When kiss breaks* I love you.
  • Naruto: *smiles mischievously* Is that a yes?
  • A quick story to get myself back in grove for the oncoming April 3rd holiday. Let me know if you like it

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Lol are these two also the annoying couple who hold up lines because they can't keep their hands off each other? I totally hc them like that from your asks

They’re not really an annoying couple but they are the couple that everyone is kind of low key jealous of because you can tell just by looking at them how obviously in love they are and they’re very affectionate in public. 

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When persephone returns to the underworld her and Hades literally can't keep their hands off each other and Charon has to literally pull them off of each other

charon is just like ‘ew? get a room’

  • Bendy: *points vaguely off the page* Try that door over there.
  • Henry: *points with the hand holding the page as he's walking down the hallway* that one?
  • Bendy: No, *points in another direction* That one!
  • Henry: *points across the hall* that one.
  • Bendy: No!
  • Henry: *keeps walking*
  • Bendy: You just passed it!! Can't you see where I'm pointing?!?
  • Henry: Bendy you're literally pointing at the wall.