can't i just always be a kid


Doyoung “mom” protecting the kids 24/7  👨‍👦👦   


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

Explaining misophonia to teachers is the worst. Like, how do you say “I can’t sit next to this person because they breathe loudly” without sounding like
A) a special little snowflake, or
B) some kid that is getting REAL creative with their excuses to sit next to their best friends

ikon as preschoolers

jinhwan- paints/draws inside the lines, acts cute 24/7, says ‘no’ but then changes his mind, keep an eye on him bc he will fall at some point and will need a bandage ASAP

june- listens rlly well, do not give him sugar tho if you kno whats best for everyone, just does his own thing, likes to sing during activity time, and doesn’t rlly make a mess

hanbin- hates playing by himself, knows weird animal facts and will randomly bring them up in convo, never remembers how to get down from play structures, and runs everywhere

donghyuk- always willing to help, wants to read books out loud to everyone, always tells you his opinions abt colors, crouches down to point at things, picks flowers alot and just hands them out to everyone

yunhyeong- hates getting in trouble, friends with everyone, always knows what day of the week it is and is super excited to tell you, gets upset if his parent doesn’t say goodbye

bobby- LOVES show & tell, “is it snack time yet, teacher” , will always somehow end up with paint on his face, rlly mischievous but still listens when you tell him to stop

chanwoo- says ‘wow!’ at everything, loves plants, always smiling, needs to hold someones hand, and is fasinated by clouds

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Omg your skk gimme reason to live!!! Anyway, could you draw some domestic!au when chuu y as the housewife? And shin soukoku/Q would be their child? Ahhh i really love you sen!!!! q u q)/

meanwhile the love children shin soukoku next room

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What inspired the design for Patience? I mean, how did you go about figuring out the design for them? I've always been nearly at a loss when trying to figure out, for instance, what color scheme they'd have. I mean, it's not like Frisk or Chara wear Red, so I can't just default to Light Blue for Patience...

patience – or “ribbon kid” as we fondly call them – was originally drawn quite a while ago. i love designing characters so this was pretty fun! here was my first pass at them:

(heart eyes are totally canon.)

i did the character design this time. minty came up with the clothes and i came up with ribbon kid’s general colour scheme. the outfit and colours have significance. 

i always wanted this child to have light blue hair! minty wanted the child to have a more natural hair colour, but i persevered until minty fell in love with them. it just took a little patience.

apparently the last time i touched this file was shortly after caretaker began! that was probably the same day i came up with their design.

Tim refuses to ride in a car with Jason driving anymore because he’s gotten like three concussions from Jason constantly slamming the breaks (and throwing him forward into the dashboard, since he’s always so exhausted that he forgets the seatbelt) after speeding up and Jason does this on purpose just to mess with the kid and when it happens he’s laughing like “hahahahahha please tell me you didn’t just break your nose”

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i love your art style so much and it's Pidge's birthday today! i love her so much as well... i was wondering if you would draw just a little doodle of her~

…………………… sure, though I can’t give you anything too great because this is literally the first time I draw her

Happy birthday to the cool kid! ✨

Today a student asked if I had an iPhone charger, and I held up my frayed, shitty one that I keep in my classroom as a back up for my own phone. It only works about half the time so I just told her that it doesn’t work, sorry.

Without missing a beat, another student looked at my frayed, shitty iPhone charger and said, “Teacher salary be like” and I fucking lost it.

Well played, kid.

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Tumblr discourse is as problematic as the things it wants to police. There is no such thing as a person being 100% pure. People do "problematic" things sometimes, but that doesn't mean they can't learn from it. There is always alternate and different interpretations to issues. Nothing is black and white.

Tumblr can best be described by a post I saw once:

“Oh, boy, what complex adult issues are the middle-school kids going to lecture me about today?”

This place is a hellsite for actual discussion of legitimate serious topics and seeing things beyond a wider scope than “my view is correct.” Half the posts about a very complex issue with several viewpoints are addressed like, “Remember to always (insert behavior) or you’re just as bad as (insert name of badly-behaving group) okay? uwu” 

Imagine having a debate with someone who actually spoke in a way in which you could hear the uwu emoticon in their voice. That is painful.

The internet gives everyone a voice and a platform, and people who are undereducated about real issues, refuse to see all the sides of things, are incapable of being objective, and are just woefully immature can still be seen as having more of an authority to their voice than far more qualified people, because they write well enough to trick thousands into believing they’re older than they are or more educated than the average person. And there’s no transparency to get a sense of who the person is or how young they are on Tumblr, because even the most inexperienced 14-year-old can pose as a 22-year-old college student studying political science and social mechanics.

TL;DR: Tumblr was a mistake. Its replacement needs to come soon.

  • A shit ton of superheroes: *recruit underage kids to be their sidekicks and/or fight in their battles*
  • Everyone: nice!
  • Tony Stark: *brings peter parker to what he doesn't think will turn into a fight, designs him a safer suit just in case, tells him to keep his distance and web people up, sends him home the second he takes a hard hit*
  • Everyone: i can't believe Actual Villain™ tony stank blackmailed poor innocent peter into being his Actual Child Slave™

I am so so so so upset about Samuel not making it, honestly. Samuel worked so hard. He gave it his all. He’s had so much failure the least Korea could do was give him a chance, and yet they failed him. Samuel deserved to debut, he is so incredibly talented. He deserves so much more, but he wasn’t even close to debuting, which I can’t even begin to understand. How could they let someone like him get the rank he did? It shocks me that they couldn’t recognize his talent. Right now it’s so hard for me to imagine Samuel not being in wanna one. after everything he did, this is where he ends up?? Because his visuals don’t appeal to the Korean people as much as some other trainees? Because he’s mixed? Because he worked so hard that maybe from time to time he forgot to have fun? I don’t wanna hear that “he has no personality” bullshit because he focused so much on this competition that he forgot he was a kid. He wasn’t there to have fun, he was there to prove himself, and he proved his talent justly and look where it got him. He wanted it so badly, and they took it away from him. It’s just not fair. But I’ll always support Kim Samuel, regardless of what he decides to do, because he deserves the whole world.

reasons i love ritsu:

  • good kid
  • cares a lot about his friends and family
  • super smart
  • beautiful child
  • athletic without even trying
  • very extra hair in the anime
  • still kinda extra hair in the manga
  • a bit obsessed with growing up
  • can be a little shit
  • spoons
  • when he gets psychic powers he stops giving shits entirely
  • very serious
  • pretty sure he got so stressed he development psychic powers
  • best burns because he actually means what he says
  • protective brother
  • poor child had to deal with a serious brother complex during part of his childhood and teen years and when he gets psychic powers he tries overcompensate years of jealously, fear and inferiority with a burst of overconfidence, only to find out he’s not as powerful as mob or other people (his encounter with teru) so keeps on beating random guys because even though he feels he’s over people without any powers he’s desperate to feel confidence, he wants to feel powerful. then he encounters mob and he tells him probably the worst things he has thought during the course of the years and mobs call him out in less than 10 seconds and it shocks him because he’s not a bad a kid but he said some terrible things and yet mob doesn’t think he meant any of i. mob once again proves to be better than him and then he gets kidnapped and mob gets beaten so hard and he can’t even apologize. but then when he reunites with mob and mob just act like the cinnamon roll he is, he’s overwhelmed by mob’s love (this kid needs so much love) and cries and i cry  
  • so, incredible character development because of what i just said
  • almost never listens to music? like how edgy can this kid get
  • he’s so sweet too he’s not always edgy
  • favorite movie genre is human drama and i can see why

tl;dr: ritsu is a very good son and boy who has gone through some serious character development and needs lots of love

Fake Chats #106
  • Jimin: hyung, why did you have a gun in your bag?
  • Yoongi: why wouldn't I? How else do I get rid of persistent flirts who can't resist my beauty?
  • Jimin: did you just call yourself beautiful?
  • Yoongi: especially that Hopi kid. He doesn't know what rejection is.
  • Jimin: that's because you always humor him.
  • Yoongi: he's funny!
  • Jimin: so, you'd shoot the rest of us, but not Hopi-hyung?
  • Yoongi: oh, I'd shoot all of you. But Hopi would come back to life; probably reincarnate as Apollo or something.
  • Jimin:
  • Yoongi:
  • Jimin: no guns for you.
  • Yoongi: fine, whatever, I don't need one.
  • Jimin: no Apollo either.
  • Yoongi: don't you dare take away my Hopi.


I’ve been playing FFXV for the last two months because I recently acquired a PS4 and did not expect to enjoy it/be emotional over it nearly as much as I did… I’m embarrassed…

anyway the post-game Umbra mechanic always makes me incredibly sad

lyrics from ‘Too Much Is Never Enough’ from Florence + the Machine

One thing I love about Carry On (even though I love EVERYTHING) is that the characters aren’t perfect. Simon is a cinnamon roll and The Hero™ but he’s sometimes annoying or kind of creepy. He stalks his roomate, makes a lot of accusations without justification, and can be just plain oblivious.
Penny is a supportive friend who doesn’t give a damn about anyone outside her circle of friends. She loves her siblings but probably isn’t that good with kids, and she and Baz STOLE A DOG. She’s also judgmental, especially to Ebb.
Or Baz. Baz is pure and precious and lovely. And also kind of an asshole. He makes Simon his sworn enemy and when he realizes he has feelings for him, he just becomes worse. He always goes for the low blow.
AND WE LOVE THEM ANYWAYS. Because everyone is flawed, and deserves love.

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So, how is Happy in this AU of ours, mate? Or is he even in it? After all, if Natsu had never went to Fairy Tail, he wouldn't have hatched Happy's egg. Who knows, maybe Happy is the exceed of Acno's enemy, or maybe even the family cat?

Exceeds are also a part of this au, I made a joke about the kids having “pets” once and drew little Happy and little Carla before, but I usually like to focus on the part before the kids got their Exceeds (also because I make everything convenient in this au Lily is also one of the exceeds born in Earthland here shhh)

Also, Natsu and co. do eventually join FT. Since Acno is more of a loner than an asshole in this au, he’s also a member, he just doesn’t show up in the guild often.

FIC: Pulling Apart Miracles (Otayuri pre-slash)

This was meant to be a 5 Times Otabek Kissed Yuri and the 1 Time Yuri Kissed Him fic, but I’ve been such a slouch in the writing department lately. I doubt I’ll ever finish it, although you never know!

I decided to post the first part (”forehead kiss”), which can stand on its own, so here y’all go:


“What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” Yuri mumbles into the thing he’s lying on. He’s almost positive he’s still in the bathroom stall, so it might be the toilet seat. With his luck it’s the floor. It doesn’t matter, not when it’s so cool against his burning cheek that it’s completely worth every strain of hepatitis he’s getting from it. “I’m here to win a gold medal and fight crime.”

“Yakov is looking for you.”

“Tell him I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Victor and Katsuki are looking for you, too.”

“Tell them I’m dead.”

“Not too far from the truth, by the looks of it.”

“How dare you. I’m perfect. I’m in my prime. I'm—ugh, hang on—” It’s only by dredging the bottomless depths of his determination, the cold runoff from the wellspring at the summit of Spite Mountain, that he manages to get his face practically inside the toilet before the next bout of nausea hits like a freight train.

To his credit, Otabek says nothing, just waits patiently for Yuri to finish puking before attempting to appeal to Yuri’s better judgment. “You’re not going out there like this.”

“That your professional opinion, Dr. Altin?” He means for it to be positively dripping with bile, gone rough and sharp, the words eaten through with stomach acid. And they are. Literally. He spits out a chunk of something that might be tomato and then flails for the roll of toilet paper hanging on the wall next to him so he can wipe his chin.

Otabek takes a careful step forward. “Yura.”

“Don’t Yura me,” Yuri whines through clenched teeth, wuffing helplessly, mouth filling so quickly with saliva that he feels like he’s drowning. He spits it into the toilet. He read somewhere that if you swallow spit when you’re nauseated it’ll actually make you throw up more. “I worked too long and too hard for this, and I’m not about to let a little stomach bug that I probably picked up from some moron who couldn’t be bothered to wash their hands get in the way of a win. I’m reaching for the fucking stars.”

“Can you even stand?”

“… Yes.”

“Prove it and I’ll make sure no one stops you from getting to the ice,” Otabek says, and Yuri doesn’t have to open his eyes to know that Otabek has that look on his face, the one that’s barely a look at all: an impenetrable castle with time-worn stone, overgrown with ivy and moss. It’s unnerving as hell and never fails to fill Yuri with vicious glee to see it turned onto lesser mortals, but this time it’s on him and that rankles enough to spur him into motion.

“Fine.” He pushes himself up and carefully gets to his feet, then, smarmily, throws his arms out wide. “See? Drink it in, asshole.”

Otabek says nothing for a long moment. “You didn’t do anything.”

It takes a second for the words to sink in, but before he can muster the energy to punch Otabek for impugning his honor, Yuri realizes that he’s still on the floor, head in the toilet like he’s wearing the world’s most fucked-up hat. He tries to gather the strength he’s been working to gain for the last six months under Lilia’s terrifying tutelage and conquer the daunting task of pushing himself up, except his arms don’t so much as tense.

“Just throw me onto the ice,” Yuri whispers, squeezing his eyes shut against the first hot pinpricks of frustration that lurk just behind his lashes. “A belly flop from me is better than anyone else’s best short program.”

There’s a sudden, gentle hand on his back that feels like someone just plunked an elephant on top of him, and it hurts like nothing he’s ever felt and feels so good he almost thinks about just letting the tears come after all. He endures both an eternity and mere seconds of this before it disappears altogether. His mouth opens and a startled moan falls out.  

Otabek murmurs, “When did it start?”

He can’t quite pin that down because there’s a weird moment after takeoff where time ceases to exist, but by the time his flight touched down at LaGuardia Yuri had been doggedly swallowing around the sour crackle in his jaw for what felt like hours, his skin a soaked canvas painted in whorls of fire and ice. He damn near killed some old bat on the skybridge in his haste to get to the bathroom just in time to be reacquainted with the in-flight meal—some roasted chicken thing that they served in a cardboard package. The tomato rice side was pretty decent, so of course that’s all he can fucking taste.

“I’m never flying KLM again.” His voice spirals tragically into the stratosphere and then splits on again. If Otabek doesn’t slam the toilet lid down on his neck right this second and end this humiliation, Yuri is cancelling their friendship. “I’m gonna send the CEO a glitter bomb. And then burn his house to the ground.”

“I’ll find the address for you,” Otabek says, and it’s the click and flare of fire underneath a pot of cold water, a simmer slow to start but bringing with it the promise of boiling over. Yuri’s never seen Otabek angry, but he knows when it happens it’ll leave him absolutely devastated in an impact crater of his own making. It’s always the quiet ones. Look at Seung-gil. That kid is a serial killing spree waiting to happen.

Yuri’s eyes are burning. He closes them in search of a moment of respite from this complete and utter shitshow, and tries again. “The season’s just starting and I have to go on, Beka. If I don’t, I’m out. You, Victor, and Katsudon are all competing and I can't—after all of this fucking shit, I can’t not—”

Even if he wanted to bow out, he doesn’t know how. Every trace of acceptance has been beaten out of him, so much that even the muscle memory’s atrophied to nothing. He’s a creature comprised entirely of sharp angles and grit, created in the image of a woman who is a walking, talking steak knife, and he’s not about to dull his edges just because he didn’t go with the vegetarian option.

Nothing short of death is stopping him from going out there, and even then he’s sure he could finagle something.  

“No one would think badly of you if you—”

I would think fucking badly of me, and my opinion is the only one I care about,” he snarls, then lets out a truly horrifying whimper. The worst of the nausea has passed, but he’s going to throw up. “I didn’t mean that.”

He never does. Sometimes the words come faster than he can think to stop them, more barbed than he wants, dripping with blood he didn’t intend mean to draw, but by that point it doesn’t matter because no one in their right mind is going to stick around to search through a steaming pile of shit in hopes of finding a flower.

“I know what you meant,” Otabek says.

It’s thrown down like a winning card hand, like fire from on high, and for a split second Yuri is so thrown by the sheer indelibility of it that he can’t see for the slant of the sun in his eyes while Park Güell hides them from the world. Are we going to be friends or not?

There are words he should be saying to express the sheer gratitude he feels that Otabek is here, is in his life at all, and they might all taste like tomato-flavored vomit but they’d be something, and if Otabek deserves anything it’s that. Instead, they sit pretty in the back of his throat and hold onto his tongue for dear life, which, fuck, no, they have to let go so he can tell Otabek, so Otabek knows—

Tears burn at the corners of his eyes, rough-riding the sudden wave of frustration at his inability to act like the fucking person he wants to be for Otabek Altin. The flower hiding in the pile of shit.

Otabek just exhales, long and low, and murmurs, “Okay.”

The world tilts suddenly, dangerously. Yuri’s stomach begins shouting “ALL HANDS ON DECK, WATCH YOUR SHOES” but he clenches his jaw and forces that shit back down, tucking his hot face into the place where Otabek’s throat meets his shoulder with a truly pathetic whine. Otabek lifts him like he weighs less than nothing. Yuri tries not to take it personally, on account of Otabek being a fucking terminator.

“Hey.” The shoulder Yuri’s nestled against rises and gently falls. “Lift up for second.”

You lift up. I’m staying right here until you toss me into the rink. Hope you haven’t skipped arm day, asshole, because—”

Otabek doesn’t even give him a chance to finish the sentence, just bounces Yuri’s cheek with his shoulder because he was raised by wolves, grumbling something that sounds an awful lot like ‘don’t tempt me,’ and turns his head.

Every single thought leaves Yuri’s head as though they were woodland creatures fleeing from a forest fire set by a bunch of jackasses in the woods, except one stubborn bastard stands its ground:

No one’s lips should be this soft.

“My mom used to take our temperatures like this,” Otabek murmurs against Yuri’s forehead. “Said it worked better than any thermometer.”

Helplessly, Yuri’s hand slides up to grab a fistful of butter-soft leather. The ubiquitous motorcycle jacket shouldn’t be as much of a comfort as it is, but the storm churning in his gut settles just a very little bit at the feel of it. He draws a breath that rattles in his throat and tastes a little like puke, but there are notes of something wild in it—a lonely wind trying to catch up to a motorbike that seems to fly all on its own, or the thump of the bass buried beneath the layers of an unfinished song—that he savors like a stolen sip of someone else’s vodka. For a moment, his mind goes quiet.

“You don’t feel that warm.” The lips pressed to his skin curve up. “You’re good to go. That’s my professional opinion.”

The smell of the wind dissipates altogether from Otabek’s skin. Yuri opens his eyes, present and accounted for, and bites back a whimper at the sudden rush of something that feels like a chill, but isn’t. It’s as though his entire body has become a live wire, exposed and ready to blow. His skin prickles, cold, then hot, and he snaps, “Dr. Altin saves the day.”

“Good thing I’ll have something to fall back on if skating doesn’t work out.”

“Fix your sloppy fucking toe loops and you should be fine.” The thought of Otabek not being on the ice is a terrifying one. He wiggles a little until Otabek gingerly puts him down. When his skate guards hit the floor, Yuri wobbles, and for a second he thinks that gravity’s going to add insult to injury by pushing him just enough for him to crumble to the ground, but he locks his knees and holds steady.

Stepping back, Otabek doesn’t say anything, but Yuri can practically hear the gears turning behind that controlled front—which he suspects is hiding secret mind-reading abilities—while he cycles through every possible response. But every response is the wrong one, and Otabek isn’t stupid. So he doesn’t say anything, just gives a shrug and gestures to the door.

“If Victor and the pig are waiting out there—”

“I’ll run interference for you,” Otabek says, and the hell of it is he would, too. “Go rinse out your mouth. Your breath smells like death.”

“I’ll vom on everything you love,” Yuri vows, but he wobbles over to the sink. Against the back of his throat, the cold water feels like the first push off on fresh ice. He spits, then splashes water over his cheeks and chin, and carefully avoids his forehead.

Otabek hands him a fistful of paper towels, then gestures to his own chest. “You have a little…”

“There are so many rhinestones on this fucking thing that no one will ever see it through the glare,” Yuri mutters, drying his face and then dabbing at his chest. “If you ever tell anyone about this, I swear to god I’ll put sugar in your gas tank.”

The unimpressed tilt of Otabek’s eyebrow speaks volumes and Yuri averts his eyes to the crumbled paper towels in his hand, a little ashamed. If there’s one thing he’s learned since they watched the sunset on the top of the world, it’s that Otabek Altin is ride or die to the very end.

Pressing his lips together to prevent anything stupid from falling out—like an apology, or a plea for Otabek to bring his mouth back, but lower—Yuri tosses the paper towels in the trash and then holds out his arms, presenting himself for inspection. A rumbling threat of backflow stirs in his belly, but it turns out to be a little burp. He holds it in. “Well?”

Mila once joked that Otabek’s superpower is to “look at the hell out of things” and she wasn’t wrong. The first time that stare was leveled at him, he was completely unprepared: his legs shook, his heartbeat kicked into double time, and all sound seemed to disappear. In all honesty, he thought he was having a stroke. But then the weight was suddenly sliding away like a shadow, leaving him oddly bereft as the weird hot guy with the thousand-laser stare blinked, looked elsewhere, and walked away. A punch to the jaw would’ve been easier to take.

It’s been ages since, but the effects haven’t lessened with time. Even now, Otabek’s gaze is the slow, considering drag of a storm, towing the line where a harmless breeze gives way to a writhing, spinning hunger. Yuri loves storms; loves the sheer scale of them, the unpredictability, the unapologetic hunger that tears at the very fabric of the world. A storm doesn’t hesitate. A storm doesn’t say sorry, and it isn’t weak, except when it is, and even then it’s unstoppable. In another life he’d be chasing them, flaying them open to learn their secrets and devouring whatever he found.

The smile Otabek gives him is small but heartfelt, because he hasn’t given Yuri proof that he knows any other kind. It feels like the bone-rattling promise of a supercell.


Otabek isn’t a storm to be hunted. He isn’t a mystery; as the first person who’s ever voluntarily stuck around for Yuri, he’s a miracle. And you don’t pull those apart to try and find the center. You just be grateful that they happened at all.

“Wonderful,” Yuri snaps, cheeks warm. “Time to blow minds.”

“And not chunks.”

It’s only by the grace of Otabek’s Terminator reflexes that he manages to easily sidestep the punch that Yuri aims at his face.

The permission
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Sakura:</b> Mama, Papa, Sasuke-kun and I have something very important to discuss with you<p/><b>Kizashi:</b> your pregnant aren't you?<p/><b>Mebuki:</b> I knew this would happen one day😭<p/><b>Sakura:</b> WHAT! NO!!!<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> ( ignoring their comment) Sakura and I have decided to get married, I came here to ask for your permission.<p/><b></b> ...........................<p/><b>Both parents:</b> EEEEHHHHHHH!!!<p/><b>Sakura:</b> I know this may come as a shock to you. But I love Sasuke-kun and I know he loves me too!! So-<p/><b>Kizashi:</b> (ignoring sakura and looking at sasuke) Ya sure you want to marry my daughter?My tomboyish daughter who can't even cook if her life depends on it?<p/><b>Mebuki:</b> The same daughter who AlWAYS forget to put the shoes on the rack? Who forgets to do the dishes even when I remind her a 1000 times!!<p/><b>Kizashi:</b> Kid there's plenty of fish in the sea!! And your such a handsome boy!! Just like I was when I was your age. I tell you I had soo many admires!! Girls used to-<p/><b>Mebuki:</b> ( waving her hand to silence kizashi) yes yes whatever but seriously honey you can tell me did she blackmail you or something? Cause I know some very charming and ladylike girls you can settle with😄!!<p/><b>Sakura:</b> ( red faced) What kind of parents are you??? Stop setting up my fiance with someone else when I'm sitting right here! SHANNARO!!<p/><b>Both parents:</b> ( starts laughing 😂) We were just kidding!!<p/><b>Sakura:</b> IT WASN'T FUNNY!! God you guys are-<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> ( smiles slightly while watching the haruno's bicker loudly with each other) there all so annoying.<p/></p><p/></p>
nct 127 as things my dad has said
  • Taeyong: I told you to clean your room- Well you don't need to go now! It's too late, I already did it! And I used febreeze.
  • Taeil: I bet I can hit that high note- *doesn't hit the high note* You were looking at me and I got nervous.
  • Johnny: I am always professionally dressed at work. *is wearing socks with rabbits in hats on them* What about that isn't professional?
  • Yuta: *in response to me trying to hug him* No thank you. The only person who can hug me, is me.
  • Doyoung: I can't believe you just called me cute. Have you seen me? Do you know any other men who would look this good, at MY age?!
  • WinWin: Everyone called me a cute kid- little did they know that I would eventually take over the world.
  • Jaehyun: Sometimes you have to look a little less gorgeous than usual; people can't always be blinded by my beauty! Also, it makes them feel better about themselves.
  • Mark: I can't believe I haven't helped at least one person today? What is my life coming to?!
  • Haechan: *in response to me asking for him to help with something* Imagine if I wasn't the most kind and generous human alive.