can't i be strong and go to prom

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I must admit that I loved Crystal's credits in Teen Wolf, how it went from her kissing Scott to drawing her bow. It just keeps bringing back the whole "Can't I be strong and go to prom?" for me, which I feel is something girls need to see a lot more in media - girls who can kick ass but still care about feminine stuff.

Actually the Teen Wolf intro is a well of clues and interesting stuff, much more than you’d think. And Allison’s part certainly was as well.

It starts with her kissing Scott giving us the star-crossed lovers link, but immediately she leans back and draws her bow showing how she’s so much more than just a love interest. Like you point out - she’s strong and she wants to go to the prom.

Also i love how the image shows all her layers. This both helps give her depth but it also shows us that Allison is someone who tries to fit many different roles but hasn’t necessarily found her identiy yet. We learn in season 1 that she’s tried multiple things like painting and poetry but how none of them were “her”. Often we search and try out things to fit in or because it’s expected of us. We’re all searching for who we are and what we like, but often we limit our options.

Allison is very much searching for who she is - and in her gut she already kind of knows, but it’s not a conventional thing and like most she wants to fit in. Kate’s return serves as a catalyst for her hunter side. In her she finds a role model, someone who she can look up to. And remember this is before she even knows what Scott is. It’s a natural instinct but one that Chris and Victoria hasn’t cultivated. Of course Kate wasn’t a healthy choice per say, but even if she’s bad news and not a good person, she at least has the strenght to go her own path.

Allison really was a great and inspirational character in that regard - showcasing that you can be feminin and kickass at the same time - we don’t have to choose. I think Lydia embodies the same characteristics only this time showing us that you can be both smart and nerdy and still care about things like fashion as well as be brave.