can't honestly say i'm not considering it


I honestly feel like a lot of non-Mexicans don’t consider what we have to say about our representation. Like, I’m a half indigenous Mexican that’s cautiously optimistic about pixar’s coco, but is excited about the prospect of a movie like this being released in America to a mainstream audience. But if another Mexican doesn’t feel the same, that’s totally fine because we’re not represented a lot and we shouldn’t have to just “accept what we got” and we should be allowed to say that we deserve better, if that makes sense.

Also instead of comparing coco to the book of life, you should probably be looking into the fact that Disney attempted to trademark Dia de los Muertos at one point. Because I’m totally fine with having more than one Day of the Dead movie, since we have tons of Christmas and Halloween movies. I just want non-Mexicans to focus on the bigger issues, you know what I mean?

Idk just try to remember that our opinions are really the only opinions that matter when it comes to things like this, ok?