can't honestly say i'm not considering it

due to some stuff i have seen on my dash lately i feel the need to say that if you’re mentally ill it’s not bad or “romanticising” to speak candidly about your symptoms in a casual environment such as a social networking site. if seeing people doing that makes you uncomfortable, consider being less ableist perhaps. 

we know being mentally ill sucks, we have to deal with it every day. you don’t have to remind us that suffering is Actually Bad. but if all we ever talked about was how much it sucks, that’d be boring, and kind of a bummer, wouldn’t it? it’s much better for everyone if we can support each other and provide a stigma-free environment for other people who are struggling.

anonymous asked:

I understand if you don't want to talk about it anymore because it's old news or it bothers you, but I was wondering, has the recent debacle with Liam changed your opinion of him? I only ask because I really like your views on fandom related things lol. I love Liam a lot, but I can't say I'm over it or it doesn't bother me because it all made me really uncomfortable, yet a lot of people seem to have forgiven him already so.

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