can't get what we want

  • Pathologist: *enters the morgue*
  • Sherlock: *examining a body*
  • Pathologist: *rolls his eyes* Excuse me, sir, this area is out of bounds to-
  • Sherlock: *still looking at the body* It's okay.
  • Pathologist: *sighs* If you don't leave, I'll have to call security.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I said it's fine.
  • Pathologist: *frowns* Why is it fine?
  • Sherlock: *smirks* I'm sleeping with the boss.
  • Pathologist: ...
  • Pathologist: *confused* You're sleeping with Stamford?
  • Sherlock: *looks up; annoyed* The other boss.
  • Molly: *enters the morgue, carrying coffees; irritated* Here's your bloody coffee, you git. Have you finished now so I can do my job?
  • Sherlock: *steps aside; takes the coffee, grinning* Yes, boss.
  • Pathologist: ...

What I really want right now
is a connection. It doesn’t have
to be in a romantic way, or
in any specific way really.

I just want to be able to have
a feeling of security with someone
because I’ve become so untrusting
of people and I think it’d be nice
to trust again. I just want to know
if there is someone I can talk to,
about anything and everything.

Is there someone who can make
me feel safe, or wanted, and
ultimately happy? Is there someone
who I can make feel that way?

Although it sounds an awful lot
like love, I’m not looking for a
relationship, of that kind at least.

I just want someone who is willing
and able to understand me just
as much as I am about them.
(But if it becomes more than that,
I’m not opposed to it, just know when
I love, I love hard. Maybe that’s why
I don’t trust much anymore.)