can't get over with it


a bunch of people have tagged me to post selfies but I hadn’t taken any and today I look bomb so enjoy(??

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And thus this series is concluded. I’m actually feeling very conflicted about seeing it end, but of course, all things must. Thank you to all those who have experienced this series with me. 💙✨

Lately I’ve been thinking about my ex “best friend” and the way she treated me, and for some reason I still miss her. After all the shit she said to me, all the times she made me cry or feel bad about myself I fucking miss her? I can’t believe I was friends with her for 6 years, I guess I didn’t want to leave her since she was the only one I had. Yet I couldn’t be myself around her, I could tell her everything. I can’t help but think that I deserve it. I deserved to be called stupid and ugly, I deserved to be made fun of for everything I’ve ever done, I deserved to be treated like shit and call it friendship,I deserve to have no one who gives a single shit about me. She was everything to me, but she didn’t care about me. I still blame myself for being annoying or rarely snapping back after she yelled me. My favorite thing out of this whole friendship was when I would tell her some personal shit, then she would tell everyone and make fun of everything I told her. I honestly can’t tell if I’m sad or happy without her

But unless you are someone like Harry - who is immensely talented in so many different areas - I think it’s really important to stay in your lane and do what you do well.
—  Louis Tomlinson, 20/7/17 (BBC BTY article)