can't get over that this is my homework

A/N: Original stuff from me, which means you can skip it, but I thought I’d post it anyway. Written for a friend who’s an english teacher. So I guess this is my english homework?! QQ. Lemme know what y’all think.

Long Roads

Prompt: The child has asked something simple but profound. Something is exchanged between them, but the meaning is only really apparent to the reader.


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anonymous asked:

ok but what if when jason died bruce planned to get rid of anything jason but it took him awhile because he couldn't even go to the manor. it was too quiet, it was too clean with out jason. he stayed in a hotel down the road for a few days, it took alfred and dick to beg him to come home to finally get him to open the door. when he gets home he just walks straight to his room. can't go to kitchen, thats where he did homework. not the cave, thats where they trained, everywhere remind him of jay

But this
I bet he went outside Gotham, to a little motel. He checks into the front and it’s a teenaged brother and sister. The girl realizes that it’s Bruce Wayne but he’s so broken-hearted that she doesn’t say anything. And as her brother is handing over the key, his eyes widen and he blurts out, “Aren’t you Bru–”
And she elbows him and hisses, “Not now, Darsh.”
So Bruce turns away, amid the squabbling of the two.
“You didn’t need to hit so hard, Riya.”
“Can’t you see he’s sad?”
“Pay attention to the news. His kid died.”
“Jason Todd?”
“Yes, keep your voice down!”
And he is once again reminded of Jay, because he used to bicker with Dick just like that.
He sits in his room for days, just staring into the same dreary parking lot. Riya comes in to give him meals and new towels, but every time the food is uneaten and in same exact place as before. She turns away, trying to give the broken-hearted man peace.
But her mother has a few opinions about the matter, and their guest always seems to know what she said in the kitchen.
“A boy blowing up? Sounds suspicious. It’s probably about money. Wasn’t he taken by the state once?”
“Mom, I don’t think–”
“That’s why children should stay out of the public eye. That man nearly murdered his child himself when he brought him out for all the world to see.”
“They were going to see him anyway, Mom. He’s the kid of a billionaire. I practically grew up with pictures of Jason Todd on every newspaper.”
“Exactly, Darsh.”
But then she sees him.
A broken man, far too pale and wet eyelashes that betray too much. His hand trembles when he pays for the next week.
She regrets everything she said on the matter, and it is mother Parminder who finally convinces him to eat a little.
He chews and he can’t taste a thing, but at least it’s no longer dry with unshed tears.

(Thank you so much for sharing, it hurts but it’s a good pain)

kurotsuki + kisses
  • comforting kisses: when kuroo feels listless and he'd rather spend time waiting by the washing-machine for the laundry to be done than do anything productive so he pulls a hoodie over his head, looking like he's fought the void and lost. tsukishima finds him like this and tugs at the cords of his hoodie, ducking his head into that tiny dark kingdom kuroo has retreated in. he kisses him until the hoodie comes off.
  • dare kisses: when they seek shelter under a half-roof of a shop on their way back from a convenience store because kuroo craved corn flakes at wee hours in the morning. the rain pours and tsukishima complains, half-asleep and half-attuned to every glide of kuroo's hand through his messy black hair. kuroo notices and teases, "all this rain and yet you thirst." tsukishima scoffs but doesn't deny. then, kuroo leaves the safety of the roof, arms spread wide as the rain eats him whole. he licks his lips and beckons: "here, tsukki. two birds with one stone." tsukishima steps out into the rain.
  • sugar-coated kisses: when tsukishima comes back to bed from a late-night snack and kuroo snuggles closer, kisses him on the mouth and murmurs: "brush your teeth, sugar." tsukishima, too lazy to move, presses a kiss to kuroo's lips, licking into his mouth so kuroo forgets to reprimand him about snacking but remembers the taste of this in the morning.
  • breathless kisses: when a movie is boring and tsukishima starts mouthing at kuroo's neck and kuroo tries to pretend he's still paying attention to the movie but he's acutely aware of the glide of tsukishima's lips on his neck, his jaw, his cheek. he turns and they kiss and kiss and kiss.
  • promised kisses: when kuroo stares at tsukishima's lips as he nibbles on his pencil and gets caught so he has no choice but to confess: "i have things on my mind that don't involve calculus homework." tsukishima lifts his eyebrow, unable to conceal his grin. he taps kuroo's notebook and says, "find x. x is the number of kisses i'll give you." kuroo has never been more passionate about finding x.
  • spontaneous kisses: when they're hunched over a sink, washing dishes, and kuroo starts humming a random anime opening. he looks so content and relaxed even though there's gross wet food stuck on his fingers and tsukishima can't help but lean in to kiss the corner of his lips. kuroo regards him with curiosity. tsukishima says, "there's curry stuck on your fingers. it annoys me." kuroo nudges him and says, "so you kissed me?" tsukishima kisses him again, this time fully on the mouth. "so I kissed you."

Me an hour ago: lord i need to do homework i have two midterms week after next and I’ve barely touched the material

Myself @ me an hour ago: you know what you should do instead? Find the blogs of the girls you were friends with in high school and spend more time agonizing over questions you’re never going to get the answer to

Me @ myself: holy shit you’re a genius

me during band camp/ rehearsals during marching season
  • Me: Well, I'm here now... ughhhhhhh
  • Me: I am going to throw my instrument across the field if we run this set over AGAIN
  • Me: water.....
  • Me: just kidding... I really need water...
  • Me: oh my god I hate our show
  • Me: *plays show over and over and over and over*
  • Me: *tries to play louder than another section*
  • Me: Sooooo is it champs yet?
  • Me: I'm tired.
  • Me: F*ck I missed my dot.
  • Me: Sh*t
  • Me: crap crap crap crap crap
  • Me: I'm okay..... okay.....
  • Me: I hate football games
  • Me: I can't wait till the next comp
  • Me: can marching season be over already?
  • Me: can I go to the bathroom?
  • Me: I forgot my reed.
  • Me: Can I go get a new reed?
  • Me: Sooooo I kind of need to go back to the band room for valve oil..
  • Me: I want to be drum major next year!
  • Me: wait but then I can't march in the show...
  • Me: Oh practice is over? wait nevermind, time for an hour long talk with the director and DMs.
  • Me: *gets home around 10 PM*
  • Me: I should do homework...
  • Me: LOL nope. *falls asleep*
  • me, yawning at 2pm: i'm so tired i can't wait to go home and sleep i wish i could take a nap right now honestly and just sleep for the rest of my life
  • me, yawning at 2am: there are over 5,125,046 articles on wikipedia and at best i've only read less than .001% of them if i try hard enough i can probably read them all by morning
"Hi hello yes HELP! I have a delightful problem. I can't get out of bed with my girlfriend. I don't mean like SEX, I mean like she's warm and soft and and cuddly and smells good and I love her and I physically cannot remove myself from bed with her and it's taking a toll on my ability to get shit done. This isn't even a new relationship. We've been together for over a year, but we're still puppy dog nuts in love and I need to do my homework and get to class on time! HOW?! HELP ME!!"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says: 

This is difficult, esp because I am a naturally cold human and when I snuggle with someone who is a naturally warm human i just DON’T WANT TO MOVE BECAUSE IT IS PERFECT AND THE OUTSIDE WORLD IS COLD AND NOT SOFT. 

But, we have to get shit done so use cuddles as rewards. For every 10 math problems you get done, you can cuddle for 30 minutes. Or if you go out for dinner instead of eating bowls of cereal in bed, you get to make out behind a building. oR give yourself rules, like “no cuddling or touching between 4pm and 6pm.” You can hang out and give each other sexy looks, but NO TOUCHING and you MUST be doing something productive. 

If you force yourself to not touch each other for periods of time, you’ll be so stoked when it’s touch:30 o’clock. TRUST ME. 

Kristin Says:

First of all: “you get to make out behind a building” - Dannielle Owens-Reid

Second of all: I agree with MOST of this but I do think that if you give yourselves 2 hours where you can’t touch at all but you CAN hang out and give each other sexy looks… you are going to have a SERIOUS problem concentrating and probably just wind up tangled in each other’s limbs underneath your blankets. So, beware of that suggestions.

Third of all: my advice. Although a reward system is super fun, I also think that you can tackle this issue by simply making the decision to get your shit done. I know, I KNOWWWW that the bed feels good and her skin feels soft and you just want to drown in it for all the days because loooove and such, but you are slowly going to start to feel wobbly as you get more and more detached from your other responsibilities. You know? 

This is really an issue of immediate satisfaction versus longterm satisfaction… and I think all of us go through that (and ESPECIALLY as we go from middle school to high school to college to being old). We all want what we want when want it… that’s just being human. You want to cuddle and you want to cuddle NOW. We get it. The thing is, though, life can’t always work within a system of immediate gratification, sooooo I’d advise you both to think about how mighty and powerful you will feel if you simply make the decision to get up out of bed and do the other tasks that need completing. Then, when you finish them, you will crawl into your bed knowing that not only do you have someone who loves you to limb-tangle with, but you also just helped each other complete your other responsibilities.

In my HUMBLE opinion, those cuddles are even better than the escapist, hide-from-the-other-shit cuddles.


me : I’m going to do homework and be productive today

me : *sets several alarms*

me : *gets homework*

me : *stares at homework*

me : *sighs*

me : I’ll just go on Tumblr for a few minutes

me : *ignores all alarms and spends all day on Tumblr*

me : oh well, I guess I’ll just do it tomorrow

me : *repeats same routine all over again the next day*