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Fic Rec: Axe For the Frozen Sea I II III IV  by @dessertarianism​ 

Summary: The five things Eijun learns from Animal’s book // Eijun wonders what the great swordsman had to say about running away // Eijun cries over fictional characters & shoujo manga // Eijun doesn’t look like an idiot when wearing glasses.

p.s. Happy super belated birthday @verbingweirdslanguage!!!!!!!!!!!

The Signs As Jack Handey Quotes
  • Aries: "After I die, wherever my spirit goes, I'm going to try to get back and visit my skeleton at least once a year, because, "Hey, old buddy, how's it going?""
  • Taurus: “The tiger can't change his spots. No, wait, he did! Good for him!”
  • Gemini: “Sometimes I wonder if I'm patriotic enough. Yes, I want to kill people, but on both sides.”
  • Cancer: “I hope if dogs ever take over the world, and they chose a king, they don’t just go by size, because I bet there are some Chihuahuas with some good ideas.”
  • Leo: "I wish outer-space guys would conquer Earth and make people their pets, because I'd like to have one of those little basket-beds with my name on it."
  • Virgo: "Just as bees will swarm about to protect their nest, so will I "swarm about" to protect my nest of chocolate eggs."
  • Libra: “I think a good novel would be where a bunch of men on a ship are looking for a whale. They look and look, but you know what? They never find him. And you know why they never find him? It doesn’t say. The book leaves it up to you, the reader, to decide. Then, at the very end, there’s a page you can lick and it tastes like Kool-Aid.”
  • Scorpio: "The first thing was, I learned to forgive myself. Then, I told myself, "Go ahead and do whatever you want, it's okay by me.""
  • Sagittarius: "You can't tell me that cowboys, when they're branding cattle, don't sort of "accidentally" brand each other every once in a while. It's their way of letting off stress."
  • Capricorn: "I guess the hard thing for a lot of people to accept is why God would allow me to go running through their yards, yelling and spinning around."
  • Aquarius: “We tend to scoff at the beliefs of the ancients. But we can’t scoff at them personally, to their faces, and this is what annoys me.”
  • Pisces: "Instead of putting a quarter under a kid's pillow, how about a pinecone? That way, he learns that "wishing" isn't going to save our national forests."

Far over the Misty Mountains rise..

Happy Birthday, Selina! <3

betelxeuse  asked:

Hi♥ Your last mafia au art it's so beautiful and great♥♥ I wanted to ask, what would sex be like between them after Otabek kills somebody that tried to harm his Yura? I feel like the worst person on earth for thinking about this and asking, but I can't let it go ffff. And on a lighter note, I follow your instagram and I've been wondering, how are the loverboy sims doing? I miss them haha

I think it would be incredibly intense. Beka would be on a huge adrenaline high, still wanting to protect Yuri no matter what. I definitely see Yuri being the one who eventually tries to calm him, after he gets over his initial glee over protective Beka (let’s be real, mafia Yuri loves it when he gets protective. He likes to feel wanted after being lonely for so long 😭) Beka would definitely be grinding Yuri into the mattress (or shower wall, or floor, or wherever they make it to), growling that he’s going to keep Yuri safe no matter what the cost, until his adrenaline starts to wear off. Once that does, I can definitely see it ending with Yuri flipping them and riding Beka, soothing him and thanking his daddy for always taking such good care of him and keeping him safe.

For your second question, I haven’t had any time to play so they’re exactly where I left them 😩


Hello!! I’m Oliver!! I was diagnosed with autism when I was 14 years old, and at the time I was really confused, because they didn’t tell me what it /actually/ was, or how it effected me x__x

I’m 17 years old now, and through the years I’ve learnt a lot about myself, and my autism! :D The biggest, and most important thing I’ve learnt is that I have -NOTHING- to be ashamed of :3 Being autistic doesn’t make me “weird” or less humam than anyone else. I love being autistic, and I embrace it all the time!

The picture on the right was taken in my old bedroom in late 2015 (I think xD), and the one on the left was taken in May 2016, when I went to the beach with one of my best friends, Carlin! :D

My favourite stims are raptor hands (for sure!!!), flappy hands and auditory and visual stims online. c: I also love, love, LOVE soft things and stuff with nice textures!!! Sometimes I also sit in a certain way, and put my hood up and cover my hands with the sleeves (like sweater paws)!

I also have lots and lots of special interests hehe :D I love biology. conservation and history! I love animals and learning about plants, and I also love collecting rocks, pebbles, shells and other things from beaches!! I love Pokèmom and Kirby, and Luigi (my favourite Luigi game is Luigi’s Mansion 2!!) and I love learning about policing, and watching crime TV shows and documentaries (my favourite crime fiction shows are Lewis and Silent Witness). I love Voltron too!! And a lot of different animes!! I have so many!! I can’t possibly list them all x3

If you ever wanna talk about your special interests or info dump with me then feel free to message me!!! :D

To all of my autistic friends - you are wonderful, you are valid, and you have NOTHING to be ashamed of. Stand proud, and keep being yourselves, because you are all freakin’ great!! 😁

Keep learning about your special interest(s)!
Stim as much as you want!
Info dump about the things you love!

Embrace being YOU!

You’re lovely, bold and unique, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

If you ever need anyone, then I’m only a message away :3

Stay safe and take care, my autistic friends. Keep being brave!

(He/him pronouns please! :3)

- @raichu-paws

  • Me: I love Raphael cause he's a catholic Latino who suffered so much all these years and had to give up hid childhood and almost his family when he was turned into a vampire when he was only 15 he also saved himself with nothing but his sheer resolve to remain slightly human even if it meant putting himself through torture so he could see his family again Raphael who is witty and teasing who is a strong leader of his clan and deserves everyone's love
  • You: Raphael you mean the aphael in Saphael?

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Man, I can't get over how amazing this blog is <3 I just love everything about it. The art is spectacular, the comics are marvelous, and you're a wonderful and kind person! I always look forward to seeing your comic everyday as well as any of your post ^^ I wish we could be friends, since I'm sure you'd be an awesome one, but I'm to shy to talk to ya. However, I'm fine with simply sending you stuff that'll hopefully make you happy!

whaaat ;\\; YOU are amazing oh my god your message made my day ;\\; Don’t be afraid to write me!!  I really would like to talk with you ;\\; thank you so much!! <3<3

Polyamory sentence starters
  • You know I love you, right? Because... I think I'm attracted to someone else.
  • My wife/husband and I want you to be our boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Have you ever tried dating two people at once before?
  • Wait a minute, so the both of you want me?
  • I'm so confused, I don't understand it. I want you, but I want them, too.
  • Are you sure they're not going to get jealous over us being together?
  • Wait, so how does this work? Are you just going to share me?
  • If I wanted to try kissing both of you, could I?
  • I don't want to get between the two of you, but I love you. Both of you.
  • Remember that guy/girl from work I was telling you about? I want to invite them to join us.
  • I can't sleep without both of you there.
  • It's not cheating if we have permission to be together.
  • Wait, is this a date? Did the two of you invite me out on a date?
  • We were wondering if you'd like to come home with us. Both of us.
  • We don't have the usual sort of relationship, we're open to inviting others.
  • I'm not sure who's eyefucked me more tonight, you or your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • I've never known of three people making it work before, but I want to try.

anonymous asked:

So I donated to your kickstarter so long ago that I can't even remember when it was and you haven't been making updates about the progress of the album in a very long time. I know life happens and sometimes things get pushed back but I'm starting to wonder where my money went and if I will ever get the vinyl I paid for. It's been well over a year and it's making me think you just took everyone's money and don't really care how long they have to wait to see what they paid for come to life.

this mite be a long post! please for the love of god feel free to scroll beyond if u dont care, i truly hate when people fuck up my feed with their essays so ya. that is my disclaimer here. ok.

ok. deep breath.
i talk about this/my campaign/my project VERY often on twitter (it’s distracting and often harmful for me to use tumblr and facebook regularly. sorry if that’s inconvenient). i realize most people aren’t actively checking my shit & that my tweets get buried in the constant avalanche of my stupid thoughts, so i’ll summarize the past year or so. hopefully whoever left this anonymous message will check back to see the answer and if so, i IMPLORE u to read the entire thing instead of picking out details from the first 4 sentences and sending me another message about how i stole your fucking money.

my album is almost finished. i’ve said this multiple times over the course of the past year, but this time it’s like, legitimately fact. i’m feeling extra sensitive right now and reading this message felt like stepping on a rusty nail, so i’ll go ahead and give you as many details as possible to explain why it’s taken me over a year to complete my first full-length album. 

i am an independent artist, as you probably know. i am also an extreme perfectionist. when i began my kickstarter campaign in september of 2015, i had about 30 songs written that i’d poorly recorded in my shitty apartment, many of which i hoped to record professionally for my first proper (and physical) release. i could not fucking stand the thought of being contractually obligated to make music via label and figured kickstarter was my last hope. i honestly thought it would fail miserably and decided that when my campaign came to a humiliating end, i’d move on from music and do something else that wouldn’t make me feel so fucking horrible about myself. somehow, thanks to you and everyone else who made my dream come true, i made enough money to actually make a record.

two months later in january of 2016, i went home to florida from LA to visit my family for the holidays. thanks to my incredible fucking luck, some kind of crime ring was hitting licks on every major airline’s baggage claim at LAX post-holiday and my luggage containing 3 notebooks filled with all of my lyrics, 2 external hard drives and a bunch of little USB drives containing 2 years of my work were stolen. hmu if u want the police report for proof. 

i lost a lot of work (and learned the value of The Cloud- i hate to trust it after my nudes were leaked and my fucking whole bank account was emptied after someone hacked my shit in 2014, but here we are) and basically all morale but pieced together what i could from what i had left. i hired a producer i’ve admired for years to be the executive producer of my record and decided this fucking bullshit was an opportunity to make my shit better. due to unfortunate, unforgivable and honestly criminal circumstances, this fucking psycho wasted an upsetting amount of my time and decided to back out of my project. THAT particular situation keeps me up at night and i fucking live for the day i can tell that goddamn story, it truly shocks me that a human being could do me like that fool did me, yall will find out one day but ahem. anyway. 

after this incredible fucking scam, i decided to ONCE AGAIN start anew considering the legal and financial obligations of releasing music that had been co-written by this bad fucking person. i left my home in LA and went to stay at my dad’s house in florida, spent literally all of my time mastering production software and learning to play piano, and filled in all the shit i’d lost with new things i’d written and produced entirely on my own. then i got married, but that’s unimportant to this story. actually it is like, kind of important, but whatever.

i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in january 2016 and in march of 2016 i attempted suicide. i left an organized folder of songs, mockups for art, my bank account info and a note to my manager to make sure that my album was released because i literally could not comfortably die knowing that i let down the people who gave me money. im not tryna make anyone feel bad im just like saying cuz its part of the whole shit. anyway, i failed at killing myself and woke up in a bathtub of puke ready to go the fuck off. haven’t wanted to die since.

ahem. so. since i’m honestly 100% unable to trust a single fucking human being with my work and my thoughts after what happened up there ^^^^, i decided to set up a room in my new home for recording. i wrote, recorded, and produced (with some help, but like please bitch give me credit here) a fucking entire new album that i actually LIKED. im not shy about the fact that i think my music is stupid gimmicky- after trying to die and not dying and then getting help i realize i have like a little bit of talent i should actually appreciate. i finished recording and producing it, hired a person i trusted with a degree in music production to help me polish it and alas, he ran off without a single fucking word. thankfully i didn’t pay him a cent but like hey there u follow me on twitter and FUCK. YOU.

so now, as of about a month ago, i’ve absolutely perfected my songs (as much as i can- i still lose sleep over the imperfections im just not good enough to fix) and i’ve found the most trustworthy, hardworking team i’ve ever met to finish this shit. it’s demoralizing to recap the past year, mostly bc it was so fucking horrible for me, but i can promise you the last thing i would ever ever ever ever do is take a bunch of money and dip out with it. i do literally every single piece of this shit on my own, from the music to visuals to branding, and it’s hard. it’s time consuming. i have a job outside of music to provide for myself and for my family, and that takes up my time too. 

so i really apologize for the amount of time it’s taken for this record to be released. it fucking kills me to be waiting and i didn’t spend your money; god knows i would never in my fucking life just STEAL your money. the fact that anyone would ever accuse me of that makes me ILL.

i just want ya’ll to know there’s nothing easy about releasing music as an independent artist, especially one who refuses to accept anything less than perfection, and ESPECIALLY one who refuses to be disrespected and taken advantage of. i’m doing my best, and it took me a while. i feel like it’s worth it. it’ll be another 2 months or so. hit me up if you want a refund on your vinyl.

Send to see how my muse responds
  • "Take a chance on me."
  • "I'm the shell of a person that I used to be."
  • "I believe in you."
  • "From now on, I'm yours. Forever."
  • "What the fuck is wrong with me?"
  • "I'm so grateful to you."
  • "Nothing here is right."
  • "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."
  • "Did you met anyone?"
  • "People down here think I'm crazy, but I don't care."
  • "Why heart doesn't listen common sense?"
  • "With you it felt like in the movies."
  • "Kiss my ass!"
  • "I really want to make a love connection."
  • "I'm not afraid to face a little bit of danger."
  • "Let's get away just for one day."
  • "I wanted to vent but I never said nothing at all."
  • "What I did to you to make you hate me?"
  • "I ain’t censoring myself for nobody."
  • "Don't you ever wonder how we survive?"
  • "I'm not the villain, despite what you're always preaching."
  • "Save me."
  • "I should've known better."
  • "This can't be happening to me."
  • "I know it's already over now."
  • "You don't have to pretend that you didn't notice me."
  • "Raise your glass!"
  • "I would any day die for you."
  • "You touch me in many ways."
  • "Do you know that your love is the sweetest sin?"
  • "Would you kill to prove you're right?"
  • "Where is your God?"
  • "I want to show sun to you."
  • "Let's get down to business."
  • "Let's save the world."
  • "I think about you too much."
  • "This isn't normal anymore."
  • "You are my only one."
  • "This is the best time."
  • "What ever can happen."
  • "I've always been like this."
  • "I'm kind of outsider."
  • "It is easy to get me wrong if you don't know me."
NCT stans and their biases
  • Taeyong bias: Taeyong protection squad 2k16 "get over it already he apologised so sincerely, he wants his kids to not make the same mistake he's so perfect how does he exist", wants to hug him and tell him they still love him, doesn't care even if he is an asshole bc everyone has flaws ok, stares at his face for too long, eternally getting slayed by his hair, thinks things are "pretty cool haha", crying over his cute sweater paws, how is he the oldest, doesn't know how to react to his flaming eyebrows, can't decide if they think he's the most adorable lil cute munchkin or the manliest oppa with a gaze and jaw bones that can cut diamond, wants him to clean their room for them, physically falls over when he giggles or does aegyo, has a lot of heart and wants to help others and is confused why ppl don't appreciate it and then those ppl complains about how no one cares?
  • Johnny bias: thinks Johnny and them are made for each other, says FUCK YOU JOHNNY in multiple meanings of the phrase, laughs too hard at his jokes, has an obsession with his arms/hair/height, feels like Johnny is their best friend, wants to hang out with him, Wants to listen to Johnny Radio Station, LET JOHNNY DEBUT 2K16, gurgling over the beautiful airport pictures of Johnny, the more terrible the pun the better, wonders what else his piano fingers can do
  • Yuta bias: calls Yuta their prince/husband/love, forever crying because no yuta screen time, taipei imnida, a baby animal is born every time he smiles, had an orgasm when found out he plays footie like a pro, loves Yujae BroTP, trying to forget about Yakisoba hair, gets really defensive when ppl comment on his electric shock hair or "why is he wearing a skirt", had another orgasm at his voice in firetruck, has a lot of questions, fell for him really abruptly and is still not ready for it, watches his pre-debut videos of abnormal summit and cries at how proud they are of their baby, does not know how to describe their love for him bc it's too much
  • Ten bias: either rly rly pure or absolutely filthy , obsessed with his profile, can't believe this boy exists?!?!, sighs when Ten dances bc it's so smooth so fluid, considered learning Thai just to talk to him, his smile lights up their entire existence, AGGRESSIVELY SCREAMING ABOUT TEN ALL DAY ERRY DAY, has a lot of sexual frustration, doesn't know whether to laugh or cry or scream at the second hand embarrassment at his terrible (but cute) pre-debut Thai stuff, wants to protect him and corrupt him at the same time can't decide-- will probably do both, wriggles a lot
  • Hansol bias: sporadically remembering and then screaming about his hips that do not lie, sometimes screams out loud, ppl irl are v concerned, wants to write poetry about the way Hansol walks and spaces out and breaths and exists but too busy using both hands to fan themselves because he's so sexy, "so taallll and handsome as heeellll", gets defensive at the LET JOHNNY DEBUT people bc their bias is also still stuck in the SM dungeon, cries a lot
  • Taeil bias: very chill people, judges people a lot, but also forgives them right after, feels threatened by the screaming and yelling of the other stans, wonders why Taeil's hair is gatorade colored and loves it at the same time, has nothing but nice things to say about their cute stan, forever looking for signs that the kids love this nervous hyung, thinks he'd probably be actually really good in bed, can't believe he can rap and is so into it, wants other people to love him too
  • Jaehyun bias: unexpectedly sassy, so thirsty, secretly the kinkiest, lives to see jaehyun eat snacks, can't get over how he glows, prolly calls him baby jae, can't decide if he is son or DADDY but maybe both, *muffled shrieking*, so proud of their puppy, very happy people, likes cute stationary, aggressive in their love, thinks everyone in the fandom loves jaehyun and can't understand why someone wouldn't, very positive people who are hard working at things they love
  • Doyoung bias: laughs and cries at Doyoung's pain, actually doesn't think vroom vroom talk show was bad, BUNNIES, has a lot of frustrations, probably ships dojae, wants oppa to take care of them, likes people for their soul, has a lot of feelings, is a believer, very keen about discovering themselves and their relationships with other people, will fight you
  • Haechan bias: laughs at his antics and is super proud of his achievements, thinks their stan is perfect and can literally do everything, probably younger than him and wants to call him oppa, not sure how to feel about Mark, still calls him Donghyuk sometimes, thinks of the rest of NCT as their older brothers, squeals when he makes all his hyungs laugh, probably giggles when they laugh, very bright personalities
  • Kun bias: CHINESE MEMBER, thinks he looks hella cute in denim, thank god for Chinese version of Without you, is pretty chill about it, doesn't have a lot of pent up feelings about NCT-- lets them out healthily, thinks he's savage but goes "same", very possessive
  • WinWin bias: aggressively wants to bang him or aggressively wants to cuddle him but most likely both, finds his struggle with Korean literally the most adorable, can identify with said struggle, THAT FLIP THO, on the floor wheezing about his really deep and smooth voice, says too many inappropriate things too much for their age, can't decide if he is their baby or their boyfriend, probably a virgo, will do anything for their stan-- very reckless and dangerous, DONG SICHENG
  • Mark bias: so impressed at his youth and skill, lives for his English rapping, dreams about having conversations with him in English, loves his pre-debut photos where he is a perfect tiny circle, calls him "handsome", ironically thinks he is the manliest even though so young, LONG ASS RIDE, likes his charisma and are charismatic people themselves, creative and excited about people, is the type that puts their hands up and jams to music with a lot of swag by themselves

Hi! I’ve been a Reylo since TFA came out, and discovering this incredible community is what helped me also discover the crazy, messy awesomeness of Tumblr and the beauty of fanfiction. What I can’t get over, though, is how supportive and wonderful this community is. Everyone is constantly sharing all this positivity, yet all Reylos get is hate. And that’s kind of why I’ve been staying on the sidelines, because I don’t really like senseless argument and confrontation…but the way Reylos fight hate with nothing but love is truly inspiring. So that’s why I’m diving into this blog and this wonderful community :)
Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you. Truly. All your wonderful fanfics, artwork, and content always brighten my day. Keep sharing the love!

informative-feminist  asked:

I'm having trouble with mother's day coming up. I see people referring to their mothers are their "rocks" or their "heroes" or their "best friends". For me, my mom is associated with pain and skyrocketing levels of anxiety. When we have fights, she often blackmails me to the point where I physically feel pain in my head, and so she is associated with sadness and high stress levels. I can't imagine how a mother could be something good in someone's life. Mother's day makes me so sad, and the worst

(2/2) part is that she is making me celebrate with her, because according to her she’s done nothing wrong, even though I’ve literally kept a book documenting the abuse and have explained it to her over and over.

*pats gently* It’s okay, I get how you feel.

There are all of these expectations built into our society about how we’re supposed to love our parents, be grateful for everything our parents have done, etc…and that may be fine for people who had wonderful, kind, and caring parents.

But for those of us who had mothers that abused, neglected, or otherwise hurt us, it’s hard when we’re faced with all of the yearly “omg, moms are the best, everyone go hug your mom and give her flowers!” stuff. And it can be the same with Father’s Day, or a parent’s birthday or other personal celebration.

I’m sorry your mom won’t listen to you, and is making you celebrate with her. That’s so uncomfortable and awful. But unfortunately, abusers don’t like to hear about their own faults, and often won’t listen at all. :/

I hope that eventually in the future, you get to spend Mother’s Day doing something for you, instead of her. Make your own “I-survived-my-mother-day,” get some ice cream or pizza, and celebrate how strong you were to deal with her as much as you did.

But seriously tho I mean you know it's happened at least once-
  • Random Advisor: There's been movement on the borders
  • Random Advisor: We have reason to believe that Suna is on the verge of betraying us again!
  • Every other advisor except Shikamaru: *dramatic gasp*
  • Shikamaru: Hold up
  • Shikamaru: Wait a minute
  • Shikamaru: Not only do I totally not buy this
  • Shikamaru: But just so everyone will be reassured let me just make a phone call to my brother-in-law
  • Shikamaru: *whips out cellphone*
  • Shikamaru: Gaara? Yeah, it's me. Nah, just wondering if you're planning on attacking us anytime soon. Even though I'm married to your sister and your only nephew is a Konoha citizen. Yeah, I know. Wait, for real? Sweet. Yeah, I'll bring Shikadai over next week. Yeah yeah, bye.
  • Shikamaru: Okay, so three things
  • Shikamaru: We're not going to war with Suna
  • Shikamaru: Gaara thinks you all are being idiots
  • Shikamaru: And I'm about to get an awesome new flat-screen TV for my birthday because I'm just that wonderful an in-law
  • Random Advisors:
  • Shikamaru: Winning
Chris Martin and Zane Lowe on One Direction
BBC Radio 1
Chris Martin and Zane Lowe on One Direction

The One Direction mentions from Zane Lowe’s In Conversation with Chris Martin…, video soon to be uploaded to the Radio 1 youtube account. (28.04.2014)

Chris calls 1D brilliant, says he saw their movie and talks about getting flustered when he met Harry.

anonymous asked:

I can't help but wonder if you only show the idiotic people who get 'mad at things that aren't straight or cis' because you know that the people who have made a good argument about the way you represent people have valid points and you don't want to let that be known. Things like 'over representation' and 'tokenism'. Example: Each and every single one of the seven fallen children are non-binary. Do you not see how that is somewhat odd? How would children no older than 14 come to such ideals?

I have yet to see a single person make a “good argument” against my artistic choices. The very idea that some random person on the internet should be able to tell me how to run my own comic is laughable, so any argument, no matter how carefully worded, is laughable too. And yes, I often ignore them because I don’t always feel like slogging through the filth that occasionally gets shoveled into my askbox. But today I suppose I’ll take a look at what you have to say. I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I make for you people.

Giving credit where credit is due, you actually did manage to give examples of things you dislike about my comics. That’s something that very few people who gripe at me have managed to do.

…Yes, there are a lot of nonbinary queer folk in this comic. But I don’t see how this makes them tokens. Tokenism is when a character exists solely to fill a certain diversity quota in an otherwise bland whitebread cishet cast. It’s when you throw in a gay person or a black person just so people can’t call your cast racist. …There was no quota I was trying to fulfill when I made decisions regarding the cast. I looked at each and every one of the characters and asked myself “What makes sense for this character?” And when you do that with a completely open heart and mind, you’d be surprised how many of them end up being things that aren’t straight, cis, and white.

As for the fallen children… When I brought up how unlikely it was for them all to be nonbinary and said “Weird huh!” I was being facetious. The implication I was making was that I have an actual story-reason for them being nonbinary. It’s not one that I’m going to tell you though, so in the meantime I’m afraid you’ll have to just be in the dark about it. Honestly. Would you really be whining about this if it had been some other trait? What if I’d made all the fallen children have bob-haircuts and brown hair? You’d think it was weird but you wouldn’t be whining at me about it like this.