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Me to my youngest kid: “Who’s the worst character ever?”

Kid: (no hesitation) “Amaram!”

Me: *nods in approval*

Me to my oldest kid: “Who’s the worst character ever?”

Kid: (no hesitation) “Amaram.”

Me: *surprised*

Kid: “…What, did you think I’d say Adolin?”

Gonna go full white girl here for a moment

If I ask if a food is spicy at all, and you reply “No, not at all! You can barely feel it!” then that is a contradiction. It is spicy. It may not be very spicy, or even moderately spicy, but it’s still spicy. Please just tell me that straight-out.

I know there’s a good chance you’re mocking me in your head when I say that I cannot handle spices at all, and that even the mildest of sauces, that you insist are barely there, are going to hurt, because I’m mocking me too. I know I’ve got a child’s palate when it comes to spicy food. I know it’s almost laughable, how badly I react to even table pepper in more than the most minuscule of doses.

But if I ask “is this spicy,” and you answer “not at all,” and then proceed to tell me that it’s mild, then I will still consider it too spicy.

If I ask “is this spicy at all” and you say “no” while knowing that it is, just a tiny bit, because you can’t imagine anyone reacting, then please don’t be offended when I take one bite and then throw it out, because I asked for a reason.

It’s a dumb thing to talk about, but… yeah. Just do your cannot-handle-spices friends a favor and be honest when they ask. Mild is still a level of spice.

(This goes doubly for strangers, because if they have a digestive problem like, IDK, ulcers or something, then spicy food can irritate the stomach lining further and cause extreme pain. Some people claim that capsaicin can be used to treat ulcers, but you know… just play it safe, yeah?)


Blade to blade, they were identical. After thousands of hours in lightsaber sparring, they knew each other better than brothers, more intimately than lovers; they were complementary halves of a single warrior.

Fangirl rule #32
When a guy you’re hitting on is acting like a total douche - draw hot fictional guys to ease your anger! (because anger leads to hate, which leads to suffering, if you catch my drift).

Oh, and I’m totally blaming shorelle for this! She draws the best Anakin and SW fanart on tumblr ♥

And apparently, I like making myself sad
BRB, BROTP feels


  • me: just because overwatch is free this weekend doesn't mean I'm going to pull all nighters playing it while I can I'm finally doing well with my sleep schedule
  • also me: why is it so hard to find a capture the flag group it's only 5:15 am on a Monday

Lazarus Rising โˆž 04X01

Just because is Wednesday. I made another vintage Cas edit, this is ย the first head-tilting lip-liking combo that Cas made to Dean. Itโ€™s at its mayor level possible of enjoyment on tumblr.

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Frank Turner with Mark Hoppus harmonica solo during the UK Blink-182 tour. Image from Frank’s IG


When you write SO beautifully that your professor(s) don’t have to correct anything in your compositions (grammar: perf…vocabulary: perf….👑😉)…and they give you the highest grade of the class: A 10/10 💋


Lately jimin is really flexible…
Jimin: *going to sit and cross his leg*
Jimin’s leg: lol nope *head kicks jimin*

Jimin: *is playing jeigi(or what we call in our country ‘sipa’)*
Jimin’s leg: whoops *splits*

taystrash  asked:

When the Bae Beka looks like a God *Still can't get over the man bun and stubble. My brain couldn't take the level 10000 hotness* LOL imma just leave and go to my corner of shame ๐Ÿ˜‚

//joins you in the corner of shame// I knowwwwwwwwwwww HE’S FUCKING HOT gdasjhfkasj