can't get no respect

People with disorders and mental illnesses that are coded as “scary” or just aren’t taken seriously are valid and deserve to feel loved. Schizophrenia, DID, BPD, OCD, I’m sorry I can’t mention all of them in one post. This goes out  to everyone with mental illnesses that aren’t widely known of or that are considered scary or unlovable. Every single one of you deserve to be treated better, your struggles are not something for others to joke about. I know it gets tiresome when the only representation people give you is filled with stereotypes of violence or “weirdness”. It’s not true, society is wrong about you. 

Idk my dudes.. The idea of clone troopers painting their helmets/armour like Ahsoka doesn’t click with me because it takes a lot away from their own individuality. Idk man I don’t like it, it seems pretty out of character for them.. I really loved how the clones painted their armour with things that fit them and show more about who they are. That is a big part of what made them such intriguing characters.

When you get no respect from your second in command. 

Also bonus:

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since you made me aware of how much sterek is my jam and thereby Personally Victimised me, please enjoy thinking about a world where Derek and Kent hook up, try to make it work, but can't get past their respective emotional barriers. Alternatively, a world where Stiles and Bitty meet and the western hemisphere falls to the force of their terrifying friendship

I would ask what I had done to deserve to be targeted in this way, I’m a good person, etc., but I know. But look, if someone comes to me and complains that this answer made them even more confused about which Derek they were reading about, I’m blaming you.

Re: Stiles and Bitty meeting, I can’t shake @petals42’s vision of this, so I will point you at that not!fic, because it is my favorite. (Other things I think would be true from the TW crew being the denizens of the lacrosse house: Scott and Chowder would hit it off through their shared CA optimism maintained in the face of all stress, plus potentially bonding over what it’s like to stand in front of a net and have people chuck things at you. Liam would be over at the Haus trying to score free food con-stant-ly. Mason would completely idolize Ransom.)

Re: Derek (Hale, just to be clear, people) and Kent… Hmmm. Would they hook up? I can see ways they might end up in the same place. Derek is maybe just traveling around the Southwest for a while after finishing up whatever hunting job he agreed to help Braeden with, and he meets Kent, who is camping in some national park area with poor cell reception for the early off-season, because the Aces got knocked out of the playoffs early and he’s pissed but trying not to show it. They bump into each other at the water spigot, and while Kent found the solitude refreshing for the first day or so, now he’s going a little nuts having no one to talk to (and it’s not like he doesn’t take notice of a tall, well-built, dark-haired guy in his vicinity), so he invites Derek over to his campsite for s’mores (because bulking up during the off-season is important, dammit, and maybe he’s doing that with marshmallows this week, so what.)

And Derek is not exactly immune to a lanky guy with messy hair and a sarcastic mouth on him (and, boy, has he not been examining the why of that, no sir), so he says sure, and he finds it kind of nice to listen to Kent talk about hockey and how he’s trying to be a good captain by coming out here to sulk instead of doing it where any of his rookies might see, because it reminds Derek of who he was when his main concern was trying to lead the high school basketball team to the state championships.

Eventually the fire burns down to glowing embers, and, poking it with a stick, Kent says something about how he gets really tired of knowing everyone’s going to leave him, and yeah, he was talking about being on a multi-year contract and having to deal with what feels like half his team traded around every year, but Derek hears that there’s more behind that sentiment, and, well, he gets that. So, while he doesn’t clue Kent in to the whole existence of the supernatural, he does tell him just enough to know that “I know what you mean” isn’t just a throwaway line, and if they spend the rest of the week hiking and joking and doing… other things… because they each gave themselves permission to indulge in trying to actually feel good, to feel happy, for a week, well, no one else has to know.

They don’t try to make it work, because they know from the beginning that’s not really a thing that was ever on the table, but Derek does find himself watching the hockey TV in sports bars occasionally now instead of the baseball one, and he smiles whenever the show a highlight of a score by #90. And Kent sometimes gets postcards out of the blue from completely random places, because Derek knows that’s sometimes all you need to know you haven’t been left behind.

  • Me: Hey I have genophobia and I would really appreciate it if you didn't say sexual things around me.
  • Literally everyone I have to say this to: You know in the future The Right Person™ will help you get over your fear and fix that. Sex is great and-
  • Me: Okay listen I don't care I just want to NOT have a panic attack or pass out thanks

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*gasp* so if read the tags correctly. ...Are all the ships possible??? (Cougherikarmaybecough)

We can give y'all a taste of it, just know miss Mew is a huge davekat fan and she tends to do most of the Karkat asks hehe 

Perhaps one day we’ll take requests for some ships y'all wanna see drawn ;3c

– Mun T ))

Here’s a thought.

What if my tablet isn’t actually crapping out on me, and it’s just that its functionality is equal to my desire to draw? If I’m not feeling it and just forcing it, it won’t work. If I am totally feeling it, it will work perfectly fine and be great and I won’t feel like I’m banging my pen against a brick wall.

Wouldn’t that be at least. More useful of a tablet. Than mine.

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Okay, so everyone's probably younger for plot purposes. Everyone's at a summer camp, when a weird wave thing drags them into the digital world. Bonus: flash forward to them desperately looking for the eighth (or whatever number) child, as Sonny is sitting right next to them... (Since he's the youngest.) Basically, digimon AU.

I may have grown up on the Pokémon side of the tracks during childhood but I freaking ADORE Digimon AUs!!

I’m thinking that our first group of Digidestined before Sonny becomes the eighth will be Usnavi, Benny, Nina, Vanessa, Lincoln, Carla, and Pete. And crest-wise, I’m thinking Vanessa with Courage (because I think she’s the bravest out of this group), Usnavi with Love (because of his love for Sonny and just about anyone special to him), Nina with Knowledge (Stanford girl knows all!), Benny with Reliability (let’s be real, EVERYONE can rely on Benny to get something done), Pete with Friendship (because he’s the outcast and learns what it’s like to have friends), Lincoln with Hope (because at first he thinks that no one cares about him because he’s so different like TK when it first shone), and Carla with Sincerity or Purity (Carla IS pure, c'mon), leaving Sonny with Light (because Kari got it by giving herself up to save her friends and Sonny would TOTALLY do the same thing).

And I haven’t seen the entirety of Digimon Adventure (the corniness makes it difficult sometimes…good LORD those puns hurt me…) but I could see Usnavi and Sonny going through the same stuff as Matt and TK, with Usnavi being too overprotective and not trusting Sonny to take care of himself, and maybe a similar arc with Nina and Lincoln, and Pete learning not to push everyone away when he needs help, and all that good stuff. As for their Digimon partners, I’m afraid that’s where I draw the line. I feel like creating brand new Digimon is the most fun for things like this (like we could turn Chip into a Digimon for Sonny…Perromon?? (cause of Gatomon)) but I do NOT have the imagination to think up new designs for things like Digimon. I tried once when I made a Hetalia Digimon AU and I just made normal looking people with wings or animal ears turn into giant animals. Not very proud of my creative streak there…


My mom’s friend told me the best story about her step-son last night.

A lesson in raising sons:

When Ian was a boy he made a joke at a family dinner about how the womyn should do their job and clean up after the meal (un-fucking-fortunately most little boys will hear this shit from men and repeat it at some point).

To teach him a lesson, Ian’s mother and the rest of the womyn at the table made him do all of the dishes from the meal by himself. So he washed, dried, and put away every dish used to cook and feed a dozen people.

I think Ian learned a valuable lesson that day.


female awesome meme: unfairly hated females [1/5]→ peyton sawyer

 silence only makes them stronger.


Charles Xavier + strengths & flaws

Listen if someone can post a story in the Character A/Character B tag when the only relationship between them is purposefully cold, disrespectful, and cruel, I’m damn well going to post my story in that relationship tag too, even though they’ve hardly interacted after 9 chapters :C


“I feel colour all around you. A fantastic colour... strong and beautiful. And... a sad colour, too.”

“There’s a BRAIN inside the MUSCLE, why can’t anyone see that?”

“Because it’s who you are, Bruce. You have ONE catchphrase: Smash.”

“You’re on this team because you’re the STRONGEST there is. The Avengers already have a SMARTEST there is, and that’s me.”

And I present to you, one of the biggest reasons why I completely hate Avengers Assemble, and it’s awful, and utterly insulting as hell depiction of the characters that they portray and continue to pass along as the animated versions of said MCU characters.

This is such a terrible, terrible show. :)