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Yandere Canada please, anything honestly I'm thirsty for my maple boy.

You guys do realize that anytime you request “anything” my mind automatically goes to a drabble, right? You know what? I’m feeling creative, so you get a ficlet.

Canada: Maple Candy

     You giggled as the thick snow crunched under your boots. You were so caught up in it that Canada had to call your name a few times before you realized he wanted you. “Sorry,” you chirped as you walked over to where he was standing with America. “I just really like the snow. It’s so pretty!”

     America shivered. “Yeah, but it’s freezing out here! I’m an ice cube!” Once you got close to them, America tugged off his glove and pushed his cold fingertips against the warm skin under your scarf. “See, dude?”

     You squealed and tried to push him away, which made you slip and fall. “Are you okay?! Did you get hurt?” Canada quickly crouched down next to you, his hands nervously fluttering over your body. 

     You shook your head. “I’m fine, honest!”

     Canada sighed with relief, and helped you to your feet. America tried to get closer to you to apologize and help wipe the snow off, but Canada stepped between the two of you and glared at him. You shrugged it off, mainly because your sweet boyfriend had acted like that in the past. After you were back on your feet, Canada sighed and picked up the saucepan of maple syrup that had been resting on a nearby stand. “Okay érable, watch this.” He crouched in the snow again, and poured a line of syrup onto the icy surface. He let it sit for a few moments, then rolled it around a stick. “Here. You have to eat it quickly, while it’s still firm,” he murmured, handing you the stick.

     You popped the glob of maple syrup in your mouth, and hummed happily as you chewed on the taffy-like ball. “It’s really good,” you exclaimed as you licked the remnants off the stick.

     Canada nodded as he swallowed his own mouthful. “It’s even better with this.” He passed you a small thermos of coffee, which you eagerly took a sip from. The bitterness of the coffee perfectly countered the intense sweetness lingering on your tongue, and you beamed at him. His own lips curved into a soft smile, and he offered you another stick of maple taffy. This time though, a small string of candy landed on your bottom lip when you tried to eat it.

     “Let me get that for you, dude,” America chimed as he leaned in to wipe it off. Canada was quick to grab your face and lightly lick your lips, cleaning you up and making you blush. America groaned and rolled his eyes as he pushed himself to his feet. “If you guys are gonna be gross and lovey-dovey, I’m gettin’ out of here.” He trudged back towards the house, leaving you alone with your boyfriend.

     “Finally,” Canada grumbled as he wrapped his arms around you. “I wanted to have you all to myself today, but then he just had to invite himself over. He really doesn’t have any respect for peoples’ personal space. And to make things worse, he made my precious érable fall and tried to touch you.”

     You giggled and kissed his cheek, more than used to this. You honestly thought it was kind of cute when he got jealous. “Don’t worry about him, sweetie. You know I’m all yours, right?” You nestled closer to him.

     He kissed you, and you could feel him smiling. “That’s right. You’re mine.” He kissed you again, deeper this time. “I love you.”

     “I love you too.”

Holy strawberries, Batman! This was longer than I thought it’d be, but oh well, it’s getting posted. Also that’s actually how maple taffy is made. You boil maple syrup and pour it over clean snow. Érable is French for maple. Used it because I love the idea of Canada speaking French to his s/o. Fight me.


LSSC || Midnight Confessions + Alcohol

Things 2p Sweden isn't allowed to do
  • Number 1: cannot be alone in IKEA.
  • Number 2: cannot go in Thurston's room.
  • Number 3: can't fight the dane
  • Number 4: can't play abba for 5 days straight.
  • Number 5: cannot take away finny's death metal.
  • Number 6: cannot talk about deep shit while Loki's around.
  • Number 7: cannot lock Icey outside for too long.
  • Number 8: cannot try to make the dane disappear.
  • Number 9: can't play scary games with Loki or Egil.
  • Number 10: can't forget to buy coffee.
  • If he breaks any of these, he's not allowed to go to IKEA for a year.