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Omg what if Lance grew his hair out bec he can't find the time to actually cut his hair and Keith just roasts him as payback for all the mullet comments™ Also I'll never know how you draw so amazingly but keep at it because your soft art is my life source :^)


it’s the only way I can imagine Lance with longer hair lmaoo

(aw thank you so much! <3 )

  • Ron : Harry! I can't find Hermione!
  • Harry : Just yell something wildly inaccurate.
  • Hermione : *appearing out of thin air* Actually, the sky is blue because of the reflection from from all major water sources; like lakes and oceans.

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It's because of your blog that I found Melodies Unheard but felt all the Same and I want to thank you! I can't hear out of my left ear and the hearing in my right ear isn't so great either and it's nice to know of a story about a deaf character where the writer actually studied before writing and had sources and links added for their readers to check out. Do you have any other disability victuri stories that are good and respectful?

First of all, I’m so happy to hear that you found a great fic that is respectful and relates to you, in a way! This is the goal of my blog, that everyone is able to find a fic that they love and can even find a fic that can relate to their life and their circumstances. I’m so happy to have you on my blog, thank you for requesting this! I hope the fics here are not offensive in any way, I tried to pick fics that had a lot of great feedback and support! 

Note: Some of these fics may have content that could be triggering/difficult to read. Please read at your discretion.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Yuuri/Victor Has a Disability 

Melodies Unheard, but Felt All the Same by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 76k
Yuuri wanted to make history as the first deaf man to win the Grand Prix Final. Of course he’s a little skeptical of Victor Nikiforov’s presence, especially considering the reactions from others who have learned about his lack of hearing. AMAZING fic!!

Unspoken by daretoliveforever, Gen, 5.9k
“You see Yuuri, when your soulmate says something about you, like a compliment or a special message, their words will appear on your skin.“ I’m sobbing

Silent Ice by ofskatesandwatercolor, Mature, 28k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov had never dreamed he’d find the inspiration to enjoy his life-long passion again, until he met deaf figure skater Katsuki Yuuri. Great fic, but starts off pretty angsty because of misunderstandings!

Prism by kanekki, Mature, 13k
Yuuri is losing his hearing, but gaining more than he ever could have imagined in return. Thumbs up!

Your Voice by DandereMikuo, Teen, 10k (WIP)
After a certain incident, 19-year old Katsuki Yuuri is unable to skate, and now confides in his newfound interest: music. Meanwhile, famous figure skater 23-year old Victor Nikiforov is in Japan for personal reasons. Musician AU!

Love Unseen by KaylaBellissima, Explicit, 28k (WIP)
AU where Yuuri went blind within the first year or so after he became a fan of Victor, and never pursued figure skating for himself. Told through Victor. Inspired by Melodies Unheard, but Felt All the Same!

Can You Hear My Heartbeat? by W84U, Mature, 6.8k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki is a florist in Japan, he’s never heard a voice before. Viktor Nikiforov is a famous skater with a prodigy little brother. Yuri is Viktors adoptive little brother he’s never been in love. Minami Kenjiro is Yuuri’s best friend with a heart of gold. What happens when they all meet? Very sweet fic!

Knowing your love by Viktor_OnInk (Magik_Lester), Teen, 6k (WIP)
Yuuri Katsuki had not always been blind. There was a time when he could see the grass, the trees, the food he ate, his mother’s face as she tucked him in at night and sung him a little song before he closed his eyes and went to sleep. He was in awe with the beauty of the world and when his sight was taken away from him, it was the cruellest of fates for the young boy.

Rise Above the Tides by Kashoku, Explicit, 34k
Yuuri was going to go out on top, just like Viktor had. He was going to win gold in his third World’s appearance and then retire to spend the rest of his life with his husband. But when a freak accident during his finale free skate leaves him blind, Yuuri finds himself spiraling into a world darker than the one in front of his eyes and he must learn to Rise. You will definitely cry, but there is a happy ending!

the birth of comets takes place on the tip of your lashes by apollothyme, Teen, 15k
His eyes are sick, were always going to be sick and will only get sicker as time progresses. There’s no treatment for it, just glasses and maybe prayer, if you’re into that kind of stuff. Well researched, and great writing! (Otayuri not victuuri, but still great!)

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Can you source the picture of 2D getting whipped my murdoc I can't find it

ok I’m actually having huge troubles finding it as well, and this is the only image of it I could find:

You can see he’s wearing a collar there, the picture was a traditional sketch with a whip hitting 2D but I guess he removed it? Murdoc isn’t seen but the sketch has something like “Offscreen: Murdoc hits 2D with the whip” or something along those lines.

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Hi I'm actually thinking about getting a snowflake eel, what are they like to care for? And how long do they live I can't find a straight answer lol I've seen 4 years and 15 years

YEP i’ve had problems researching lifespan too! Every source says something different and usually vastly different! all i can tell you for lifespan is that noodle is at least 4 years old. 

as far as care (assuming you know how to setup/maintain a saltwater aquarium) it’s not too tough. Just a few things make them a bit more difficult than other saltwater fish:


Snowflake eels like most eels can and will jump out of the tank. It doesn’t usually mean the water is bad or anything. they just really like to squirm through gaps and they’ll totally try to squirm through your tank’s lid if they can. Make sure the tank has a tight lid (check especially in areas where tubes such as the filter intake, heater chord, etc. go into the tank. you can use foam or mesh to block these off)


sometimes you just wont see them for a while. usually you’ll be able to see their head somewhere because they like to poke it out but not always. if you have any decorations with a hollow inside 

like this ubiquitous dragon thing (hollow throughout)

your eel will definitely jam itself inside. this will seem cute when you can see her head sticking out of the dragon’s mouth like a tongue but it will also make you worry when you haven’t seen your special snowflake in a week. (getting them out of things like this can also be very difficult (speaking from exp)

You may have noticed that noodle has lots of pipes in her tank. Most of these have weird bottoms like this one

so i use craft mesh to block off them bottom so she can’t dig it up from the inside ( this is mostly an aesthetic thing on my end. i want her to go through the pipes not dig up and stick out of the hollow bottom part)


Snowflake eels are weird. Their aggression levels seem to vary drastically from hobbyist to hobbyist. Noodle is super timid. for as long as i’ve had her she’s never eaten or attacked anything alive. (a live brine shrimp poked her in the face and she hid for a week)

But i’ve also seen many forum posts that say that, after years of being nice and timid, their snowflake eel suddenly snapped and ate all of it’s tankmates in one night! so you gotta be wary of what tankmates you chose 


they don’t exactly eat fish flakes haha!

You gotta get them fresh/frozen seafood. Shrimp, scallops, clam, octopus, squid, silversides, crab, krill, etc

sometimes they’ll get picky and not eat for weeks. you can try to soak the food in garlic or switch up food but it doesn’t always work. I’ve heard stories of eels refusing to eat for months. they’re usually ok though and start eating again randomly like nothing ever happend. eels are weird.

i wouldn’t recommend feeding them live food if you plan on having tankmates. best not to teach the eel to go after moving objects when you have other fish in the tank. those guys will be expensive snacks just waiting to happen

also don’t hand feed them. lots of people do it but that’s just a bitten finger waiting to happen. also it’s best not to train your fish that hands = food. have fun doing any kind of tank maintenance after you do.

I suggest getting some aquarium tongs to feed your eel with like this

you’re basically target training it to accept food from this particular stick 

i like to pretend im a dolphin trainer. it’s kinda fun. 

that’s all i can think of for right now. hope this helped!

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U know those chocolate sheet things u have (pålægschokolade or sth). what's up with those. can't u just do Nutella instead? is it the CRONCH

It is The Shit™ okay. It’s the greatest. The best. Don’t you dare offend our pålægschokolade. And I’ll have you know that my brother actually read somewhere (I can’t find the source but maybe it’s true ok) that we only got Nutella because our pålægschokolade was so good that the children would eat it without bread. Nutella is the lesser alternative because pålægschokolade is simply TOO GOOD!

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Oh stuttering little Oliver, you. Poor thing. Being so damaged so deep in your coding that you can't even recognize there's a problem. Not a good trait for a robot who is supposed to be useful. Hey, good new is when you finally burn yourself out with all your stuttering and glitches, you'll actually be useful to the others. You'll be a shell where they can find the initial source of damage and avoid it happening to themselves. You're eventually gonna be useful to them

Google steps up behind you with a glowing smile. “Wh-what? Do you-you ha-ha-have a problem-lem with st-stuttering?” His eyes flash blue. “Engaging secondary objective…”

Oliver shakes his head. “No, Blue. Th-they aren’t wo-worth it.”

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I remember that time I find out how Plath died. Right after reading The Bell Jar. I googled it. Out of sheer curiosity. The first image; of her legs sticking out of the oven. Scared the hell outta me. I couldn't sleep for several days. I never read any of her books after that. Can't bring myself to, knowing that she died so horribly.

…I am unsure whether this image is even real? I mean the actual oven image. It floated around on flickr several years ago but I never saw a proper source, just this black and white image and underneath something along the lines of “Plath with her head in the oven”, blah. The circumstances are real. Surely, the concept alone can be quite traumatizing to the eye. But there’s certainly way more to Plath than the way she chose to put an end to her life and Idk, I suppose I cannot relate to you at all in this. She’s a glorious poet and her work (especially her poetic work but also her diary work in my opinion) is of immense value. You perhaps need time to process this & read her at some other point but…well. Don’t let an image, conceptual or not, prevent you from reading this woman. She was a fine woman and a fine writer.

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I was wathcing Pretty little Liars and there's this girl called Alison that, at the begining, is all bitchy and mean but then it's revealed that she uses this facade to hide she's broken inside and bisexual (which she represses for years until she falls in love with a friend). I can't stop finding Bi!Dean and destiel parallels everywhere, help!

source: @bazingapunknowwereeven

Don’t worry you’re not fully down the bottom of the pit until you laugh out loud at the movies when Belle tells Beast “let’s go home” or re-watch the sob fest that is Brokeback Mountain just cos someone *cough* @margarittet made you do it to see the parallels and you feel like you just watched a Brokeback tribute act in season 12…

Actually @margarittet and I were just talking about how literally every Disney movie is so easily relatable to Destiel, that sometimes it’s funny just how blatant it is. The familial/belonging side with Lilo and Stitch, the helping to pursue your own adventure and endgame with Moana, then of course all the romantic ones which are WAY clearer… there’s a reason we ship them, they use all the standard tropes and Disney is a great way to see these as they are so OBVIOUS in Disney because of the nature of the type of stories they are, for kids, they are so much less subtle, so there’s a reason why we can relate everything Romantic and Disney to Destiel.

Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid… The Immortal who chooses a Human life and alongside that, their lover, the Human making the Immortal more “Human” and finding their Humanity, making them happier. Even Hercules which doesn’t follow this exact structure still has ALL the blatant Hercules/Meg Cas/Dean parallels. Generally all the will-they-wont-they moments that are so mirrored, the structure of the story (setting up their endgame first, then meeting, falling in love, generally reluctantly, breaking up for some “supernatural” reason and then reconciling right at the end…).

Which is why its not only Disney but everything else, other TV shows, all the way to the classic Greek mythologies, Shakespeare lol, it sounds ridiculous but they are so relatable…

Yeah, I struggle to see how so many well known romantic stories are exact mirrors of Dean and Cas’ relationship and then how theirs can be platonic. Especially with all the additional subtext of the way they act around each other, the chemistry, the extra added tropes like the bickering, the mixtape, the “always choosing them”, “did it for one Human”, “he’s in love with Humanity” etc etc.

If 1+1+1+1+1 = 5, then the answer is usually 5 ;)

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where's the source for the addition of the cult ending? i can't find an article or anything anywhere, probably just me not looking in the right place

People have found additions to the Lvl18 file in the new update, including new expressions (for Saul and maybe others,) a section of code linking it to the Escape Margaritaville achievement, and actual coding that could implement it into the game.

EDIT: thanks @nihilistic-void for the link!