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Where do you get all the info that wasn't on the fansite? I've heard you mention a scrapbook of some sort, but are there links I can follow to find some of this information? Ps. Thank you for keeping this fandom alive!! I thought nobody remembered it

Well, there’s also the Magna Draconis QA with the people who worked on the show, but that’s on the fansite so I’m sure you’re aware of that. There is also, yes, the scrapbook which I honestly didn’t know about at first but a couple of years ago discovered and bought. Unfortunately I’ve lost track of it, but it’s in my house somewhere.

Most of my information either comes from watching the show repeatedly (thanks to having every ep. on my computer), and…oh! There’s also these: 

Of which there are multiples for the groups, etc. As well there is an official site that, while no longer maintained and abandoned, remains online and accessible most likely thanks to The Furox. Here’s the link to it (WARNING: lower your volume before clicking, Beau’s going to roar very loudly upon startup):

So far I haven’t discovered evidence of the scrapbook online aside from mentions of it, I’ll have to fix that, hehehe. But most of my info is scattered bits from what little we were given that I’ve been compiling in my blog here. As well, several discussions among fans in the original forum, my own theories, hypotheses, observations, etc. I guess you could say I’m like an Archaeologist—all my information comes from age-old texts I’ve gathered, and by going and exploring the ancient ruins left behind, hehehehehe.

You’re very welcome! The deed of keeping it alive is it’s own reward, to be honest. I’ve actually been shocked—pleasantly so—by the amount of attention I’ve managed to garner. Nearly 100 followers is far more than I ever expected, and the fact that this blog with, again, barely 100 follows gets more asks and comments than my 2k+ followed blog is hilarious. But also immensely gratifying; I love you all. 

Well that didn’t take long.

Tremors 6: Confirmed ✔

Little odd they’re going back to Africa (or maybe they’re just filming there but it’s “set” elsewhere, who knows). If not, I really hope a 7th movie goes back to Perfection. I don’t care if they have to recast every other character at this point, I just wanna see what’s going on in that mixmaster-laden valley.

can someone HABO, I’ve read this spuffy fanfic several times but I can’t remember the title/author

I know it was hosted at Elysian Fields; it might be around too, I’m not sure.  The basic plot was that Buffy and Spike’s daughter from the future had been kidnapped by the First Evil and was dragged back to early S5.  The daughter’s watcher, Asher (? Archer, maybe, but I think it was Asher), also traveled back to save her.  Buffy is still with Riley, but she and Spike bone partway through it anyway.  And the kid’s name was Eden.  She had a prophecy associated with her that basically made her a WMD.

It wasn’t like, the best written thing ever, but I love the kid-from-the-future trope so it’s one of my faves and I wanna reread lmao


“When the tree leaves dance, one shall find flames. The fire’s shadow will illuminate the village, and once again, the tree leaves shall bud anew.” ~Hiruzen Sarutobi, Third Hokage

To the end of Naruto (both anime and manga) and to my childhood (╥﹏╥)

For some emotional background music, listen to “Those Who Inherit the Will of Fire


Outlaw Queen + First meetings

“Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.” — Pablo Coelho.

The gif is apparently too big for tumblr so if you want to see it animated with some fireworks lights you have to click the link and go to the original post on my page. ;-;

By the way, happy Chinese New Year! :>

if you couldn’t tell this is my first time colouring in photoshop rather than sai and i haven’t made any brush presets yet </3

but i just… i love napstablook… a lot…


With my other journal being finished, I finally got around to decorating the front m and back cover of my next one! It’s smaller than my last, so I’m very excited to approach this one. Since it’s spiral bound unlike my last, I added some charms that I made to had flare to the side. I wouldn’t doubt if I add more as time goes on…

(I’ll probably show some more pages out of my old journal later on too, maybe even film a whole video flip through? It depends on how I feel about sharing it all)


23.1.2017 - doing work in the common room today, trying to find my focus and motivation at the bottom of this coffee cup. every time I get one thing done my supervisors come up with another great idea - to them, it looks interesting, but to me it looks like having to search through another 200 pages of badly written R documentation :)))))))))

i was planning on adding a loooooong page of character names along w a list of general post types, (gif sets, icons, mood boards, etc.) but just decided to change the theme to one that has a search bar feature included! i’m also going to retag posts and try to organize everything by tags for easy finding in case you only want a specific character or type of post

i’m gonna make more sets of three icons of the main six, feel free to request stuff! cadence and luna are always up for requests too

ALSO mod fluttershy is currently taking a break from tumblr right now, she’s okay, just overwhelmed by her own personal problems, thought some of you should know!

- sunset

160403 fan heart attack idol tv icons!

  • 35 total, 12 designs (i.e. multiple background colour options)
    • hyungwon, wonho, hyungwonho, i.m, jooheon, jookyun, shownu
  • those with white backgrounds in the preview are transparent floating heads
  • please like and/or reblog if you like them!
  • please credit somewhere on your blog if using ♥

find them at my icons page! (filters available on the sidebar)

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Have you thought of putting together an About page with the prompts and things?

Yep! That’s actually on my to do list. I think I’ll add what our tracking tag is, the prompts, and rules and what not. I’ve been meaning to get to it, but I’d like to solidify the prompts first. 

And I may be looking for a new theme as well, because this one confuses me on PC. If you have any suggestions I’m all ears. 

Hello again!!
I had such a positive experience submitting last time that I figured I would do it again. Well the name’s Violet Rhude (She/Her). I think this is am amazing way for everyone to find help and support on each of our journeys. 
I’m always down to talk or whatever you guys might need!!
Finally linked my funding for top surgery on my page under “Journey to a goddess” of anyone out there see this <3
Violet Rhude


Anyone who reblogs this post and the commission sheet (which you can find next to this post or tagged as “commission” on my page) is eligible to having their pet be in the next Lapillus the gargoyle comic, whether you follow me or not.
Reblog by the 14th of August in order to be included
Lapillus isn’t doing too wonderful at the moment and she has many vet bills, it’s looking like she needs the xray. Which is why I need commissions.
I hope everyone has a great day :)