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I’ve just spent so much time in the last few hours stressing over the fucking timeline of the Ryder family in Mass Effect Andromeda my dudes. Possible spoilers (for Ryder Family Secrets):

My main points of trying to figure out where the fuck it all fits is Alec’s dishonorable discharge, when the Ryders joined up with the alliance, when Alec joined the Initiative, and when Ellen ‘died’. 

These are what I got as far as times, likely some are wrong and I’m desperately wishing for Bioware to release a fucking timeline for all this so I can sleep easily at night. Also feel free to discuss, honestly I wanna talk about this soooo..

- Starting from the beginning, we know the Ryder twins were born on the Citadel 2163. 

- The Initiative was started by Jien Garson in 2176, so when the twins are about 13 years old

- My best guess for when the twins joined the alliance is probably when they turned 18 (as that makes sense insofar as that is probably the minimum age for enlistment and the fact that they’re 22 in game), so they would have joined in 2181 (5 years into the Initiative) 

- This would mean that Alec would’ve been dishonorably discharged for his research into AI’s sometime after 2181; I couldn’t find any date for when he joined onto the Initiative, all I know regarding that is from the Ryder Family Secrets quest and that it happened after his discharge because they reached out to him for his AI tech

- Sometime after Alec’s discharge the twins careers were effectively ended and Ellen was diagnosed with her disease (I’m unsure if she was diagnosed before or after Alec’s discharge) 

- The Ryder family all regrouped on Earth as Alec worked on SAM with Ellen; likely the twins were introduced sometime in this time to the Initiative and were either signed up or thinking about it

- Ellen ‘dies’ sometime before the Initiative leaves in 2185 (really she was put in cryo and on the Hyperion) I would guess it was rather close to the departure, but that is just my own thought.

It really gets hard to pinpoint anything between 2181 and 2185, mostly because bioware apparently hates giving dates to things 

seriously if you have any ideas or differing thoughts for any of this, as well as any other timeline shit (i live for this) pitch in your share. All this is basically just my guessing (mixed with what concrete years i can find from bioware)