can't fall sleep

So I finally marathoned Gravity Falls and can we just take a moment to appreciate that this:

was how the twins reacted when the bus driver wouldn’t let Waddles on the bus.

Ideal vore scenario:

Character A is a huge scary vore beastie who waits around for poor saps to come around (thieves or what have it) to eat up.
Character B is just someone trying to get by, like maybe they’re someone on important mission, or someone trying to get back home, that sort of thing. They’re not very strong either so when Character A pounces on them they can’t do much to fight back as Character A teases them before slowly letting them slide down their throat into their belly.
So Character A is satisfied with their meal they decide to rummage through the spoils of whatever Character B may of dropped and they start to piece together that Character B had something really important to be done or someone they were trying to get to. Coupled with the whimpering and muffled cries in their tummy they start to feel super guilty,,
So Character A decides to either take them back to where they live so they may rest for a while or carry them to where B might of been going, regurgitating their frightened meal and holding them while reassuring them that theyre ok and they won’t hurt them /)A(\

I can’t sleep when you buzz around my head. If you were here or I was there, everything would be fine.
—  3:35am and one of us is in the wrong place tonight