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Un año después del fallecimiento de su madre, Zelda empieza a ser agobiada por la presión que emana de su reino, para que lleve a cabo su obligación como Sacerdotisa de Hyrule.

(A year after her mother’s passing, Zelda is starting to feel overwhelmed with the pressure emanating from her kingdom, for her to carry out her obligation as Hyrule’s Priestess). 


get to know me meme [5/5] favorite relationships = daenerys + jon (game of thrones)
i put my trust in you, a stranger, because i knew it was the best chance for my people, for all our people. now i’m asking you to trust in a stranger because it’s our best chance.


So, with a blessing from our great dad, I present to you Keith and Lance from Runner AU made by the dynamic duo @wolfpainters and @wittyy-name !!

Lance is a show off and Keith is pinning as usual.

All the freaking out in Kylux fandom about whether the ship is still “ok” or not is just frankly ??? to me. What…exactly changed? That we saw Kylo and Hux’s dislike for each other have a physical manifestation? Come on, guys. It’s not abuse when two people (who aren’t particularly good people, either, which lbr, we knew already) who have a negative relationship with each other/dislike each other get into a fight.

It’s not abuse when there’s no reasonable expectation of trust between the parties or an inherent power imbalance with a social expectation of caretaking (mainly adult and child). Hux isn’t a helpless child - he’s a sharp and trained military commander He can hold his own against Kylo as much as any other non-Force sensitive and Force-sensitive and non-Force sensitives have gone to battle with each other often.

The first time Kylo chokes Hux is more a physical manifestation of a power struggle. Like any fight/battle. The second episode - the wall thing – is a bit more iffy in that Kylo has social power re/; being the Supreme Leader…but…honestly? His position at that point was NOT stable. If Hux had wanted an insta-coup I bet he could have had it. At any rate, the army is conditioned to obey him first - Hux isn’t powerless, but he has chosen to, at least for that time, submit to Kylo. (Perhaps because they’re in the middle of an f-ing crisis…)

I wonder if 2 years of fanon and AUs has made the fandom collectively lose some perspective, but we KNEW after TFA that Hux and Kylo had an axe to grind with each other and we KNEW that Kylo was not above hurting people/using the Force for intimidation. Essentially, nothing has changed. The core of enemies-to-lovers is that they start out as ENEMIES. Enemies fight and hurt each other. Come on. Not every inappropriate/shitty use of force on another is abuse. All this means is that the development  of their relationship toward friendship/romance may need to be shifted to after TLJ as opposed to directly post-TFA. “They’re not romantic anymore” When were they EVER romantic in canon?  If you thought Kylix was fine after TFA, I really don’t get what the problem is now.


*Rolling in blaring Cuphead music*

WHO ASKED FOR CUPS!??? No one? oh well too bad cause that’s all I have.

On a random note, this new scanner is overly complicated. ,:T

Despite how difficult their lives have been because of how intense this fandom is, EXO still holds so much reverence and love for their fans and you can see it in every single photo of their public fansign and how their eyes are still full of so much appreciation and gratitude for every single individual fan even after 5 years in the business- and especially because of lasting 5 years in the business.

For us, it’s no EXO no life.
For them, it’s no EXO-L no life.


“He is tired of life. He has madness in his soul.”

Alexander Siddig as Mr. Shaitana, “Cards on the Table” - Agatha Christie’s Poirot [2006]


I stumbled across @niklisson‘s hairstyle meme again the other day and decided to fiiiinally draw one for Adaar


*tries to be cute but ends up looking like this*


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