can't even play like you hate her

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Part 1 Okay so I always had this headconan in my head that Sana hated Yousef at the beginning because he was all Elias was talking about and the time he would normal spend to hang out with her and he would just go and meet with Yousef because "look Sana your just so young and can't even play basketball so why bother and Yousef and I just want to play. So see you later!" So Sana was always glaring at Yousef when ever he came over and (bless him) he was really nervous about it.

Part 2. because Yousef liked Sana she was funny and smart and she really tried to keep up with him and Elias but didn’t knew what to do and Elias just keep saying “don’t worry about it. She will be fine and stop complaining she doesn’t hate you! Now let’s play!” And he knew Elias also means it well but he could swear she hates him! So he decide he will just always be extra nice to her and listen to her when she has something to say! That way she can’t hate him right ?

And he was right she didn’t hate him anymore. But the problem was that he fell in love with her that way so shit why does this always happen to him? At least she finally smiles at him. So she can’t hate him anymore right? But ugh that smile and her dimples! Maybe after all she did hate him because “girl are trying to kill me ? Why are you so perfect ?” And Sana just keeps getting confused because why does he have to be so nice when she is so mean to him ? He is impossible but oh she really likes him


sana disliking yousef because he is stealing elias away from her and now elias is a little angry because sana is stealing yousef and yousef is stealing from him but absolutely loves them both im ,,,,,

yes yousef being super nice while sana is being moody is so canon especially if you think about him going to her when they are on the tram and trying to talking to her.

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dave hi!! what is your honest opinion on mercy players? many youtubers, streamers, and people on the forums seem to hate her so much. i really don't see the problem with her tbh. people always say she gets carried but how is that true when she's the one in battle healing y'all 🤔 people make remarks about me playing her when i have to heal but i'm not even a one trick? i can play dva, winston, reaper, lucio, zen, and zarya as well. why can't people just be grateful that mercy players will heal?

reasons people don’t like mercy generally involve/have to do with:

1. mercy OTPs. being a one trick anything can result in problems when you have to play another hero/switch off that hero in comp

2. the above, but refusing to switch off. don’t even get me started on all the mercys i’ve faced/played with who kept playing mercy even when she kept getting picked off by the enemy being half flankers gunning for her in particula

3. the above, pertaining to mercy’s lack of transferable technical skills. y’know how any widow main almost always also plays tracer or mccree? or some other hitscan? widow requires (at least some) good hitscan aim, so a person who’s good at widow can probably play other hitscans well.

mercy’s primary way of helping the team involves holding m1/m2 with minimal aim required. while it IS important for any healer main, especially mercys, to pay attention to positioning and to have good gamesense, being a good mercy doesn’t mean you have to have good aim (but that’s good too, so you can gun down flankers and whatever. it’s just not a requirement of successfully playing mercy - hence the accusations of mercys being ‘carried’; they’re not usually the ones who HAVE to frag to aid the team)

4. mercy inherently being a high risk/high reward pick. a mercy with bad posi/gamesense is painful to play with. yes, the team has to keep their eye on her, but if she can’t also help to protect herself and doesn’t know when she has to be hiding or on the field, that fucks the team over when they need rez, because having mercy in a (or the) heal slot means you won’t have a defensive support ult (luci/zen) to use in a teamfight.

5. the above, but when she’s on the enemy team. rez is an extremely influential ability on the outcome of the game when used correctly. a single clutch rez can gamesave a match and turn the tide of the fight, or even the entire round, in your team’s favour. so when your team can’t pick the enemy mercy off, it can be annoying to have your ult combos tossed aside by a single rez.

6. she is a priority target, which means you absolutely have to protect her, and she doesn’t have the same type of sustain/self-defence as the other healers. if she’s on the enemy team, you have to go after her either before/the first in a fight, or during it or she’ll rez. and this can be annoying when your DPSes don’t understand they have to ult her and not the fucking orisa because she can rez the orisa.

7. i guess some people also have a problem with entitlement complaining about every single death and placing the fault on the team. you’re not a good mercy if you think all your deaths are 100% certainly your team’s fault. a good mercy knows enough about positioning and has the gamesense to stay alive by being in the right place and to be alive in crucial moments so she can pull off a clutch rez.

there ARE oftentimes problems with the team just not looking out for mercy at all and overall being rude and inconsiderate, but it’s important to know that this is not the case for every death.

mercy has a good healrate, pretty decent mobility including sometimes having vertical mobility, and an ult that can change the tide of a match. being able to tank heal and heal quickly are part of what make her so powerful. qp is a whatever zone, but if people are complaining about mercy in comp just for being mercy, that’s not a valid complaint. yeah she’s annoying, but that doesn’t make her a bad pick.

if they’re complaining about the enemy mercy, that means she’s doing a good job (and maybe your team’s DPSes need to focus her more). if they’re complaining about the team’s mercy, maybe you’re getting rolled, maybe they’re not protecting her, maybe her positioning and timing are bad. picking healer is good, but that doesn’t automatically make the person a boon to the team simply because you can be a bad healer, just like how you can be a bad tank or DPS.

tl;dr: mercy has her merits and when played effectively can be devastating and the single biggest bane to the enemy team, but while she has excellent HPS and an absurd ult, she needs good positioning and gamesense to be effective to the fullest. and though she needs those things, she doesn’t need high technical skill meaning she doesn’t need to land/secure kills to be played well like ana or widow or genji or whatever. this means she’s both easier to play and has to rely on her teammates to secure kills, but it doesn’t mean she’s a bad pick and can in fact be a very good pick.