can't even care about the quality!!!


Satine Kryze in 3.05


Avatar the Last Airbender really developed the characters personalities to match their element, and I never even noticed.

Toph is Earth as fuck, stubborn, kinda indulgent and lazy, but tough as shit and gets shit done when it’s necessary, Aang is optimistic, positive and whimsical, really good at solving people’s problems and reaching compromise and tries to keep things light, Katara is emotional and cares intensely about her loved ones but she isn’t weak and rolls with the punches and adapts to difficult situations gracefully, and of fucking course hothead Zuko blows his gasket ever so easily and he won’t stop at anything to get what he wants and he’s really intense and impossible to ignore

and Sokka… uh… just keeps comin’ back no matter how many times he gets thrown. Boomerang power.