can't draw it


musical!squip is so different from book!squip so I made designs for both

actually the play and the book have a lot of differences but this is the one that stands out the most

MY FIRST EVER FINISHED DRAWING IN YEARS! I did it for Echoes so give me a 3DS and a copy of the game please.

I’m not really satisfied with her face, but no matter how much I readjust it, it just won’t work. Maybe the expression just doesn’t fit her… I wanted to draw Lukas or Mae instead, really, but Celica (in her nightgown) is as absolutely lovely as them.

anonymous asked:

hi hi, I hope It's alright to bring your art? Wanted to ask what piece you're most proud of!

Hello! What do you mean by… “bring my art”? 

AND UHHHHHHHHHHHH piece I’m most proud of…? Probably this one maybe: