can't draw it

Head cannon that Diego purrs,Is always up for cuddling ,lays in the sun to nap,has sharp claws and will destroy your stuff if bored,always looking for attention and will get mad if none is given,sassy af ,curls up to sleep ,will lay on you, hisses , and he >:3c alot…
Is Diego Brando really a Cat??

ask-heretohelp  asked:

Your randomly generated result for the egg hatch is Elekid!

((unfortunately it would seem the mod… really can’t draw elekid.

so instead, you get a pichu/elekid hybrid… thing. I dunno))

 ???? hatched from the egg!

Spark: Uh… what is it?

Star: I dunno, but they’re obviously cold and scared!

Spark: Where’s it’s mother?

Star: Who knows? But since their parents aren’t here, we need to take care of them for now!

Spark: Uh.. okay? I’ll go get some Berries for them, I guess.

Star: Wait, hold up!! What are we gonna name them?

Spark: I have no idea. Is it a boy or a girl?

Star: …I don’t know?

Spark: Great.

???? needs a name! Send in some ideas!