can't do without you quotes

Even though I have my difficulties you still accept me and love me for who I really am. You are my everyday motivation that makes me want to become a better person. Thank you.
—  Poets Love Her

This was the one of the sweetest episodes ever lol I love this show

It’s been 5 months and my chest is still just as heavy as the day you left.

If you use the “cool and trendy” stim devices as toys while at the same time mocking the people they’re made for, you have to give me all of your spinners, cubes, and slime. I legally own them and they’re mine now thanks.

Every breath I take, I take for you.
—  Poets Love Her
Thank you for still standing by my side despite everything I’ve caused.
—  Poets Love Her
I’m so grateful for the opportunities you’ve given me, because I would have felt the worst pain ever, a pain that never would have been able to leave my heart, if you had actually left me for one of my many mistakes.
—  Poets Love Her
about the boy sitting at the back of the class, 28th may, 4:12 am.

i was no one to you,
and you were no one to me
but then suddenly you became the reason i went to school every week

you walked in like you were born to be in chaos,
and from that moment i knew,
i would even go to hell and back for you

you had the kind of voice everyone wanted to listen to
so i found myself thinking
“oh, there’s no way he would be any good”

you would say you didn’t care,
and i would say you didn’t matter
but then you gave me your hoodie to make me feel better

and we would argue all the time
but you ended up with my hand between yours
somehow, it felt like a curse

i lighted up every time you took a step closer
for you shone brighter than the sun
and in the end i realised i couldn’t afford to burn

i don’t know if you’ll remember me next month or next year or next life
but i sure know one thing
icarus’ fall has never been so sweet